How to Add Music to a Video

How to Add Music to a Video

Hi! My name is Alina and welcome back to Movavi
channel! Let’s talk about music. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard
to imagine how anyone can live without music, even for a week. Music brings us joy and sorrow, laughter and
sadness It gives us something to think and to dream
about. Music can really add depth to visual media
– it’s why the best directors and producers choose the soundtracks for films and
videos so carefully. Personally, I love to add background music
to my videos to create a certain mood. And now you can do that too! Here’s a great example of how the right
music selection can dramatically transform your video. First, let’s take a look at a well-edited
video with transitions, effects, and titles but no music. Here’s the same video with the same
background music… And with another soundtrack… Makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? Today, I’m going to show you how to make
a video with background music. I’ll use the simple and easy to use Movavi
Video Editor to edit the video. I’ll use tracks from the program’s built-in
music collection. You can choose from this music for your videos
or just download the track you want from the internet. So let’s get started Step 1.Open Movavi Video Editor. If you don’t have a video editor, you can
download the free trial version of this program right now by clicking on the link. Step 2.Add your video and audio files Click “Add media files” and upload the
desired video. It will be automatically added to the timeline. Now click on the “Import” tab, then the
“music” section. Select a track that matches the theme and
mood of your video. Want to make action videos? Try “Blockbuster” Maybe you want to make
video present for that special someone? The “romantic guitar” track might be just
what you need. Add the music of “luxury” music and turn
your video into a real diamond! For my video, I think I’ll opt for this track As you can see, there are background music
choices for any event or creative idea!. You can
also find appropriate music online. Click on the “Download more” icon and
you’ll be taken to a page offering a free trial subscription to – a
website with a huge music collection Step 3.Set the duration of the audio If the music lasts longer than the video,
you can easily trim the audio file to fit. Select the audio track and drag the right
edge until the music and video are the same length. If the video lasts longer than the music,
you can duplicate part of the selected audio file to fill the gap, or insert additional
tunes. Step 4.Adjust the sound level If the video already has a sound, you will
need to adjust the music and video volume so they don’t cancel each other out. If you want only the background music to be
played in your video, then select the video, click on the “audio properties” icon in
the toolbar, and set the volume to zero If you want the original video sound to be
heard over the background music, set the volume of the background music to about 20 percent. This is a good solution if you’re recording
a video blog: you will be able to hear your voice, and the music will be playing softly
in the background at the same time, adding to the atmosphere. Step 5.Set fade-in and fade-out music Sometimes the selected background music goes
well with the video, but ends too abruptly. Fortunately, Movavi gives you a handy tool
to fix that. Here’s how to use it. Select the clip with background music and
click the “Audio Properties” toolbar. On the “Audio” tab, set the time for when
the music will appear and disappear. As a result, the music volume will gradually
increase at the beginning of the clip and slowly fade at the end. Extra tip! I want to show you another trick with background
music. Sometimes you’ll find that most of the video
with background music and original sound of the video is not important. But at some point, you need to make the background
music quieter, for example, so you can hear someone’s voice in the video. Here’s how to make the music fade in and
out in the middle of the video. Select the clip with the background music. See the white line inside the clip? That’s the volume curve. The higher it is, the louder the music will
be. Right-click the line and choose “add point
volume”. We need four points. Two central points make a “hole” where
the sound from the original video needs to come through. This technique lets you set fade-in and fade
music very precisely. Step 5.Save your video Click “Save” and choose the format you need. If you’re not sure which format is best
for you, try the MP4 format – it’s one of the most popular and widely supported formats! I hope this video tutorial was useful for
you. If you have any questions about this tutorial,
make sure to leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe
to our channel! You won’t want to miss the next video, when
I’ll teach you to add original text, comments, or animated titles! Can’t wait to make your own video with great music? Click here and download free trial version of Movavi Video Editor. Want to know more about how to make a video? Watch this video tutorial, in which I explain in detail how I edited my first video. See you soon on the Movavi channel!

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