how to do a watermark in Picasa

how to do a watermark in Picasa

{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;}
\paperw11900\paperh16840\margl1440\margr1440\vieww9000\viewh8400\viewkind0 \pard\tx566\tx1133\tx1700\tx2267\tx2834\tx3401\tx3968\tx4535\tx5102\tx5669\tx6236\tx6803\ql\qnatural\pardirnatural \f0\fs24 \cf0 Hey chloe, I apologise I have
a bit of a cold so I am going to get through this as quickly and as seamlessly as possible,
ummmmm, Lets get to it.\ \
Ok Chloe, what you want to firstly do is go into your image and hit basic fixes down in
the third row in the middle, it is text you want to click on that and just type what you
actually have as your water markonce thats done your text will actually pop up in this
box. What you want to do if you want to stretch it or anything hover over the centre of the
text box and this circle should pop up. Grab the little circle and you will be able to
do two things . Move your text at an angle and able to increase size. like this. to move
it just grab the grey box and you will be able to drag it around anywhere on the actual
image. over on your left hand side there are more settings that you can actually do like
font colour and transperacy. Now transperacy is what you want to do to actually make it
look like a water mark this is a very basic water mark if you want to do images then i
suggest you look into photo shop. But this is just a simple text watermark.Here is what
it looks like with the transperacy down and a bit of colour added. Now all we have to
do is hit apply and then hit file and save as then name what ever your want your water
mark image you want it to be. \ \
so that hopefully that was fairly basic for you hopefully i didn’t assume to much. So
I just dribble on for a bit longer you can listen to this some other time :P\
\ Hope it helped mate, happy water marking ;)}

Dereck Turner

5 thoughts on “how to do a watermark in Picasa

  1. EL NinJah says:

    Very helpful…. ThX!

  2. Demaster Survine IV says:

    Can this be done to more than one picture at a time?

  3. Ivan Popov says:

    Appologise for these comment! Thats actually not mine. My profile was hacked, but I have taken appropriate action.

  4. screaminalleycat says:

    Thank you! So ridiculously easy, I feel like an idiot for not figuring that out myself. LOL!

  5. clarity_ says:

    Hey, i would like to know, how do you put the text BEHIND the image??

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