How to create and use Shared Albums in Photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — Apple Support

How to create and use Shared Albums in Photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — Apple Support

Relive that epic weekend trip
or family reunion with everyone
who was right there with you. Here’s how to create
a shared album and collect everyone’s photos
in one spot. Before we create a shared album, let’s make sure this feature
is turned on. To do this, open Settings… Scroll down and tap Photos… Then tap the switch
next to Shared Albums. Anyone who wants to join
a shared album will need to have
this feature turned on. Next, return to the Home screen
and open the Photos app. Tap Select
in the upper right corner, and choose some photos
you’d like to share. ♪ Then tap Share
in the lower left corner and tap Shared Albums. Here you can leave a comment about the photos
you’re adding to the album. ♪ Next, tap Shared Album. You can add these photos
to an existing shared album or you can create a new one. Just tap New Shared Album
and give it a name. ♪ Tap Next to continue. Now select who you want
to share your album with. Type in a contact name
to add them to the album. You can add a contact
by email or phone number. When you’re done
adding contacts, tap Next. And then tap Post to share. Your friends will receive
a notification inviting them to join the album. Your photos might take
a little while to appear in the album,
but once they do, you can see its activity
in the For You tab. This includes likes, comments,
and photos posted by people
you’re sharing it with who are signed in to iCloud. You’ll receive notifications
for new album activity too. You can find
your new shared album alongside all your other albums. Just tap the Albums tab and scroll down
to find your shared albums. Then, tap an album to open it. Found some new photos to add? Just tap the Add icon. You can also edit album access
by tapping People. Here you can invite more friends
to the album, edit whether subscribers
can post, and adjust notifications. If you want to share your album with someone
who doesn’t use iCloud, tap the switch
next to Public Website. This will create a sharable link that anyone can use
to view the album, although they won’t be able
to add photos or leave comments. And that’s how it’s done. Now you can share
your favorite photos with your favorite people,
all in one place. To learn more fun Photos tips, subscribe to
the Apple support channel or click another video
to keep watching. ♪

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    How do I delete and add music to my ipod?

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    Mine doesn’t say iCloud photo sharing. It says “shared albums” there Instead and It hasn’t worked when I’ve sent album links to people.

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    It doesnt show any photos in the album.

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    I grew up with windows, I am good with linux, but every time I need to use apples/itunes I beg a brain hemmerage. every time i seek help, all the instructions are no longer valid and do not apply to my version.

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    Hey apple support could you make a video on how to set up family sharing on iOS devices please !

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    I had a shared album with tons of photos, but I restarted my iPhone and now it disappeared, how can I get back?

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    can't even create separate folders and move photos in album . JOKE OF AN ALBUM

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    Does it (Shared Albums) counts against iCloud Storage?

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    (Cook)ies (Tim)e, genius.

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    I make shared albums on my iPhone, but they don't show up on photos on my Mac. Any ideas?

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    Thanks but no. Preferred Unlimited storage with Google photo.

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    Anyone know a way to import an album from iPad to PC???

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    Question on the photo apps other albums section what photo goes into the imports folder I have thousand of photo but that folder it’s always empty I thought that when you import a photo from your iPhone to pc the copies of those photo were transferred to the imports folder but I was wrong

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