How to back up your Mac with Time Machine — Apple Support

How to back up your Mac with Time Machine — Apple Support

Time Machine is the built-in
backup feature on your Mac that always keeps
an up-to-date copy of everything
on your computer stored on
an external backup disk. Here’s how to set it up. To begin,
choose a backup disk to store
your Time Machine backups. Backups require a lot of space, so it’s a good idea
to pick a device that is used solely for them. You can use
an external hard drive that you plug into your Mac, or you can wirelessly connect
to an AirPort Time Capsule a compatible network-attached
storage device, or another Mac. Find out more
about these options in the link in the description. We’re going to use
an external hard drive. When you plug
a backup disk into your Mac a pop-up window may ask
if you want to use the drive to backup your Mac
with Time Machine. If you see it,
click Use as Backup Disk. If you don’t see the prompt, set up Time Machine
in System Preferences. Click on the Apple menu,
click System Preferences, then click Time Machine. To start the setup process, click Select Backup Disk
and choose your disk. From here,
you can encrypt your backup with a passcode,
if you’d like. Then click Use Disk. Depending on your setup,
you may see additional prompts to help you add a passcode,
reformat your device, or connect
to your network volume. Now your computer
will prepare the disk and your backup
will begin shortly after. Your first backup
may take a long time depending on
how many files you have, but you can continue using your
Mac while a backup is underway. Time Machine only backs up
files that have changed since the previous backup, so future backups
will be faster. After your first backup, Time Machine backs up everything
for you automatically so you don’t have to remember
to do it yourself. Time Machine
makes local snapshots hourly backups
up to 24 hours, daily backups
for the past month, and weekly backups
for all previous months. Plus, the oldest backups
are deleted when your disk becomes full. And if you want
to access Time Machine more quickly in the future, click Show Time Machine
in the menu bar. Once your backup is complete,
you’ll see a notification. To start a new backup
at any time, click the Time Machine icon on the right side
of the menu bar, then click Back Up Now If a backup
is already in progress, you can skip a backup
from this menu. And now your files
are safely backed up. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

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    Does the backup also save the personalization settings changed via Terminal?

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    My 2010 Macbook pro not gonna support it. 😞

  4. Alijah Simon says:

    Time Machine is amazing software.

  5. The89Lunder says:

    Am I the only one finding it funny, they refer to a product they have already announced will only be sold as long as stores have them in stock? The factory is not pumping out any new Time Capsules.

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    Very good video!!! 👏👏👌👌👌

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    What type of backup disc is the fastest under $150

  8. Hape says:

    It's a pity that the Time Capsule is discontinued. I love mine, it makes continuously backups for all my devices and provides the most reliable and fastest WLAN I ever had for my apartment – even my neighbor can surf on my WLAN.

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    very useful information and channel thanks!

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    Believe or not, this tutorial works with 10.5 – 10.14. Thats so randomly amazing

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    I always forget how epic Time Machine is! It’s such cool software!

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    Can I use an external hard drive that I already have files in it? Does it get formatted? (It’s 4tb and my macbook is 256gb)

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    Can you use icloud?

  19. Raymond Lee says:

    After you've made the backup, how do you access the data if your computer crash?

  20. Yashmaan Sharma says:

    No! You can't use mac when 'Time Machine Backup' is going on. In my experience I was working on a file that was about ~46GB. When I was having trouble in my mac. I used Time Machine to restore my full disk files after formatting. Guess what! It failed every time. Even after installing OS from server & then opening disk, copying that ~46GB was not possible because it got corrupted.

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    If you’ve already backed up your hard drive and you just want to “update” the back up in the future to the external hard drive will it just overwrite the file for the back up on the external hard drive with the new updated back up ?

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    can i create a partition on an external hard drive ? Let's say 1TB and split it in 2 halves and use the half for TimeMachine and the other half for normal storage? will it allow me?

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    What if you don’t want to wait until the disk is full before it starts removing backups. For example: I would like old backups removed when the disk is at 60% capacity. Can I remove them manually?

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    As my Mac is only a paltry 2tb I have all my photos and 4K video on an 8tb hard drive. I back up my Mac to a second 8tb drive. I cannot find a way to include the first hard drive with my photos and video in the backup. As I’m new to o Mac can anyone advise me please? Thanks

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    If I delete a file, will it delete on the time machine backup?
    This is good incase you accidentally delete something. But then bad incase you deleted malware.

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