How to add an image to Google Images

How to add an image to Google Images

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Peter, a product manager
on Google Images. Today I’m going to tell you how
you can add your image to Google Images. Google Images is not the source
of the images in its search results. Instead it crawls the web for
images to include on the search results page. This means that you can’t upload
an image directly to Google, but alternatively, you
should upload it somewhere else on the web. If you have a website, you
can upload it there. If not, you can upload it to one
of Google’s free services, such as Google Blogger
or Picasa. After uploading the image,
make sure to include descriptive text near it. This helps Google understand
what the image depicts and what searches it will
be most relevant to. Also, be sure that the web page
containing your image is publicly accessible. For example, in Picasa, check
the privacy settings to make sure the content is shared
with the public. Finally, be patient. Images only appear on Google
once they’ve been indexed, which can take some time. But by following these tips,
you are more likely to see your images in Google Image
search results. To learn more, please visit
our help center.

Dereck Turner

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    does it work with Google+?

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    No It isn't. That IS how you can get your image to google

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    thats nice and i will try

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    Well, it doesn't work at all… So it is kinda useless

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    Thanks that helps me a lot. If I only would have bought a few thousand shares when google went public

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    it should be quick and easy. not having to wait a while.

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    I tried Google Picasa and it appears you can't use it if your running windows 8

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    Well, this is great. I got a blog about MSP (a game) and I uploaded an image of my character to Blogger. Look what I found today. Guess. MY CHARACTER!

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    Good info I am sure, trouble is your enunciation is delivered too fast and choppy making it hard to understand.  You suggested Google Blogger, and something else I could not understand.  You mentioned it would take time to be posted on the internet, but I could not make out what you said.  Hope this helps

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    i haven't got a website. can i add pics to google search from my fb, twitter or instagram account?? pls reply

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    does it work, when i upload it on facebook?

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    2017 update!!! picasa no longer does that!!!

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    how can I add my photo on Google images….& I don't have a website. pls reply.

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    Guys be patient! Google is going through millions of pictures every single day it takes a LONG time imagine if you had to do that 🤦🏽‍♀️

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