How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

Hey there in this video you are going to learn how to backup your iPhone to iTunes. I’m Andy you’re watching learn how I create video lessons tutorials product reviews how to’s all sorts of tech related stuff to help you improve your lifestyle. So if you like what you see in this video or you learn something new… Please consider subscribing Alright, this is my preferred method of backing up an iPhone. You can also back up your iPhone to iCloud which I talked about in another video but in this video I’m going to show you the best way in my opinion to back up your iPhone and the only way to back up your iPhone if you do not pay for extra iCloud storage space So if you’re running on that freebie train like me with the five gigs of free iCloud storage drive This is how to backup your iPhone. So for this I’m going to, I got my iPhone already plugged in right here to my computer I’m gonna show you right now how to do this I’m gonna throw on my sweet little gamma-ray glasses really quick because my eyes are about to melt So you’re gonna want to open iTunes plug in your iPhone? It might give you a little pop-up that says like do you trust this computer with your device? Just click OK put in your passcode whatever and it’s connected then you’re gonna see right here at the top of the screen you’re gonna see a little like iPhone icon that’s gonna pop up and you’re just going to click on that. Now It’s gonna show you all your iPhone information hopefully you can’t see like my social security number or something right here, and I’m probably have to do some blurring out Okay, but this is how easy it is to backup your iPhone to your computer Right here, you don’t gotta click anything. You’re already on summary. You’re gonna see a little like button thing right here that says, back up now Sorry, that’s a little much on the circles. All you’re gonna do is you open make sure excuse me, excuse me I didn’t I didn’t clarify make sure this computer is selected that means it’s gonna back up to your computer. Now you’re going to click backup now and now you sit and wait… Or you go and make a sandwich or if you’re on keto like me you go and make like eggs and bacon and like butter cubes. I’m just kidding I don’t really eat butter cubes, but like you go do something like that or are you going I don’t know… What do you guys do for your free time? Leave a comment and let me know like what do you do for fun? Like do you like binge watching Netflix or like… Play Fortnite, I guess that’s like a cool thing to do these days.. Or like paint or like play with Legos. Like I don’t know Maybe you’re like 10 and you’re watching this and you have an iPhone I see kids these days Seriously, I see like 6 year olds with iPhones these days. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was in high school and…Let’s see Yeah, I was a junior in high school and I had like the og like LG flip phone with like 50 texts a month So I’d get a text in class from a friend. I would be like dude, what are we doing tonight? And I’d be like crap I have like 1.4 text messages per day that I can send and so then like I literally couldn’t reply to him because it’s like I have one message to send every day and so I would like value that text message with my life. Anyways, that’s a little off-topic but you can see here that my iPhone is backing up And so when that little blue bar there fills up your backup is complete We’ll be right back after this message Oh, would you look at that? Backup is complete Alright now if you want to learn how to find your backup if you’re paranoid and I don’t know you want to know like if your backup worked, you’re gonna go up it here into iTunes preferences Devices, and you’re going to see your backup right there today at 1:34 now is what I can do is I can go to these old backups and I can just click right here Delete backup if I want to because I really longer need those backups but that is how to back up your iPhone to iTunes, and then when you’re ready to restore a back up you just click the restore back up button and you will choose from one of your saved backups that are saved to your computer and That’s how you restore your backup to a new iPhone All right, if you like this video hit that thumbs up guys. Leave me a comment Let me know what you thought of the video and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of our other videos Make sure you check out some of our other videos on our channel because there’s a lot of good tutorials That’ll help you become a little more tech savvy learn things about online business and all sorts of tech related stuff To improve your lifestyle. All right guys, we’ll see you in the next video

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