How to Delete Many iPhone Photos at Once

How to Delete Many iPhone Photos at Once

you want a free space in your 16 gigs
iPhone or just starting a new life and you do not want to look at your old pictures? unfortunately iOS
doesn’t offer plane select all or delete all buttons and now imagine selecting
thousands of pictures one by one if you have a Mac you can connect your iPhone
open the image capture app then select and delete all of your focus at once but if
you don’t keep watchin there is a convenient way to the delete photos
in iOS even though it’s not a one-click action once you open the photos app select photos and
then go to moments you can see all of your photos grouped by date. go to select and
you will be given the option to select pictures by groups and now just select
as many groups as you want and go to the trash icon. and there you go. your photos and
are now deleted. we hope Apple will release a one action way to delete all of your
photos in iOS but until then this way should be helpful I’m Ivo from and
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  1. Matei Aprozianu says:

    I love you,man.Thancks,thancks!!!Now i have my iPhone clear!😃😃😃

  2. Chris Bauer says:

    Thanks for the video Help alot!!!!

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