How To Come Up With Artwork Ideas & Spark New Ideas!

How To Come Up With Artwork Ideas & Spark New Ideas!

– Have you ever found
yourself in a creative rut where it was difficult for you to come up with new ideas on what you could paint? In my last video, we were talking about the possible core issues
that are holding you back. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you can check it out
after watching this video. Because in today’s video, I really wanted to give you actual tips and
techniques that you can try out to really get your
creative juices flowing, so you can rekindle your passion for art. (buttons clanking)
Often times we just wait for inspiration
or an idea to hit us before we can actually
start creating something. You could spend hours or
days figuring out what to do but really just in our head. But what I personally
discovered from being uninspired and really unmotivated from time to time is the importance of the
act of doing something. It doesn’t necessarily
have to do something with you sitting down and forcing yourself to create something, but it’s also about doing
something completely different and away from your work, so a new idea can hit you. The act of just doing something else and giving your brain a break can really give you this
initial spark for a new idea, and then you can really
get creative with that. And whenever I feel like I’m in a rut, I don’t know what to do, I’m uninspired and I’m
questioning everything in my life, I usually just watch something. It can be a movie, a show, or just a class where
I learn something new. And lately, I’ve been literally
binge watching classes on Skillshare about all
sorts of different topics. I feel like I’m spending more time on Skillshare lately than on YouTube, and that’s why I’m super excited and happy that Skillshare is actually
sponsoring today’s video. If you don’t know what Skillshare is, it’s basically an online
learning community with more than 25,000 classes in design, business, lifestyle, and more. I’ve been really enjoying classes about how to license your
art and selling it online, but also classes about time
management and other fun classes that inspired me to really
think outside the box by showing me new ideas
and ways how to do things, and it literally helped me so
much out of my creative rut. I got so many new ideas. I can set myself new goals
that I want to achieve, and I’m super excited about that. So if you want to try it out yourself and get unlimited access
to the premium content, I have a special link in the
description box down below where 500 of you that
click the link and sign up will get two months for free. Now, apart from just being active and doing something to relax your brain, (buttons clanking)
you can also try to brainstorm ideas. I personally like to just
write down everything that brings me joy, that I like, and then from there I can
just mind map all the things that I associate with that. For example, if you like dessert, what type of dessert do you like? Where can you find it, how it is made? Maybe you can illustrate how it is made. And apart from the dessert, maybe you like something else like cats. Maybe you can draw the
cat eating the dessert, maybe the cat is cooking the dessert, maybe it’s, I don’t know,
maybe you can create you and the cat as a character
and you both make the dessert, or maybe you can just draw the dessert in 5 million different styles and the cat in 5 million different styles and figure out what you like the best. The goal here is to really
dig deep into what you like and what brings you joy, so you can bring it to life on paper. (buttons clanking) And from here you can
take this even further and break it down in smaller steps. For example, maybe you don’t know how to draw or paint a cat. What you can do now is simply practice and improve on things that you
would like to get better at. You will be surprised how
much fun it actually is and how much you can
improve in just one sitting. Now, you might go through a tough time where you just don’t feel
like drawing rainbows and butterflies and cats. I totally get that, but what you can do is use art to really get through that. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. You can really focus on shapes and colors that you associate with things
that you’re going through. You can see this as a sort of a therapy where you just let everything
out onto the paper. Which brings me to the next point and that’s giving yourself
time and permission to just play.
(buttons clanking) Sometimes we take everything so seriously that we even forget that
we once had fun painting. For me, for example, colors, shapes, patterns bring me so much joy. It’s so fun for me to look at, to paint. It’s just something so simple, but it brings so much joy to me. So what you can do is
actually giving yourself time to play and to grow. You can use shapes,
different colors, patterns, and just really play around with it. Sometimes when you’re just simply bored with what you have been doing lately that it’s really difficult to come up with something new that’s exciting to you. So you can take out all the
different art supplies you have and just really experiment. Don’t think too much just
play, apply paint to the paper and see some patterns, and
just draw dots and lines and really just let go and just have fun. I believe it’s really important
to give yourself permission to just create for the sake of creating, not really thinking about the outcome and how it would look in the end. And remember, there is
no right way to make art. The only wrong way to do things
is by not doing them at all. (buttons clanking)
Another issue that you might have is
having too many options. You have too many colors,
paints, mediums, everything. You feel so paralyzed that you just don’t know where to start. So what you can do is
actually to limit yourself. For example, you can
use only three colors, or you can only use one color, or you can divide the paper
into smaller sections, so you’re limited to only one small square where you can just play
and create something. You don’t have to feel like you have to fill the whole page with something. If you limit yourself,
you have to force yourself to think more creatively, and then you can step outside the box, think outside the box, and
create something completely new. (buttons clanking)
Another great way to limit yourself but still
be super creative with art is painting or drawing one thing but in completely different styles, using completely different
mediums each time. So again, think about what you generally like drawing or painting. Is there something that you really want to maybe get better at,
or you have something that you like drawing but you feel like you don’t like the style anymore? You want to expand, and then you can give yourself a challenge to paint that what you
decide on for maybe a week, two weeks, or even a month, but every single day you
use a different medium and a different style. For example, you can change from cartoon, to realistic, to abstract, using acrylics, I don’t know, watercolor,
pencil, everything that you want. You can also experiment
with different colors and color schemes and really experiment. The goal here is to just
really push yourself to create something
different every single day, but to keep it less overwhelming, you only have to focus on
thinking about new styles and ways how to draw something
without really coming up with new theme to paint or draw. (buttons clanking) If you follow me on Instagram
or watch my latest videos, you might know that I started
drawing a cat art series where I really explored
my passion, obsession. So I started, for example,
with different styles. I use a collage method and use watercolors and colored pencils,
and then I use my iPad, then I switch the style
of how I created the cat and moved from more realistic to cartoon and something more abstract
while also experimenting with different colors I was using. This helped me so much to not only try out
something new each time, but also helped me to
think outside the box to figure out what brings
me the most joy to paint. I’ve actually rediscovered
how much I love gouache. It’s so fun to use that I actually create a whole
series just using gouache. Now, remember, sometimes you
just have a bad art block where nothing really works and any tips, anything that you might
hear doesn’t work for you, and sometimes you just go through things that you don’t really feel
like creating anything, and that’s totally okay. I believe it’s important
to really accept that and let it happen sometimes, and instead of bashing
yourself for how you feel or how you can’t do something, I think it’s more important to accept that and to be okay with
that, to let it happen, and just to hang in there
until the phase is gone. At the end of the day, we are all humans and sometimes we have good days, but also sometimes we have bad days. And forcing yourself to do something isn’t always helpful either. So remember, don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes the best ideas will strike you when you least expect them. Check out the videos right here for more inspiration and ideas. I really hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for
watching, have a wonderful day, and I will see you in my next video, bye.

Dereck Turner

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