How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Trick Art

How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Trick Art

Hi, Tom here and welcome to this week’s
Circle Line Art School video, start by drawing two vertical lines onto some lined paper, the vertical lines need to be about five horizontal lines high, next
draw a diagonal line from each of the horizontals on the left vertical, to the
base of the line of the rectangle that we have made, now erase the vertical line
that we drew on the left, we no longer need it, next, once you have darkened all of the lines we need, as dark as you can, we can now add some shading from the
baseline, graded as it goes towards the left hand side, finally shade in the rectangle as dark as you can, next, look at your drawing from an angle
and you should have a simple illusion of a hole in lined paper!
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drawings, thank you very much for watching and see you next time!

Dereck Turner

27 thoughts on “How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Trick Art

  1. vivek rajpurohit says:

    great work👍

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    wow perfekt video!

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    so easy thank you very much the best art channel in the world

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    Very Good


    realy your channel is best…

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    wow!!!! ur drawing is best!!!! i like it!!!

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    Excellent! You always make it look so easy.

  9. Afif Juniesar Satriya says:

    om video nya keren keren… saya belajar dari awal hingga sekarang 3 bulan sekarang udah bisa gambar banyak dari om…terimakasih , thank you , matur sembah nuwon

  10. Panida says:

    What pencil do you use

  11. Music Beats says:

    Keep making great videos like these. Loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  12. John Smith says:

    So simple 🙂

  13. Ed Will says:

    excellent video

  14. William Cleveland says:

    I just would like to say thank you so much I always did enjoy drawing and with your videos he gives you so much more perspective of how to do it and again thank you and I do enjoy your videos and I hope you don't stop

  15. مرتضى الملكي says:

    👍great work😍

  16. Ju says:

    AI did it! 😀

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    It's so easy… thank you very much sir

  18. FineArt School says:

    very nice

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    wow was that a 1 min tutorial , easy but really handy thanks , I always learn new drawing tricks from you channel , it's the best !!

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    really neat!

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    I love it <3

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    Now I know how to do that! Thanks!

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    와 쉽다 진짜ㅎㅎ

  25. Marc Gros says:

    hello, i like a lot drawing prespective draws and i would like to be an architecter. What do i have to studie? What did you studied? Great video!!!

  26. Lekha Rathod says:

    can i know which pencil has been used for it ?

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