How to Copy Disc Artwork Using  Direct to Disc CD DVD Printing with the Epson Artisan 710

How to Copy Disc Artwork Using Direct to Disc CD DVD Printing with the Epson Artisan 710

Today we’re going to highlight one of the
key features of the Epson Artisan 710, which is not only a plain paper printer and a photo
printer, but also is a printer that is able to print on inkjet media. The feature we’re
going to highlight today is called direct-to-disc printing. The feature utilizes the Artisan
710’s scanner bed. We’re going to take a copy of our master disc, put it on the scanner
bed face-down, close the scanner bed. You follow the steps on the LCD screen here for
the direct-to-disc printing. It’s very simple, Epson’s made it very simple. At this point
you’d be able to adjust the inner and outer diameter of the disc using the directional
keys depending on which type of blank media you are using. Then press ‘OK.’ At this point
we are going to print on a CD/DVD, and then press ‘OK.’ It’s asking me to now put a blank
disc into the front-loaded tray. And now, it’s asking me to press the CD tray button.
In order to proceed, click on ‘OK.’ Then at this point, press Start. [printer noises]
And out of the front of the tray will come our finished disc. We can compare it now with
our original. Very simple, very easy to use: the Epson Artisan 710.

Dereck Turner

37 thoughts on “How to Copy Disc Artwork Using Direct to Disc CD DVD Printing with the Epson Artisan 710

  1. Eric Pedrol says:

    Very impressive.

  2. piapiporro says:

    i went and bought it but cant get it to print like the original cd, instead i keep getting a smaller version of its picture. I allready selected outer 120mm and inner 20mm, but all i get is is a 50% smaller picture. I selected standard and standard I get even worse smaller bracelet like picture. any advise?

  3. dharkbizkit says:

    One question. CAn this Printer print on CD's with Maximum DPI? My current HP 5460 only uses 600×600 DPI on maximum settings for Disc printing even though, the printer can use 9600x2400dpi

  4. dharkbizkit says:

    @cdrom2go Well then I ask it another way. Is the CD print in almost the same quality as a normal paper picture print. Just want to know if the "printing grid" is fine, or visable. would you say it's a high quality print or mere a dotted low quality print? Iam looking for somethign that gives kinda same quality on CD like the Canon pixma 4500/4600 series

  5. dharkbizkit says:

    @cdrom2go thanks a lot 🙂 btw, can you recommand some full-face printable dvds? should be DL but not necesseracly and should have glossy kinda surface

  6. dharkbizkit says:

    @cdrom2go thanks for the advice! Taiyo Yuden seems to be quiet the underdog here in germany… but at least they are avaidable. I used Verbatim before, but the surface is very very sensetiv about fingerprints.
    so then, next time taiyo yuden it is, ill give'em a try

  7. estrellaproductions says:

    My CD tray doesn't go out all the way like that. Should I pull it out more or could it be a mistake? I can still put the disc inside but I'd have to touch the bottom to take it out which I don't really want to do…

  8. estrellaproductions says:

    Nevermind, I didn't pull up the LCD/button panel, haha!

  9. JKIProductionz says:

    how much ink does it use for a disc and how many disc can you print with 1 set of ink cartridges? thanks

  10. Adam Siegel says:

    I got the epson artisan 725 and when I print to DVD everything gets smeared and blotchy… am I using the wrong kind of DVD's… I am using memorex DVD+R lightscribe

  11. proteas1992 says:

    @asiegel1202 Lightscribe printed with INK???! LooL! Light+Scribe= Laser Disk Labeling!!!

  12. geekforlifevandc says:

    got 50 dvd-r 11 dollars printable inkjet its awesome

  13. Валентино says:

    buen dato gringo como para piratear

  14. derrick giroux says:

    does the ink ever melt or come off due to the heating of a dvd player or other types of machines?.

  15. RAIKON80 says:

    @username986563 the b answer


    how many copies for every set of ink?tnxx


    Hi, is the CD/DVD tray built in to the printer? Cheers, Ben.

  18. dedgemusic says:

    Is the this the best solution for CD printing? I've been advised to go for the Epson Stylus photo PX730WD

  19. Edson Silva says:

    Where can I buy epson artisan 725 at Brazil ?

  20. Göran Ewerlöf says:

    take a look at this machine!

  21. Brian Chapangara says:

    I do have a Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD printer I have tried the instructions but there is nothing on CD coping which pops up on the LCD Screen menu. Is there anything I need to do on the Printer so that it gives me the options

  22. Mazin Bajalan says:


  23. Neide Aneli Silva Aneli says:

    Eu n sei porque n vir da Epson, por que eu td é bomba ja tive 10 Epson, tds Ink Bulk, eu ja sabia qe a Epson fazer esta montagem espero vira bem, tds elas n tem no mercado…….

  24. MrDeekaph says:

    Inkjet ink smears – what I did is bought a spray can of clear coat from the craft store, set up discs about 20 at a time on some cardboard and gave it a light coat of the sealant so it doesn't smear.

  25. RuthlessProductions says:

    Why are videos still in 4:3 aspect ratio??

  26. helen walker says:

    can anyone tell me how to load the cd/dvd i worked out how to print but dont know how to load it to print it it keeps saying i havent loaded it properly

  27. littletoy says:

    I have the Epson R800 and love it can you tell me what the upgrade would be with just a printer

  28. highonbetter says:

    ive been told the best quality one was the epson rx540

  29. highonbetter says:

    if i could guess id say between 300-400 . id recomend a continuous ink system for this. cartidges will break you.

  30. 2 Conscious says:

    Lol lightscribe disc for printing. What you have to do is to get them from these guys. They are the only ones selling these kinda special disc. No matter where in the world you are you going to have order them from these guys cause these guys mean business. I got DVD inkjet printable from some store but when I saw these video I throw them away immediately and now I'm going to order from these guys. If you get them somewhere else throw them away right away!!!!

  31. Virginia Alvarado says:

    were are they on sale

  32. HONEYBADGER210 says:

    morning/evening can I do the same with ann epson artisan 1430?

  33. Christian Guerrero says:

    Good video! I have the ciss ink system. The Dvds dont seem to dry as good. Is there a specific ink or setting that im suppose to use? Please help. I have the Epson Artison 837

  34. Channel Max UK says:

    hi whats the inner/outer diameter set on your printer or software epson print cd i have a Canon MG6250 and it leaves a white banding around the inner and outer circle of a disc.

  35. Jacqueline rowe says:

    Will it play

  36. janaka dilruksha senadeera says:

    i am janaka form sri lanka plz give me epson styuls color 660 drive cd [email protected]

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