How to crop vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator

How to crop vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Hello everybody! Today is a great day! Because I would like to present a fantastic tool for cropping vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator. Magic Eraser script Ok, take a look! So you are an illustrator or a designer And you have just created some brilliant artwork. Your goal is to prepare a seamless pattern for microstocks sale But now you must manually cut and delete all of those external shapes outside the artboard Previously, this was a big problem for many of us but now we have the Magic Eraser script which can do this automatically Just run the script Magic Eraser Then click the start button And we have amazing and accurate result! Let’s check Everything is OK The vector shapes are not damaged inside Make cropping fast and easy with the Magic Eraser script

Dereck Turner

2 thoughts on “How to crop vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Роман Волков says:

    Update January 31, 2015. New Super Magic Eraser script is available!
    What’s new:
    – Cuts linear and radial gradient correctly.
    – Works with active Artboard and ignores locked objects. You can create vector file with several Artboards and make cropping on each one.
    – Has new stable algorithm to prevent freezing your computer with big vector files.
    – Fully automatic process and user friendly interface.
    To know more see this link:

  2. Роман Волков says:

    Вышло новое глобальное обновление инструмента для обрезки вектора в Adobe Illustrator – скрипт Super Magic Eraser
    Что нового:
    – Корректно обрезает линейные и радиальные градиенты.
    – Работает с активной рабочей (монтажной) областью и игнорирует заблокированные объекты. Вы можете создать файл с несколькими артбордами и делать обрезку на каждом из них.
    – Новый стабильный алгоритм скрипта позволяет обрезать большие векторные файлы без зависания компьютера.
    – Полностью автоматический процесс и дружелюбный пользовательский интерфейс.

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