How This Filipina American Became A DJ and Broke Cultural Expectations | SOSUPERSAM

How This Filipina American Became A DJ and Broke Cultural Expectations | SOSUPERSAM

♪ I’m good for it♪ I’m good for it♪ And if you’re good for it My parents just wanted me to do well in school and get a good job and have health insurance. That’s my parents’ biggest dream! People are like, “Oh wow, you do so many things.” It’s like, yeah, because I didn’t say no to myself. If I’m a DJ, why can’t I sing? I’m gonna make my own music. If I’m a singer, “Why are you throwing these parties?” Because I want to so I’m going to do it. My name is SoSuperSam. Samantha Duenas. I was working in fashion PR and I was DJ-ing on the side. And my parents were fine with that. I had a little apartment in Silver Lake. I was able to take care of myself, check all their boxes. I was fully sustainable. And so in 2011, I was like — the next step for fashion PR is to move to New York. I’ll go out and apply for a job, and I’ll DJ on the side to make ends meet. So, I just packed up my entire life in L.A. And I was like, “I’m going to move to New York.” The second I get there, I’m literally booked for a tour with an artist, and I never got the PR job. I was like, “I’m going to a DJ full-time now.” When all is said and done, I’ve DJ-ed for six hours
in the cold for 80 bucks, maybe? And every month I would live off falafel, three-for-a-dollar falafel. And then I would sell all my clothes at Beacon’s Closet and just try to make rent. And then I was like, “I got to go home.” So, I called my mom and I was like, “Mom…” And she’s like, “I knew it!
You didn’t move to New York to be in PR. You moved to become a DJ and get away from us!” And I was like, “No, that’s not what I had in mind!
But can I please come home?” And then cut to me, you know, in my late 20s on a twin bed in my mom’s apartment
with three boxes and $44, and this f*cked up dream that I’m somehow
going to be a DJ full time. It was heart-crushing, for not only me but,
for my mom and my parents who were like, “Uh, okay. I guess our weird daughter
can move back home.” Like, what happened? It was really tough. You know, I just told my mom like,
“I’m going to work really hard.” And by work really hard means
I’m going to DJ in the club as much as possible. She’s like, “Are you partying? Why aren’t you applying
to be a legal secretary somewhere? Just work for the weekends and go out on the weekend.” I don’t see that for me. I just really don’t. I think that a lot of what I do now is
from me really soaking in the rock bottom and what feelings came from that, what ideas came from that, where your interests lie when you’re at rock bottom
because that’s really the core of you. That’s all you have left. So, that’s how 143 started. 143 is an RnB party that me and my friends
started six years ago. We are based in L.A. and we tour the globe. I think it all came from that period of time
where you’re so vulnerable, and you’re so — your life is so minimized at that point that everything feels very high-intensity, like high res. Isn’t that crazy? I didn’t set out with a business plan of like, “I’m gonna make an RnB party that will
change the face of the world. And then, I will also have a social media handle and then
we will also have a tax ID number on them. We will…” You know what I mean? Like, no one — “And then we will have this big branding strategy.” I think really just a lot of it is about, you know,
keeping your ideas big. I think that a lot of my process comes from just honoring
how ridiculous whatever I’ve come up with may sound, and then finding a way to get it done and putting together
the right minds to get it done. You know, the people I interned with
when I was in PR and advertising, they ended up hiring me as a DJ later. And it’s because, you know, you try to be a good person
and a nice person, and an honest person and you work really hard. And I think that those are the kinds of real, tangible things
that stick with people no matter what you do, right? Or however your life pivots. I wouldn’t be here if, like, everyone who came to 143
wasn’t supporting us. And I wouldn’t be here if, you know,
my mom didn’t start supporting me. I threw my party in Vegas last week, and my mom stood in front of the billboard
that I was on with me. And we took a selfie and I just thought to myself, it took me 10 years of DJ-ing to get on this billboard. But it took me more than x amount of years
to even get this woman’s support, the woman next to me. You know what I mean? DJ-ing is about — it’s all psychological. It’s about making people comfortable. It’s about building trust. Yeah, you just got to do it. If you do it with conviction,
people just want to go with you. So, they’ll go with you on that journey. If you’re excited about it enough, they’ll get excited too.

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    Yeah this is true legit you know that you have a filipino mom they always want you to do whats best for you 😂😂😂 it doesn't matter if your full or half blood Filipino as long you have a filipino mom you gonna use to it but in the end they gonna support you whatever your doing.

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    Pinay Pride! You go girl!

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    Takes guts to tell your parents what you actually want. My family especially my mom expects me to continue her Legacy as a OB-gy Doctor…so much for my artistic based skills (Ballet, drawing, etc.)

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