How I found my art style

How I found my art style

Hey guys so I wanted to do a video about my art style and how it’s evolved if you’re not interested in art videos come back next week now if you’re not familiar with my work I do paintings and things like that on Instagram and then I also do a webcomic that I publish on Tumblr Tapastic and Line Webtoon so my style kinda seems all over the place actually I feel a bit insecure about my art style because it’s really really simple it looks something like this and I can’t imagine what people think when I tell them I’m a professional artist or I’m trying to be a professional artist with drawings that look like this But trust me, it wasn’t always like this jaywalker pictures How I found my art style The usual path for artists is they see something really cool and and want to draw like that and this was the case for me throughout high school I liked all the typical boy stuff So I drew Dragon Ball Z Robots and characters and there wasn’t much else to it Just having fun and drawing what makes you happy Now my goal at the time was to become a video game artist so I was around 15 and basically I spent my time juggling school work and also improving my art then I went to university since we didn’t have any illustration schools in Sydney I studied a course called Digital Media which was a generic degree that covered everything from web design to 3D animation Now luckily for my final year major project we were free to choose whatever we wanted to do So I did a video game concept with a friend and we created this entire world So it was amazingly fun and I couldn’t believe that what I was doing every single day was leading me towards getting my degree but despite this the pressures of the real world were creeping up on me and art became less about having fun more and more about who could create the most detailed the most realistic and the most professional looking art Graduation came and thankfully I landed a job as a video game artist But that competitive stress never went away I would compare myself with other artists I would be obsessed with improving my technical skills for me art was just about who could draw the coolest thing I would be dismissive of other forms of art like modern art or minimal design because they were “easy” You know that feeling when you go to an art gallery and you think I could do that that’s easy! Well yeah, I was that guy Art was about more realism More detail More impressive displays of skill I compared myself with others in a never ending battle to be better but There always was someone better and combined with the studio closing down I started to feel burnt out and then I stopped drawing In the months after the studio closed I applied for jobs and I even got a job somewhere in Melbourne That I turned down Because ultimately I felt lost Eventually I went back to school I got a job I travelled and I didn’t really draw much it was nice and even though I wasn’t drawing unknowingly I was growing Do you remember this scene from Harold and Kumar? I don’t know what it was maybe it was because John Cho is my hero maybe it was because Maria is the second most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen Or maybe it was because I was a shy Twenty-something year old asian guy That didn’t have a girlfriend Anyway it inspired me to draw this image It was a weird departure from anything I’d drawn before No more superheroes No more video game art This was about people So Maria what’s been going on? Oh I actually had a very long week at work How about you? Work was good I caught up on some sleep Plus the guy who works next to me decided to bathe for a change Really? I posted it on my Tumblr and it went crazy 300 likes overnight Now that’s not a lot but for a guy getting 5-10 likes This was huge See I would post these detailed drawings of robots or armoured dudes that I thought were technically superior and just like amazing but I would get zero likes while this simple cute drawing had struck a chord and it was a turning point for me so what you up to tonight? Actually I’m just going to be sitting on my ass probably eat a whole pint of Haagen Daaz while I watch blind date well, that sounds that sounds awful well listen if you want some company maybe you can come over and sit on your ass at my place that sounds nice It was the first time I realised that art isn’t always about the coolest looking thing or the most realistic art can be evaluated in a number of ways sometimes the best art is “simple” sometimes it redefines a culture other times the best art is something that tells a story and moves people and ironically after years of considering myself an artist this was the first time I was actually making art Nowadays I draw comics to amuse myself I paint moments in time that are important to me about the themes that are important to me daily life love authenticity awkwardness and seeing comments and likes is far more satisfying than drawing another robot character with big guns (though that can be fun too) And my advice for those trying to find their art style? Focus on fundamentals Live a full life Express yourself And any time you feel lost with your art Always come back to two questions Who am I? and who do I aspire to be? Or just watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Hey guys so I hope you liked this video I know it got a little bit arty farty but I just really want to make videos that I’m really passionate about and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well Anyway if you enjoyed the video please leave a like below and comment and if you’re new here as usual please subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “How I found my art style

  1. Janko Ivcic says:

    Hi man, great video 😀
    It's refreshing to see appreciation for modern/contemporary art coming form someone who started in the illustration/animation area of art. The lack of understanding that runs both ways between the two is often exhausting. I hope your video (and ur work) will shed some more light on the fact that all forms of expression come from the same driving force of life within us and that the differences between the works of those arts are just superficial.

    I think your story is a clear example of how much a person can benefit when he/she makes the effort to wrap his/her mind around a work or form of art they've underestimated before (Duchamp and Mondrian, lol, great examples for that XD).

    Btw your art certainly stands out much more now then back when it was all about "the impressive display of skill" (nicely put btw). The simplicity and the "clearness" of your current style certainly gives more strength to your artwork (even without the likes I'm sure u could have felt the progress you've made). And being as open-minded as u are, who's to say you won't implement your realistic drawing skill in some new style that u develop later on. It's a long life and eclecticism is a wonderful thing.

    Thank you for this vid.

  2. dfjkrr druu says:

    At the beginning of the video I was like : WTF!!! And at the end as an amateur who find itself in any human related arts l couldn't believe that this is possible. Great video. I'm honestly amazed.

  3. Smiley Artist says:

    Honestly i see why you changed your style from super detailed to simpler than my style. The super detailed style would take forever to draw (or animate if ur into that), But with the simplistic style it wouldn’t take that long to draw, and it is more like a “video style”. But to me the simple style is somewhat really expressive with the little adventure time faces. The detailed style is really realistic and it scares me alittle because of that.

  4. Glassbreaker says:


  5. Kolin says:

    The sad thing is this video has got it so right. Art isnt about the drawing or even what character or item it is of, but rather the story behind the picture. A picture is supposed to hold atleast 1000 words. If the words your drawing holds are just a description of physical features, you are just drawing things, not art.

  6. Aban Baawain says:

    this is inspiring, plus you helped me with a school thing so thanks!

  7. Strictly Cannabis says:

    Thank you for this man

  8. Drawing Disciple says:

    I’m so racist, I thought that he was you.LOL

  9. Jojo1162001 says:

    Zeitgeist is german… is there no english word for that ? 😀

  10. Hach says:

    You gave up your dream because other people were better and no one was liking your art?
    You sold out for likes and the reason people like the simple art is because they too can draw that way and don't feel threatened or jealous.
    You draw like most people can now so I wouldn't take the likes as a compliment.
    Such a shame you are going to waste with these basic comics that many other people are doing.
    You are happy now you have the recognition so art to you was never satisfying without praise.

  11. gms9810 says:

    Nice work

  12. daniel garcia says:

    I'm sorry but Relying on comments and likes for satisfaction isn't healthy. YOU NEEF HELP

  13. Golden Trap says:

    4:20 the artist life

  14. Pink Lasagna says:

    I'd love to be a fictional story writer when I'm older. But I don't know if I will be one when I'm older. So you always need multiple ideas for your future. It won't always turn out that everything's awesome and perfect, you'll need to make a change at some point in time.

  15. Tomas Fuentes says:

    I love these personal story

  16. Ana Kakulia says:

    nice teeth btw

  17. CROCODILE says:

    Don't you think what's great in this art has a part of "oh i can do this too". People watching it are inspired, they think it's not that far from them, this is an art they can relate to.

  18. __ says:

    Jup, at a certain lvl, you can pretty much choose your style or commit to one. But I think its better to experience the struggle, I think there is no way around it. I am also highly competitive and I am still the dude that would compare himself to better artists. I think if you cant handle the pressure, you should meditate or do some other spiritual stuff to turn bad energy in good energy.

  19. Datsastonegroove says:

    Excellent video and don't apologise for being 'Arty Farty'. Depth of meaning, thought and striving to be true are good things.

  20. squishys 4 ever 123 says:

    The thumbnail is so funny!!!!

  21. squishys 4 ever 123 says:

    A good style is the style they use in the show Bratz (yes it is spelt like that)

  22. Shadow Ninja980 says:

    Keep up the good work, i watch artist on YouTube almost all the time and this video popped up into my recommended and then i liked the video and saw you only had 35k subs, you deserve more, keep up the good work and good luck

  23. Vutha says:

    How do u make money through your art for now ? I have been watching your video for a while but please help me I’m a junior artist …. thank you

  24. Totto Yt says:

    will be with you

  25. ItzXabI says:

    This video actually made me try this art style and it really works for me! Because before this I would switch betwen manga and realistic, but made me change my art.

  26. Fernando Caldona says:

    And so here I am staring into emptiness thinking about the 2 years I spent drawing detailed figure drawings and getting obliterated by 10 minute drawings

  27. buddhasystem says:

    Wait, are you the artist of safely endangered!?!

  28. Clemente Pascale says:

    That was so inspirational, thanks for sharing your story

  29. John Smith says:

    My inspired level is ‘OVER NINE-THOUSAND!!!’

  30. Ella Hunter says:

    Basicially me but i was never good, i just have always drawn this shit

  31. William Price says:

    Hey, great video. Your right about people liking simple art.

  32. Myszaku says:

    Very inspiring video. thank you

  33. John NoNameGibbon says:

    Psst… Hey, everyone! You wanna know how I found my art style?

    It was buried deep in my ass!

  34. dasNeko says:

    This opened my eyes so much :3 I stopped doing art because of the same reasons.

  35. ุ ii_Sp_xrk says:

    Did you know this is art:


    | | |
    Its digital art. Its a dot. Why am I typing this? What is life.

  36. Julieta Jazmin Navas Granetto says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST. It just happened me the same. I just stopped drawing because i never felt conformed with my art. And now i just found some artists that they art is super simple but it gives it the magic to the art again!. But they seemed like they were drawing like this since ever and they didn't understand my feeling. I AM GLAD TO FIND YOU AND KNOW YOU ARE THE SAME AS ME <3 loves from Argentina!

  37. Thakko says:

    Woooooooo!!!! Subscribed! Really enjoyed seeing how someone becomes such a great artist with the thinking of every beginner artist out there (including me) 😀

  38. xd TatorTot 823 says:

    Top 10 anime downgrades

  39. brizzlin tea says:

    I can’t be the best artist in the world- I know that
    But I at least want people to know my name. 🙂

  40. Not The Man I used To Be says:

    Wonderful video, an art in itself…you found you! Thanks! It takes a while to find you & your art, then you realize you are enough the way u are. Sure u can improve yer self but your you, always will be, you can compare yourself to others but YOU are unique, so love that & love you for being you & your skills, your passions etc & most of all do something/create paint etc whatever you are real passionate about, regardless of what others are doing, your passion drives all & all else will follow. Here endeth the lesson.

  41. Nintenjoe says:

    I can't even draw without a reference. I kind of feel like I'm not getting anywhere.

  42. Salty Snake says:

    Here's some advice for people wanting to be a video game artist. Find a local group of people that are currently making a video game and ask to join and be their artist or one of their artists. Local groups are important because meeting in person is so much better than a skype call. Trust me, you're more than likely going to get the position. Video game art (expecially if the game has a big world are a lot of places or enemies and characters) is very time cosuming. If you want to do that, you'll enjoy it, but you wont be the only artist. I'm an animator for a small title and I really enjoy it, but I'm glad we have another animator.

  43. Aditya Radisty says:

    Insta subs

  44. I DrawThings says:

    i am currently at realism stage thingy…. XD

  45. 48mavemiss2 says:

    I knew his work looked familiar! thank you for sharing your story

  46. Andreas says:

    When I was in high school, I apparently impressed my art teacher enough to be invited to his AP art class. While I did well, I was never fulfilled with my art. I gave it another shot by taking an art class in college, apparently impressed the professor, and he recommended me an abstract artist (forgot the person, but I love abstract art). Once again, though, I was unfulfilled, despite positive reception (at least from most people).

    Now, having been a year out of college, I deeply regret not pursuing art. I become filled with sadness when I see the happiness and success of other artists. Fortunately, I believe I figured out what was holding me back: purpose and time off. I realized art unfulfilled me because I was experimenting too much at the cost of communicating a message. In addition, time off from art allowed me to really hone my philosophical worldview (graduated with a BA in Philosophy).

    Now, I think, I'll be returning to school to take as many art classes as I can. I feel afterwards, my art will be honed well, and then I could go on to utilize it by illustrating my philosophical worldview.

  47. ncshuriken says:

    To me, art style just means "the style my pictures naturally seem to be as I draw them, without even thinking about it", so I think everyone (whether highly skilled, or like me not so skilled but trying) has a style and probably shouldn't try to "find a style" because you already have one (unless you don't like your "natural style"). Its weird because I never concentrate on trying to draw in any specific style, I just think "Okay I'm gonna draw this", then it comes out in the style I seem to have drawn in since I was a young teen. Its like a West & East influenced "comics X manga" style. I guess I was heavily inspired as a kid & teen by those 2 styles so eventually they came together and subconsciously became the style I draw in.

  48. Matthew Sawczyn says:

    5:17 Love how Goku has his own category

  49. STE4MZ anims says:

    I KNOW that competitive feeling you get SOOO WELL! But I don't use it in the way you did, I exploit it…. kinda, it is (For me) a powerful drive for me to get better, a NEED to get better, or that's how I feel at least except within the animation topic and I try my best to use that feeling to it's best, although I guess because of it sometimes I do a need a break and I take anywhere from a week to a month off every year or so. (Excluding weekends)

  50. Pro Master123 says:

    Thanks for this ♥ I really wanna have a slight cartoony style than the realistic one

  51. Riaan Theron says:

    great advice!

  52. Carson Gray says:

    Art IS about bettering yourself and making more and more impressive work. Modern art is uninteresting and simple garbage for snoody bastards who want to feel better about themselves by making insubstantial "art" that that act is revolutionary and incredible. No, just stop

  53. Jesse Handrich says:

    Thanks for making this video. I needed this.

  54. Inana Hmedan says:

    What is the name of the art app that u used to that photo?

  55. Kira says:

    Maybe I should find my style too because from making girls in dreass to painting nature to sketching dudes in armor or with big guns to anime characters , I don't seem to stay with one thing . I also painted my profile pic. What should I do

  56. thisisa Name says:

    I just like ur undeatil style and it help me so much 4 my art well I meant is my drawing thx for posting this vid!

  57. Noob Gaming says:

    3:27 song?

  58. Jasmin Spann says:

    Love this! I’m going through the same thing thanks for sharing!

  59. Charlie Hendricks says:

    i reference this video soo much to people who like art like me, honestly the most helpful art video out there ever created. found this a long time ago but just now deciding to post this lol, will change outlook of art for anyone.

  60. Anders says:

    Dude! THANK YOU!!!! I am a perfectionist. I have always been so obsessed with other people’s art and how it looks, and I tried to imitate it, and when my drawings did not meet this ideal standard I set for myself, I would just give up. I haven’t drawn anything serious in years…. your video helped me change my perspective. Thank you!

  61. Lina Bel says:

    I like how you can be flexible in your creation of art and have a positive attitude with your life. Good luck ahead!

  62. Alice Madness says:

    ugh i know the fkin feel.. i got a rare opportunity to get work as a game artist but my art skills arent that good yet so im stressed out too and… i want to get better with realism coloring but they dont like it that much in the end…and now im practicing a lot at work and feel i aint improving…

  63. Demitri S says:

    nice art style and all but…. you can't draw hentai with your current art style sooo smh

  64. Elizabeth Roane says:

    Hey! Thanks for this video as I just found my own art style after 5 days of drawing nonstop!!:)

  65. Sona Sierra Grigoryan says:

    The ending tho
    When you feel lost with your art, just have an existential crisis 🙂 who am i and what do I aspire to be.

  66. 0707565 says:

    Draw a deer with big antlers

  67. Jibby TCG says:

    pause at 1:25 look at the left

  68. Annika Hirvonen says:

    Loved it!

  69. Prakash Budhu says:

    This was super helpful

  70. Mad SUPANOVA says:

    Yup once as an artist you reached the highest level skill wise.. because the highest level is so hard and requires so much time… you burn out and end up going right back to crayon drawings like Picasso. It's a weird transition. And the crayon drawings become fun and it's almost as if the world sees the fun in the simplest drawing. Like the Simpsons. Still on tv. Only die hard fans love the intricate works but the world which prefer a McDonald's sign logo makes you rich… why amazing artist eventually goes simple because they get more notoriety from alot more folks. They crave people, because drawing is so isolating. Less is more. But I still love the artist that do levels no one else can do.

  71. Hailey says:

    This video really inspires me

  72. Jernej Klancnik says:

    Hey, this is one of the best videos i found in terms of art… drawing hard detailed things is frustrating… keep it simple and meaningful i like that..

  73. whiskey says:

    Wtf i like the old art style

  74. Disaqpointment says:

    The thumbnail was Hilarious!!!

  75. kunai 47 says:

    your comic realistic art is awesome as well

  76. Unknown Artist says:

    what if realism inspires me? am i going to get 0 likes for the rest of my life? xD

  77. gothicangelamy1992 says:

    this video actually made me cry because it brought me back to my core which is what i was desperately trying to do after i finished college. i always wanted to be a costume designer for games movies and draw my own stories and comics on the side too. so i went to fashion school where they literally destroyed my style and completely eradicated my dream and made me lose my self and everything i wanted and had already achieved i was reduced to being forced to draw instagram models that my teacher saw was only fit for fashion illustrations no style no story no individuality she questioned every line i drew and told me i wasted my life and told me on my graduation day that maybe now i finally will realize that fashion is not my thing when it was just not her version of it . but the damage was done. and here i am two months after graduation frantically trying to fix my art before i give up on it for good. now i watched this and i felt grounded its not about who draws best its not about competition its not about what other people have achieved or even about the rules i must follow blindly. its about who i am really and about living life like you want to live it not like how your supposed to live it because art comes from inside of you and you have to take care of yourself to get the best results latter. thank you seriously thank you i owe you big time.

  78. Instagram is asexual.comics says:


  79. Ani Flowers says:

    This video was the right thing for me to see! Thank you so much for making it!
    I was pretty unsure about what I planed to do. You know, I'm planing my own lightnovelle right now and originaly decidet to go with a really simple art stile at first that was different from my actual art style. But I pecame kinda scared that it might not be good enough for people to like it…my normal art style is alredy pretty simple and minimalistic, but this new one was so much more minimalistic…I was afraid it would be the wrong choice to use it.
    But thanks to your video, I feel more confident about it! Thank you so much!

  80. A.A.A. says:

    Thank you for this video 😀 As a young artist myself, it really inspired me <3

  81. chaoticly says:

    Personally I think the journey to finding your art style and not succumbing to failure makes you more qualified than anything to succeed,

  82. Robo Dragon says:

    [CANT STOP laughing its almost 3 am and im done forever]

  83. Slick Rick says:

    Liked and subscribed as soon as you said melbin not melborn

  84. Just a normal human being says:

    "Who am I?"
    Geez,that's what I'd like to know.

  85. lizzy the wild says:

    You 're an inspiring person.

  86. AshAttack says:

    This is what I needed to see! I was down yesterday because just like you I get like few likes on my art and get discouraged, but I'll try and find out who I am and aspire to be!

  87. SlurpyX says:

    Pause at 1:26 lol boobs

  88. blue light says:

    man I was doing the same thing and tried my best to do something that seemed over the top and it was fun to but I didint find as my exact style thanks for making this vid

  89. Anna Buitelaar says:

    I needed this, you're amazing

  90. Off To Road says:


  91. MajinBros says:

    "I choose this art style not because I liked it but because it got lot of likes"

  92. ShawnArts says:

    This was literally what I needed to listen to. I have been struggling to think about what I'm supposed to do with my art. For over 4 months, I've been stuck at 125-135 follower and you could say that numbers don't really matter but posting is the second thing that motivates me to do art. It makes me think that out of these 100 at least 10 really enjoy what I do. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to improve. Thank you for reading if you did.

  93. GreenTruthful says:

    My style is

  94. Petyr Baelish says:

    but a good artist also needs the technical skills… The real deal is to be able to draw crazy shit but actually decide to draw it how it brings across what you are trying to say. That can also mean to simplify it! Marking something that everyone can do isn't bad as long as it moves people <3

  95. Petyr Baelish says:

    realistic art is also good and it can move people like your style before but all drawing you have shown didn't have any sole… they are all "cool" but no one caires about that!
    your skill is irrelevant and it doesn't interest anyone how much you have! something needs to be behind it!

  96. RayMondoART says:

    I'm currently undergoing the same crisis… i thought of perfecting my anatomy, coloring, texture, render, etc etc etc but you're right… its just a drive to feel Im better than someone, BUT there will always be someone better…
    Now after watching this video I thought.. maybe simplifying and starting over isnt all bad..?

  97. Dana T says:

    Thank u

  98. DINA suh says:

    Just found this channel, your story is awesome! Thank uuu

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