How to Create Art  With a Message – With Meaning – Symbolism in Art

How to Create Art With a Message – With Meaning – Symbolism in Art

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will go over how to do a drawing with a meaning.
And I will start making the head and face of a woman. Normally in my tutorials
I show you how to draw something realistically, like a tiger or a fruit
or a person…. but sometimes we want to convey a meaning
beyond just the thing. And in this tutorial we will go
over on how to do that, a way to do that because there
are different ways. By the way, I`m constructing
the head and the face of the woman using the Andrew Loomis technique
which I will show more in detail in another video. So to have a drawing with a meaning
what we will do is includ elements that each has a meaning itself. So let´s start for example
with a compass. A compass obviously points the direction
that we need to follow to arrive to a certain place. And if we draw the compass
where her brain should be or beyond, then obviously that´s a key element
in the drawing. And on the frame of the compass
I will include another symbol. This is a classic that has been used
throughout the ages of art history, and it´s a serpent biting its tail. It signifies the cyclic nature
of the Universe. The past, the tail. seems to disappear, it doesn’t
it will be hidden but still inside of ourselves. It´s an eternal cycle of renewal. And in the case of our drawing
maybe can mean a new beginning, a fresh start with a new direction.
By the way I will upload a long version of this video to my Patreon account. The next element that we will draw,
is an owl. Of course the owl represents wisdom. You need to accumulate wisdom in your life to have success. After the owl we will draw a mask for the young woman. It will be a blue butterfly. A butterfly represents the person´s
essence, or spirit. And a blue butterfly signifies joy or a change of luck. And just to make sure the change
is for good luck, let´s add a rabbit here, like whispering to her. Rabbits of course mean good luck. Now I think she has all the elements
to be successful [laughter]. And she is also beautiful. Al right. To give the color I will use
watercolor pencils. The list of materials is in the description
below the video. And I will also give you in the description of the video
a link for a very good book, called ¨Symbols and Allegories in Art¨ If you are interested in this subject
that´s a very complete book that shows you and explains you, many
many symbols and allegories used throughout the history of art. Since I use watercolor pencils
I can melt them with a little water and a brush. As an artist I think it is important
to know some of these symbols, not only to be able to express yourself
but also to understand what the masters of the past have done. Of course you can also look up
the meaning of specific things on the internet. And by the way, these things that
we talked about, like the rabbit and the butterfly etc, have many more meanings,
than the ones I mentioned. Of course I talked about the symbolism
that goes with this drawing. And to give meaning to a piece of art
you don’t have to have so many elements in it, necessarily, so many as in this
example. You can make your message pretty obvious and openly by using symbols
that are generally known by people or you can have secret messages
by hiding the symbols or by using symbols that are not generally known. I would LOVE to know what do you think about this video. The last touches and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please give it
a LIKE, share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you on Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

Dereck Turner

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