How to Draw an Eye – Step by Step

How to Draw an Eye – Step by Step

Hey guys, this is Stan Prokopenko, welcome
to another episode of Proko! In this episode I will show you step by step,
how I draw an eye. I recommend you watch my previous video in
which I cover the structure of each individual part of the eye. So, every drawing starts with a layin. This phase is usually linear and is focused
on proportions and shape design. You want to make sure the the major shapes
are the right size and in the right place BEFORE you start adding details. Most of the time, my layin process involves
starting with the biggest shapes and then breaking it up into smaller and smaller shapes. Start with the angles of the eye brow, side
of the nose to bottom of the lid and back around to the side of the socket. I like to group the lids, sclera and iris
into one shape at first. I feel that it’s easier to get this shape
accurately placed inside the socket, instead of drawing all the pieces individually. I make sure to observe all the angles of the
plane changes. Then, I can break down this group into it’s
smaller pieces. When you’re drawing the lids, make sure you
include the bottom plane of the top lid and top plane of the bottom lid. This will show the thickness of the lids. This eye is looking directly at us, so it
will be a perfect circle. Usually the top lid will cover more of the
iris than the bottom lid. Don’t forget about the thickness of the eyebrow
and make sure the distance from the brow to the top lid is correct. Step 2 The 2 value stage is very important. Most people want to jump ahead and start rendering
details. If you’re advanced, you can do whatever you
want, otherwise, I suggest simplifying the process. The 2 value stage involves separating the
areas that are directly lit from areas that are in shadow. To clarify, halftones are considered part
of the lights, and reflected light is considered part of the shadow. If this terminology isn’t familiar to you,
I’ll try to get a video on that later. For now, you can take a look at my blog post. I’ve added a link to it in the description
box below. So, I’m observing the light pattern and trying
to design those shapes. This stage should look clean and graphic. You should only have 1 value for the lights
and 1 value for the shadows. My shadow value is usually around a 4 on the
value scale. Number 3 Now I’ll put in the darkest areas of the drawing. I do this to establish my value range. Meaning, I have the darkest and lightest values
in my drawing. You’ll typically find the dark accents in
core shadows, deep creases, like on the top lid, and areas that have a darker local value,
like the hair of the eyebrow. After putting in the dark accents, you should start
to see the reflected light in your drawing. Notice that I didn’t erase the reflected lights
to make them lighter, I just darkened around them. Step 4 At this point, I switch to the lit areas of
the drawing and I focus on the gradations and plane changes to make the forms read a
little bit more 3-dimensionally. If you find the highlights, then you’ll know
that everything around them just needs to be a little bit darker as the planes turn
away from the light source. And Step 5 Finally, I’ll go through the whole drawing
one more time and clean up anything that I think can make the forms read better. I’ll sharpen some edges, clean up shapes,
and maybe add some more details. So, for example I want to sharpen this cast
shadow from the top lid and make sure that it’s shape wraps around the eyeball. I’ll add some fuzzy eyelashes.. and I’m almost
done here. Ok, I’ll call this one finished! And I’m going to be giving away this drawing
and the drawing I did in the previous video If you want a chance to win, just find my
facebook page and reshare the post to this video or the first eye video, or both! I’ll pick the winner on September 28th. hey by the way if you want me to use your photo in
one of these videos and you haven’t sent one in yet, you still have time! I still have to do tutorials on the nose,
lips, ears and hair. So, keep those photos coming! The main things I request is a good balance
of light and shadows, so please don’t use a flash. And since I’m publishing these videos in HD,
of course the higher the resolution the better. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate everyone who has already

Dereck Turner

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