How to add and sync photos on your Mac — Apple Support

How to add and sync photos on your Mac — Apple Support

♪ Music playing ♪ Have photos stored
on your iPhone and on another camera? Here’s how to organize them all
on your Mac and then sync them
across all your devices. Open the Photos app,
and let’s get started. First, we’ll add some photos. If you want to access
all of your photos and videos from any of your devices, turn on iCloud Photos. This lets you upload and store
your entire library in iCloud. To turn on iCloud Photos, click Photos in the upper-left
corner of your screen, then Preferences,
then iCloud. Next, check the box
next to iCloud Photos. When iCloud Photos is on, you’ll have all your photos
available and backed up in their original,
high-resolution version. If you want to save space
on your Mac, select Optimize Mac Storage to keep a space-saving version
on your device. Now let’s go ahead
and add to our library. One way to import new photos
is to plug your camera, card reader,
or other device into your Mac. Once your device is plugged in, the images from it will appear
in the window. Click Import All New Photos to add all the shots you’ve
taken since your last import. Photos will automatically detect pictures you’ve
already imported, so you don’t have to worry
about duplicates. Or you can select
specific photos to import by clicking the photos you want and then clicking
Import Selected. Another way to add photos
is to drag pictures from Mail, Messages,
and other apps. Let’s say a friend
texts you a photo from a trip you both took
last weekend. You can drag it from Messages
right into the Photos app and add it to your collection. ♪ If you have photos stored
on multiple hard drives or in other folders on your Mac, you can add them all
to your library too. Just click File, then Import to access all files
on your hard drive, connected external drives,
and more. Select which image or videos
you’d like to import and click Review for Import. Then click Import All New Photos
to add them to your library. Now, you’re ready to snap more pictures
for your collection. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the
Apple Support channel. Or click the next video
for more tips now. ♪

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