How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

What’s up guys in this video you are going to learn how to backup your iPhone to iCloud Alright guys, iCloud still remains like this like mystery among Apple users I feel like people still don’t really understand it or know how to use it I’ve got some other videos on my channel that you should definitely check out to kind of get a understanding of iCloud and I have an ultimate iCloud guide that I literally wrote like tons of pages of step-by-step Tutorials to teach you everything about iCloud and it’s free. It is the best free guide, book… that you can find on the internet in my opinion to teach you how to use iCloud So make sure you download that if you need a little bit of iCloud help But let’s talk about how to backup your iPhone to iCloud. Now, I’m going to talk about some big misunderstandings right off the bat so that you kind of understand why you’re not able to back up your iPhone to iCloud. So I’m gonna go in right here to the settings on my iphone to show you guys what I’m talking about So right here in iPhone settings if I click on my Apple ID account I can go to iCloud Now you’ll notice I don’t pay for iCloud storage. So you’ll see right here at the top of my screen I have five gigabytes of free iCloud storage every Apple user gets five free gigabytes. You’ll notice my iCloud storage is nice and clean because I have my settings appropriately assigned for that and like I said, I’ve got other videos that will teach you how to do that But if you want to do iCloud backups, you’re gonna go down here to iCloud backup and turn that on At that point your iPhone will automatically backup to iCloud. So you really don’t have to do anything else at this point And you’ll just know that like your iPhone will just really always be backed up to iCloud. I don’t have iCloud backup turned on because I don’t pay for iCloud storage If you pay for iCloud storage meaning you pay and have like 100 gigs or a terabyte or whatever 200 gigs of iCloud storage available, then you can turn this on if you have the free amount of iCloud storage This better be turned off and I’m going to show you why in just a second But yeah that is technically how to backup your iPhone to iCloud, you just go right there turn that on and it’s gonna be backed up. But if you don’t have enough storage it is going to fail and here is why Let me I’m gonna grab my laptop really quick so I can show you Why your iCloud storage backup fails So if I go right here into iTunes I can that just really be wherever I’m gonna go to the top of the screen right here and I’m going to click the itunes button and click preferences Now it’s probably gonna go to general but if you click all the way over here to devices You’re going to see the devices that you have backed up to iTunes Now this video isn’t to show you how to backup to iTunes. I got in another video on that that you can find But this is just to show you why your iCloud backup is not working so if I click on any of these I’m going to right click or two-finger click, I guess on the touchpad and Click show in finder Now you got a funky number with I mean a funky folder with lots of numbers I can right click again and click get info now. You’re gonna see right in there That this whole folder is full of 32.1 gigabytes of data. A typical iPhone backup takes 30 gigabytes or more of storage space so If you think back to your iCloud storage, you only have five gigabytes Well a backup requires 30 So that’s why you’re not able to back up your iPhone to iCloud unless you pay for extra storage So what I recommend people do who don’t pay for iCloud storage is to backup their iPhone to iTunes and you’re just gonna want to plug it into your iTunes and do that like every couple months to be safe and I’ve got another video to show you how to do that But that’s the best way to do it if you don’t pay for storage if you do pay for storage by all means feel free to use iCloud backup Alright guys, if you like this video if you learned something new hits that thumbs up button for me and leave me a comment I love to hear from you guys. I like to read all the comments and respond to pretty much all of them So introduce yourself Let me know what questions you have about anything technology related and I’ll do my best to do a video for you Alright guys, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next video Don’t forget to check out some of these other videos we’ve got here on our channel just click the thumbnail

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    Sorry for the iffy audio… I was still trying to figure out my settings.

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    hi andy can you tell me why i cloude does not make back up although i have a big space on it

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