How to Add a Picture to a Frame

How to Add a Picture to a Frame

The Home Designer library contains
several different photos, paintings, and prints that you can place
into your designs. To begin, let’s place a picture frame. Frames can be found in Home Designer’s
library under the interiors folder and then in accessories and
then in mirrors and frames, which is divided up into assorted
categories such as frame shape, to make searching easier. Click on this folder and choose
a frame to place in the plan. Moving the cursor near the wall
will snap the frame to the wall. Click to attach the frame to the wall. Let’s take a 3D view and take
a look. Using the camera tool, click and drag towards the picture frame. Frames come with an image already
in them. To change the image, go back to the library and
find the materials folder. Expand it and look in the
artwork folder for painting. Select a painting and click on the
picture preview to place it in the frame. The cursor automatically
changes to the material painter. Using the material painter, simply click in the center of the frame
and your selected image will be applied. You can add custom artwork and
save it to your user catalog. The user catalog is available to
you to place and save library items. To begin the import process, right-click on the user catalog and
click on material and open up the define material dialog, and name the material. Then go to the texture panel and browse
out and find the tile on your computer. Choose the image and select open. Notice in the preview your image
repeats in a scalable pattern. This is valuable if you want to create
a repeating pattern such as a fabric or backsplash. For this photo, we’ll
check the box stretch to fit. Once you click OK, the new material
now displays in your user catalog. Select it and then click inside the
picture frame to place the new artwork. You can resize the picture frame and the
artwork will automatically adjust with it. The frame itself is also customizable. Simply click on the desired frame material
from the materials folder and then use a material painter to customize
your frame. For this plan, the frame will match the door casing
that’s already been incorporated into the plan. I’ll use the material eyedropper, pick up the casing material and then use
a material painter to apply it to the picture frame. To learn
more about materials, please see our built-in help file and our
support articles available on the Home Designer Software website.
Thanks for watching the video.

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