How to Decorate a Shadow Box

How to Decorate a Shadow Box

How to Decorate a Shadow Box. Whether you want to commemorate a special
event or just keep the dust off mementos, a shadow box is a great way to show off your
treasures. You will need Items to display A shadow box
Scissors Fabric or decorative paper Staple gun and staples Wood or decoupage glue Foam
or wood blocks Embellishments A hammer and a nail or picture mount. Step 1. The best shadow boxes revolve around a theme,
so choose items that relate to each other. To add visual interest, pick mementos that
vary in shape, size, and color. Step 2. Shadow boxes come in many different sizes. At your local craft store, pick a case that
is both wide enough and deep enough for the memorabilia you want to display. If you have heavy or oddly shaped items, consider
a shadow box with adjustable shelves. For delicate items, a box with an acrylic
pane will protect them from dust and the sun. Step 3. Many shadow boxes come with a plain wood or
cork backing that you can easily remove via metal tabs, like the back of a photo frame,
and personalize. Cut your paper or fabric so that it extends
a couple of inches past the borders of the surface, then staple or glue it to the far
side of the backing. Step 4. Lay the backing on a flat surface. Without attaching them, arrange the items
until you’ve got a layout you like. Step 5. Add dimension by mounting some items on foam
or wood blocks with wood or decoupage glue. You can find pre-cut blocks at most craft
stores. Step 6. To complement your design, add embellishments
like fabric, silk flowers, or beads to the background and frame. Step 7. Attach your mementos to the backing using
staples or decoupage glue. Make sure your items are secure and the glue
is dry before replacing the backing. Depending on your display items, you may be
able to stand them up along the bottom without gluing them. Step 8. It’s time to show off your creation. Hang your shadow box on the wall, or exhibit
it on a shelf. Most shadow boxes include a notch on the back
for a nail or picture mount. Did you know According to legend, it was bad
luck for a sailor’s shadow to touch the shore before he did. Shadow boxes held his prized possessions—and,
symbolically, his shadow—until he was safely back on land.

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