How-to Custom Frame Artwork for CHEAP!!! How-To Make a Deckled Edge in Minutes!

How-to Custom Frame Artwork for CHEAP!!! How-To Make a Deckled Edge in Minutes!

hey it’s Melissa with, sharing with you today a quick tip on how to rethink the way that you frame
your pieces that may not quite fit. Alright, so I have this piece that I did
a while ago and it doesn’t quite fit it’s a little bit too small for the mat
that I’m hoping to put it in so instead of getting a really expensive mat, which
I could totally do you but I never leave my house I’m going to mount it so that
you can see a deckled edge so I’m going to show you how to do a deckled edge how
to mount that and put it in a really inexpensive IKEA frame. So this may not
necessarily be the best technique to use for something that’s going to go in a
gallery or museum but it’s really really great for using in your home and it’s a
super affordable so let’s get started. We’re going to give our artwork a
deckled edge and then we’re going to mount it on this really bright blue
paper. First, we want to just basically eyeball how much we want to get rid of
and I’m thinking we probably want to get rid of about a half an inch per side.
When doing a deckled edge you don’t want to remove less than that because it’s
just going to take forever. We’re going to take about a half an inch from either side
and that’s going to give us a nicer buffer. You can be very precise and measure your
half-inch or you can be a mess like me and eyeball it. That’s about a half an
inch make sure your top and bottom are
roughly the same nice thing about the deckled edge is that it really doesn’t
have to be totally perfect but you want it to be close. I’m gonna put my
metal edge down and I’m going to just rip the paper up and by ripping it up I
get this nice soft organic edge which is really great to showcase. So you see how
it’s a little bit uneven here on the bottom I’m not gonna worry about that
too much maybe I’ll take a little bit off but
that’s about where I want it. I’m going to do that on all four sides and then we’ll put it
in the frame. On this side I’m actually going to do less than a half an inch and
I will show you why it’s such a pain. Just grabbing that little tiny bit of
paper is really really annoying. There we go, our pieces is roughly centered. We’re
going to try it with the frame with the mat. We’re going to eyeball it with the mat
and you can see how that looks significantly more purposeful on there.
We’re going to mount it on there and then put it in the frame. I’m going to
make my decorative colored paper the same size as my mat so I’m going to just
mark this out with a pencil and then I’m going to put my art piece on that and
then cut. Now that I have my piece cut out the
same size as my mat I’m going to put the mat down, line it up with my piece, put
the artwork on top, see now I can eyeball roughly where I need to have that. Now
we’re going to mount it. I don’t have the original packaging for it but this is
tombos double stick squares they’re really really great I’ve used them to
mount my random objects on the walls that we’ve talked about in the gallery
walls before and they this they hold up really really nicely so I’m going to use
these tack down all four corners of these of this piece so now I’m going to line it up and
create a little bit of extra space on the top on the bottom. I’m going to tack these
squares down and there you go! Let’s put it in the frame and we’ve got a really
great custom-made piece that really didn’t take us much time or much money.
In just a couple minutes we were able to make a really really great piece that
looked like it was custom framed but on an Ikea budget. I hope you’re not
afraid of trying some new things and doing a deckled edge it’s really gonna
elevate your artwork and just overall just make a really nice punch and impact
on your walls. Thank you so much for watching tune in
next Monday and every Monday for fun videos on art creative projects and
calligraphy. Check out to learn how to letter. Thanks!

Dereck Turner

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