How Much is Your Art Worth? [Scribble Kibble]

How Much is Your Art Worth? [Scribble Kibble]

Do you know how much your art is worth? After watching this video you will be able
to set a base price on your art and learn how to increase the value of your art even
if it stays the same quality. Pricing is a challenge for artists of all
skills, so when I asked for examples to create this video we received over 1,000 pieces in
less than 12 hours. And I say “we” because I’m joined by
a group of full-time artists and buyers who took time to price and critique some of the
entries. Arenia is a professional animator. At the time of this video she is at Titmouse,
a studio that creates a lot of cartoons you’ve heard of. Crunchy is an independent character designer
and illustrator who works in digital and traditional art. Marina specializes in game design and animation,
with a background in both 2D and 3D art. Din is representing the buyer’s perspective. He’s experienced with the convention side
of things and purchases quite a bit of art. Kallenin is not familiar with pricing artwork
at all. He’s here to give you an outsider’s point
of view. And then there’s me: animator. During the gallery you’ll see some times
when our valuations were very different. Otherwise, everything is listed by median
price. Let’s start with a quick review of what
goes into a price. Materials. Traditional artists: canvas, paper, pencils,
etc. Digital: the item you draw with and software. Fees. Paypal transaction fee. Currency conversion. Market, gallery, and convention fees. Other Costs. Shipping, websites, travel, insurance, business
registration, vacation time. Taxes. Sales tax + income tax. Freelancers and businesses pay double income
tax. Quality and experience. Hours of work. At the professional level all of these need
to be factored into your price. Otherwise you are spending more than you make. For judging purposes I hid hours of work. The judges had to assume based on the piece
itself how many hours it may have taken. At the end of the art gallery I’ll discuss
how to calculate and add hours of work to your price. This topic video is sponsored by Amino, where
I am posting mini versions of my tutorials using Amino’s stories format, which allows
some really interesting possibilities for artists and animators. Stories have to be short, you can fast flip
between parts by tapping your screen, and you can add polls and quizzes in between parts. I’m already thinking of a bunch of crazy
stuff I could do with that, like an interactive mini comic series. So instead of posting this exact video there,
I made a game where you can test your art pricing skills. If you use Amino, please follow my CrownePrince
profile before you play. If you don’t have Amino, there’s a special
link in the description where you can download the app. So let me explain how to use this video to
price your art. The art gallery is organized into categories. Take the art you want to sell, find the category
it’s in, and study the examples for a price estimate. Then, use the tips throughout this video to
choose a final price. We judged all of the prices as if we were
a normal customer paying for personal use art. Situations other than this can drastically
affect price. For instance, if I wanted to buy art to put
on merchandise I’m selling, or if the buyer is a company, or if you’re selling mass
digital prints instead of originals. We’re not going to get into those things
today. We are focusing on commissions for individuals. A little note on the $5-10 range: these tend
to be beginner pieces. if you find yourself at a similar skill level
you’re probably not ready to sell art yet, but if you do, make sure to charge at least
this much. You know, when I was collecting the data I
thought I might have to ignore Kal’s prices for the final estimate, but it turns out he
was spot on almost every time. Raise the price for every character in your
piece of art. Raise the price for a background. Complex backgrounds are worth more. For character sheets, charge a design fee
on top of base price if you do a lot of sketch work and communication with the buyer to come
up with a design from scratch. Illustrations and traditional art are the
most expensive categories. As Din says, it can be trickier to sell these
because many casual buyers hesitate to spend over $150 on one piece of art. But people can and will pay the fair price. Don’t undercharge, wait for the right buyer
instead. Be willing to say no to those who try to negotiate
you too far down on prices, or offer them a different type of art for their lower price
– like a fullbody with no background. Now that you have an idea of prices, let’s
talk about the hours of work it takes to make your art. First, if you don’t know, find out. Keep track in a document how long it takes
to create different commissions, alongside how much you charged for them. You’ll get a brutal assessment of how many
dollars per hour you’re making. Increase your price to reach the dollars per
hour you need. If you’re scared of sticker shocking current
customers, raise the price in increments over time. That’s something you should be doing anyway
because of inflation. You may have to face the fact you are spending
too many hours per piece. turtlehat has this fantastic illustration
with a very marketable, unique style, but it took 18 hours to make. Even if you lowballed at $20 an hour, that’s
$360, not including operating costs. For that kind of price we’re looking at
a different market than what this video is talking about. If you find your hours are too high and pricing
you way out of the market, you have three options: charge the high price anyway, develop
a style you can create faster, or keep practicing until you’re faster. With experience you will be able to create
an illustration like this in 4-8 hours, possibly less. And of course for advanced artists some pieces
do take 40 hours to make. Charge accordingly. The customer base for expensive art is smaller,
but it is there, even in the realm of individual buyers. Walk an art gallery at a convention (not the
marketplace, but the art gallery) and you’ll see what I mean. If you’d like to sell your art for more
money, these are a few things that increase the value of the art even if the quality is
the same. One of those is reliability. If you always deliver on time and communicate
well, people remember that. Word goes around. Having a good looking store, well organized
prices, pleasant to look at, that can increase the value of your art. As an artist you’re often told to practice
all different kinds of art, but, for business, if you get known for a particular style or
niche, you can charge higher prices for that. Stuff like tattoo designs or skateboard designs
are niche markets you can get well known within. And that ties a little into name recognition,
which is basically you can charge a higher price because you’re famous. Or well known in some way. So you might be familiar with some famous
artists who are able to charge $100 or more for only a flat color fullbody because if
they didn’t, they’d be so overflowed with commissions they wouldn’t be able to do
anything else. So if demand for your art is high, raise your
price. One last tip: people generally don’t buy
art because it’s cheap. When you have a small audience, having a low
price doesn’t mean you’ll get more customers. It means the customers you do have are paying
less than what they are willing to pay. A big thank you to today’s panelists. You can find their links in the description,
along with a list of the artists in today’s gallery. Thank you Acru for fixing my first messy price
scale. Would you like another video like this? Have a question about pricing? Write it in the comments section! Visit my YouTube channel for more tutorials,
subscribe for new ones, and join my Patreon to overthrow Nitsua, who’s terrorizing the
kingdom with his dastardly ironfisted grip on that top tier. (hums Wii music)

Dereck Turner

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  1. Crowne Prince says:

    Are you going to raise, lower, or keep the same commission prices after watching? If you'd like to see how accurate your price estimates are, follow me on Amino and give the quiz a try. You can download Amino with the "Get App" button on the top right corner of my profile. Thanks to Amino for sponsoring this video.

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    Keep in mind that Marx was full of shit when he said in the 19th century that the worth of a product is the quality of skill and the hours of labor put into it. That's not how economy works. The worth of a product is what buyers are willing to pay for it, and only that. Ultimately, raise your prices when you get too many commission requests for you to keep up with, lower your prices when you're not filling your commission slots fast enough. The only use for these price guidelines are when you're first starting out selling your art, or if you're only selling art occasionally and don't maintain a concept of commission slots so you can't adjust art price by demand and rate of production. Any advice for increasing your productivity or appealing to a more lucrative market is always useful, though.

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