How to Draw a Bugatti With Colors – How to Draw a Super Car

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in Facebook and for the second one on Google+ The links are below. Ok, today we are going to
draw a super car, a Bugatti. We start by doing the general
shape with lose strokes. We sketch the axes for the tires. I like doing this toward the beginning because it
helps me with the correct proportion of the car. Actually the axes goes a little
bit tilted in this case. And now let´s start building up the vehicle. I made a little mistake the
lights go a little further up. When you are happy to the
volume and form of the body, only then you should start with the detail. The position of the rear
tire doesn´t convince me fully, I think it needs to be a
little bit further out, like this. Good, what a beauty! [chuckles] Having the complete sketch with pencil,
we can now start with the markers. First I will use a dark gray, and will place
it where the dark reflections will go. I will go over the gray with a dark
blue to even it out a little bit, but in any case we will place
a pastel blue over that. We paint with black the air intakes. And then with a light blue we paint the areas
where there will be the light reflections, and with a medium blue, the rest. The medium blue will be the
real color of the car and that will be seen whenever there
are no light or dark reflections. Let´s draw the interiors. The tires and then we will do the wheels. Now let´s use the pastel. This is an
ultramarine deep blue, to be exact. We paint this in the middle tone
areas and then we smudge it. Now we go over the darks. It´s giving a nice effect, isn´t it? With the kneaded eraser we can pull
lights where there is the pastel. We also go over the glass and smudge it,
either with cotton or with a stump. With a white pastel pencil we
can refine the reflections. The last details and its ready! I would love to know what do you think about it. Don´t forget to write me the
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Dereck Turner

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