How I Got Into Harvard | Ahsante the Artist

How I Got Into Harvard | Ahsante the Artist

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “How I Got Into Harvard | Ahsante the Artist

  1. Alex Pedro says:

    I just realized a white privilege I had: Not worrying about race relations when choosing a college. This was illuminating. Also, are you super woman? Because holy crap that's a lot of accomplishment!

  2. rainbowbrite621 says:

    It is always great to hear about young African Americans doing great things!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!This is so refreshing to hear!!!!

  3. ReadHeadPat says:

    I got second-hand stress from that enormous list of clubs lol
    And I'd definitely like to hear the story of how you found out early! I also found out early for a school I applied for and I was very confused. I TOTALLY agree that the campus tours swayed my decision on where to go. I don't love everything about my college (mainly because of the super racist mascot) but I do like the people I've met and how I feel on campus most of the time (I say "most" because there are occasions where I see "Trump 2016" or "Planned Parenthood Ends Lives" written in chalk by fellow students and I question why I go to the same place as such trolls and/or ignorant people). And lol my friend going to Harvard now says she wants to be a professor someday just so she can call out all the white guys saying ignorant/problematic stuff on campus.

    Also my conclusion from this video: Embrace the power of YOLO

  4. Paola Henriquez says:

    And I thought being in a lot of clubs, being a double minority and having a 3.8 GPA was good enough. You are my inspiration! I will keep pushing myself to do well 🙂

  5. ruthr0xy says:

    so you just graduated from Harvard? congrats!

  6. BlueSkies11 says:

    I loved this video ahhh! It's so creative ! The t shirts! All of the t shirts ! I want more t shirts !

  7. Just Call Me Wah says:

    I want to hear the Harvard story 🙂

  8. Tayo O. says:

    I want to hear the harvard story! I found out I got into the university I go to now early too, i was actually more scary than exciting lmao

    P.S I DIDNT KNOW YOU'RE FROM MARYLAND! (MD represent!) sorry i'm too hype
    P.S.S what part of maryland are you from?

  9. Baldwin Villager says:

    I love this video! very creative & informative…new subbie

  10. Duty Free Critic by M.Dee says:

    What I'm really impressed by is that you kept all those shirts.

  11. loose goose says:

    She speaks well and she definitely looks like she belong there! U go girl

  12. Dana Harrison says:

    This "How To" series is awesome! What tools do you use to create your videos?

  13. Yuki Yu says:

    I'm a junior with 3.5 unweighted GPA. With 3 AP.classes currently. 1870 SAT score. BUT, I have my own company and make 80K a year. Do i have a chance? or maybe for other ivys?

  14. Lizzlolzz says:

    Hi i'm dutch and i want to get into harvard. I'm in HAVO which is basically AP for every class.I have no idea how i should calculate my GPA since everything will be way lower even tho i am taking harder classes.I hope you can help me, Thanks. 🙂

  15. Andriea Denise says:

    LOL…YOLO! That's so cool though!

  16. utamorgan says:

    It's nice to see how the students I drive around Harvard got into Harvard!

  17. KamtasticYou says:

    That's interesting that you mentioned HBCU. My manager invited me to attend the 2015 BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Award) Conference, which is when I started recognizing HBCU institutions. Also, i saw a Maryland t-shirt. Are you a Maryland-er?

  18. Wiktoria Hatala says:

    this must have taken so much time to make just because of all of those shirt changes😂

  19. Ummara Khan says:

    you're goals! Haha thanks for this😊😊

  20. Greg Humphries says:

    Hey Ahsante, love the video! I've got my interview for Harvard this Sunday and so was just wondering if there's anyway I might be able to contact you to ask a couple of questions?
    Happy new year!!!

  21. Sun Ely says:

    OMGoodness. Your story is just like mine. I likewise only applied to a few schools because I knew I was going to HUI (Hampton U). I ended up going to Berkeley.

    It's good to know there are other people out there who have gone through similar experiences. Thanks so much for keeping it real and sharing. 🙂

  22. Michaela Eidsness says:

    Helpful videos

  23. Michaela Eidsness says:

    What about ACT

  24. Chazzzisawesome says:

    I love your videos!

  25. zeyma1998 says:

    Have a video telling how the application process went for you, interview, etc

  26. Chinelo Morah says:

    Oh my, this is like my 5th video from your channel, I love the way your views really relate to me, like we almost have the same thoughts on everything 😀 Just subscribed!

  27. Jack Tran says:

    Hi Ahsante! Im getting interviewed by Harvard soon and I was wondering if you have any good tips and advice about the interview? 😀 Please message me back if you can, any help is awesome!

  28. s scv says:

    Hey Ahsante,

    I know you don't like the concept of people comparing themselves in order to get into college, but i'm only asking to have an idea if I am on the right track. How many APs/IBs did you take?

    my school doesnt offer IB by the way

  29. iluvmaryam says:

    I used to be in by girl scouts but everyone in my troop quit

  30. TOMMIE PHOENIX says:

    Ayyyyy those IB courses whooped my ass into shape for college honestly. Also your college t-shirt game is insane!!!!

  31. WITNESSx says:

    Your shirt game is strong

  32. N Saxena says:

    Hey! What debate format did you do? I'm in debate as well! Policy or Lincoln Douglas?

  33. JustRavi says:

    i really wanna hear the story..!!!!

  34. Thalia Grey says:

    Do you mind doing a video about you're experience with the IB program? I'm more of a STEM kid, so I'm not exactly sure if IB or AP is right for me… 😓😆

  35. Nicole Smith says:

    do you have to be in IB to get any chance to get into an ivy league? my schools IB program is awful and I don't want to take chances of taking IB and then failing anyway, is it worth it?

  36. Anna Everywhere says:

    I'm going to start recommending your Harvard series to my followers who keep asking me how I got into Harvard 🙂

  37. Gleek buck says:

    What AP/IB classes did you take?

  38. Angela Peng says:

    Awwessssome!!!! What class did you take in 9th grade?

  39. DoriKenxe says:

    I have a English teacher like that too! My test scores in that class weren't too bad (nothing below a 86), did all my homework (which he never checked), read all the books I needed to, put everything into my projects, book reports, and writing assignments, participated everyday, and I still only gotten a 90. This might not seem like a bad deal or bad grade for some people but when you work the crap out of yourself and gotten this grade, it would be very upsetting. I'm waiting for my grade for this marking period.

  40. Haniya Waseem says:

    love these videos! They are really helpful 😀 Please could you make a "how i found out i got in vid" I would loveee to watch that 🙂

  41. Chosen Won says:

    Good for you. What a great personality.

  42. Vienna East says:

    Hi, so I'm Australian and I'm very interested in studying overseas, particularly in America. I get high marks at school, however in Australia we have very little opportunities to participate in clubs. The emphasis is very much on academics at my school; I do 3+ hours of homework/study every night and don't have a lot of spare time. I (obviously) noticed you were in 10+ teams/honour programs (although honour programs don't exist here). Do you have any advice for how I could both build my profile and improve my chances of getting into such an amazing school?

  43. Andrew Cramer says:

    what's your major?

  44. Alexander Boakye says:

    where are you from

  45. SadieTeachesThings says:

    Lol clearly I missed this party. But now I'm retro stalking you. You are the raddest.

  46. SadieTeachesThings says:

    Girl you have so many tshirts. I am in AWE.

  47. Charlie Harris says:

    Oh "your parents". I'm gone.

  48. Shiloh Marron says:

    im interested bout how u learned u got in . 🙂

  49. malayna816 says:

    Yes do the story

  50. Hiba agha says:

    Great one
    u r amazing💜

  51. Maurits Bagger says:

    Congrats on your acceptance! I'm just curious, at what age did you join all the club associations?

  52. Angela Solomon says:

    Is it super important to be in clubs freshman year???? Of high school

  53. Rituraj Ranjan says:

    How am I supposed to score good at the SAT math if I'm not a math major!?!?

  54. Imelda ODJO says:

    can you tell me is to necessary that the student have to be smart? because me I really what to apply there am in International Baccalaureate Robert Bosch College

  55. shawnss_ muffin_6 says:

    I'm an incoming freshman in highschool. Could you please tell me what classes or tips for when you were in 9th grade? Thank you!

  56. Nehal Agrawal says:

    hey, i am in high school and just wanted to know if you have any idea whether national honours society takes children from schools in india too? by the way I love you videos !

  57. Melody Melody says:

    how to get into harvard: be a minority….

  58. ATC 1 says:

    For real my school doesn't even provide atleast one club how did you manage to get like 10????….

  59. Emma R says:

    I want to hear the story of your acceptance please!!!!!

  60. Damola Abiola says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you got any Scholarships/ Financial Aid for Harvard xx Thank you

  61. Neno Keno says:

    New subscriber here 🙂 Thanks for this video and you're such a gorgeous lady and so funny to. Wish you lot of success for your prospective projects!

  62. Rma 7 says:

    How lucky you are studying in Harvard my dream since i was in 7 grade but am international student

  63. Manal's World says:

    In my country there is no extra clubs in school
    Is it possible to get into haverd

  64. Jonathan Barron says:

    lol like …how many different t-shirts does Ahsante have lol

  65. Dawn Bunch says:

    Did you go to Einstein HS in Kensington, MD??? I'm class of 2018 there!! Trying to get into Yale and Stanford!

  66. Jane Cena says:

    we wanna know your funny story

  67. Vineta The Explorer says:

    WOW. We dont even offer that much lol

  68. Lolwa AlKhulaifi says:

    I want to hear that story

  69. happy face says:

    Could you tell me a site for someone who is not fron USA how to get into Harvard?

  70. Maria Rayan says:

    wait a minute, I'm sorry, but what's all this about I wanted to go to a black collage, I didn't wanna go to harverd because I thought there were racist people there, what time are u living in??? and what is this club called black women club and what not, aren't u supposed to be equals now?? isn't racism left for assholes now? well your attitude the racism is still here and it will stay, u say that racism is from "blacks" or "white's" when in reality you're the one whose acting upon that issue, you're the one who's giving them the chance to do soo, loved your video by the way, it was very helpful ,

  71. Charlotte Dankwah says:

    Can you pleaseeee tell us the story

  72. Tampe Nicolas says:

    yhoo my first day at harvart was lyk wow u kno

  73. Paula Idrovo Durán says:

    I really need your help! I am from Ecuador and I am an excellent student, I got a 100% scholarship, I study Chinese, French, English and Ecuadorian Sign Language. I am studying at Universidad del Azuay at the first year of business administration but I discovered the great opportunity that studying at Harvard would be for me and my country. I am really interested in changing my country situation by changing young people's mentality because they don't take university as serious as everyone in other country does and I know studying is the only way to start our country's development. I was wondering if I can submit my university teachers recommendation instead of the counselor recommendation because I graduated from high school in 2014 and I don´t have any contact with them… I would like to study economics and I don´t know if I can apply…

  74. Faduma F says:

    You are so right. YOLO. Everybody start chanting…YOLO!

  75. Syren the Supreme says:

    I'm so glad I found this video! I'm in a similar predicament. I'm thinking about transferring to Howard or Harvard from my community college. The thought of attending Harvard still scares me but this has been truly encouraging!

  76. life of a penny says:


  77. life of a penny says:

    I love yale

  78. Rupal Totale says:

    I feel so stupid right now.

  79. JT12 says:

    how many damn shirts do you have lol

  80. michael50694 says:

    What did your parents think of your decision? Were they angry?

  81. christine smith says:

    Haha loved the jokes.

    Quick q – in all those clubs tho did you have leadership positions and a siginificant role? Because just listing those many clubs wont help UNLESS you showed that you had an important part (which is what they look for!!)

  82. rookie blue says:

    Oh my God you went to my highschool

  83. Sarah Saad says:

    What's your major at Harvard?

  84. Nuska Osmonova says:

    Thank you so much for sharing useful information about Harvard. I have a question to you: How do I apply for the magister degree of the Linguistics?

  85. eblasphamy1 says:

    Adding your race and getting a ton of unearned points because melanin whilst taking out an Asian or White genius with a 145IQ

  86. The Middle Man says:

    Why is race so important to you? You'd assume an open-minded person wouldn't care about whether or not an institution was black or white.

  87. CALLewisATL says:

    What im curious about is would you have picked Harvard again now that you know first-hand the experience of being black at an Ivy League?
    I have a number of friends who went to Ivy League schools, and did well academically, but I can't help but think they yearned to be in a comfortable space where they could just be themselves and not have to wave a flag for their race 24/7 (some have even expressed as much). Just curious on your thoughts

  88. Azah Nde says:

    black girl magic

  89. superchick9235 says:

    Please tell this story!

  90. Powermove Squadron says:

    Because you're black and smart. 3 second video "because im black and smart." boom camera off ez peasy you're done the video. Just cut to the chase.

  91. Sara Semma says:

    More women should be like you haha , one question ! How could we do if we have the capacities but not enough money?

  92. Tonya Thompson says:

    Not all white people are bad or racist. Just as not all blacks are bad or racist. Congrats on getting into Harvard!! Thats awesome! 😘

  93. myxNL says:

    Full of urself much

  94. lalaa says:

    Ik im kinda late but were the extracurriculars only in 1 year or all through out high school?

  95. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    Of course. When you don't get the grade you want, blame the teacher.

  96. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    How much would you like to bet that if you were involved with Young Republicans, instead of Young Democrats, you would NOT have gotten into Harvard?

  97. Ayesha S says:

    Hi Ahsante, you are FANTASTIC! what software do you use for video editing?

  98. crazyforcats19 says:

    Oh my goodness you got your Gold Award!! If you happen to see this, have you considered making a Girl Scout experience video? I'm a current senior and I still have very few ideas for my Gold Award… still working on that haha, but I want to get there!

  99. Octavius The Great says:

    Creative use of tshirts to direct the story

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