How Art Saved My Life! | Painting a MURAL at a Music Festival!

How Art Saved My Life! | Painting a MURAL at a Music Festival!

I’m here at the Seattle Center about to start a mural live painting for Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival I’m here on behalf of art saves me which is a part of one reel and it’s basically a Organization that gives artists a platform all year round to be creative and tell their story through art so I’m super honored to be here and for them to ask me to make a mural and Design a print and show some of my art at this amazing Seattle music culture festival. I’m about to get started but to do the very first steps and paint the background Flat color and get my line art up on the wall and I’m really excited to start painting. So I’m gonna do that. I Forgot my tripod at home today, so there’s just gonna be lots of handheld shots and low angle shots But I’m gonna get started on the mural Yeah doing the drop shadow first A few months back. I got an email from Marty over at one reel and he pitched me this super awesome Crazy project through a program called art saves me They wanted me to do a bunch of cool art for Bumbershoot music festival. They wanted me to design a limited edition silkscreen poster they want to meet a live paint a mural at Bumbershoot they wanted me to do a little mini art show and the gallery there They were gonna make artist trading cards for me which is all this cool stuff and it seemed like he really cared a lot about Supporting artists and making art a big part of the Bumbershoot music festival and I was like totally on board This has been such a cool project for me because there was a lot of creative freedom Got a little mini ten hundred show illustration show. This one’s gonna be switched out for the print version of this guy later Some drawings and some prints Usually I work with big clients and have like their own goals in mind and they’re like we want to Show this we wanted to pick that and Marty was a pretty chill, dude Like he I just sent him what I wanted to do and he seemed to be on board with it the whole way So this is kind of a dream gig. Mr. Casey. Weldon is here to help me. He loves being on camera, too Now we’re cooking with fire also being able to live paint in front of thousands and thousands of people and see their faces light up as I’m creating this really bright colorful piece of artwork was like such a rewarding experience for me so often and I’m like painting by myself in a empty corporate office building that’s like under Construction because those are the folks who can afford really big crazy art projects. So this is just like super fun I had a great time. My neural was set up really close to the Fisher Greene stage So I was able to listen to like really awesome music the whole time. It was rad We are outside of Bumbershoot stuck outside waiting for artist passes Just about start the mural on the first official day of Bumbershoot It’s gonna be a fun one. Hopefully I can get a lot of work done and also meet a lot of cool people Just waiting trying to get a hold of our contact so that we can get in All right, it’s day one of Bumbershoot did some fill in colors yesterday with the help of my friend Casey Weldon Which is super awesome did the prep work and now it’s time to start painting for the festival It’s the quiet before the storm right now. The gates are gonna open I think in about an hour I’m just gonna kind of get set up here and Do a little bit more painting while I still quiet. This is gonna be fun. Thank you so much One real Thank You art saves me. It does save me hard saved my life And hopefully the people like this mural so I’m gonna get started The message of art saves me really hits close to home and it means a lot to me about seven years ago I was I was pretty much a hardcore drug addict and alcoholic and I was using really heavy Substances on a daily basis it got to the point where everything was spinning out of control so hard that I just had to call My dad and say dad. I got it. I gotta come home. I’m a drug addict. I went home to Michigan for nine months and Got my life back in order and while I was there, I really started making art again it was a really great way for me to channel all of my Addictive energy into something positive, you know, cuz that stuff doesn’t go away It’s still inside of you and I became addicted to making art and I would post it online and to my surprise people would like wanna buy it and everything just kind of naturally progressed from there and I think that art really can kind of fulfill a lot of those Addictive behaviors because you seclude yourself and you do repetitive things over and over again And those are all things that drug addicts love so as soon as I found an avenue to channel this energy Into that’s a positive thing instead of a negative thing. That’s when things really started to turn around for me So the message of art saves me is really something that I find to be true and means a lot to me So it was really cool and it really made a lot of sense to me to take part in this project Because our did save me I think if you’re struggling with any of the kind of issues that I struggled with definitely let some people know and seek out help and Use art as a form of therapy If you like art or find that thing that you love that you can become addicted to something that’s positive Instead of something that destroys and something that’s negative Alright, it is the start of Saturday day two of Bumbershoot got a lot of good work done yesterday Super-fun talked to a bunch of people now. I’m gonna be Starting on on the rest of it and just trying to knock out as much as I can and hopefully get to the finishing details On Sunday, I think it’s gonna be a lot more popin’ here today yesterday was Friday people maybe had work, but Saturday It’s usually like the popin’ day, so gonna have some fun hopefully meet some people talk about my art a little bit make some art and Just enjoy the wonderful sounds of the Fisher green stage I’m about a hundred feet from the second to largest stage. It was great music all day yesterday I brought these headphones but I don’t even know why because I’ve just been listening to the awesome sounds of Bumbershoot So I’m gonna get started the gates are not open yet. It’s kind of a ghost town in here So it’s a good time to do some some prepper preparatory work coming along nicely. You see how far we can get today? ebay yes available now on ebay yes This concept for the art, I just wanted to do this like Collision of well as a collision of characters when you look at it It’s it’s two characters just in a midair weightless kind of explosion of creativity And that’s what inspiration and being an artist is all about sometimes you just feel like there’s this explosion in your brain of energy, or at least I do and I just get like so excited and I’m completely compelled to put a brush to a canvas or a pencil to a paper and make something maybe this, this piece of art is Trying to visually represent that experience of being an excited artist That’s what keeps me coming back to to making art over and over and over again. It’s just is that feeling right there I think that’s kind of what I wanted to show on this mural. Bumbershoot is awesome. The Absolute best thing about doing these kind of gigs is the people meeting so many people hearing their comments and questions and compliments about the art that I’m creating It’s so fun to be able to use my art to connect with people and communicate with people End of Saturday and I’m feeling good, starting to look good “I’m going to get some B roll footage out here” Daniel is going to get some B roll footage So, yeah, I’m gonna pack my stuff up and listen to some music It’s Sunday it’s the last day it’s been an amazing music festival here at Bumbershoot Thank you so much to One Reel with their art saves new program for reaching out to me asking me to do this super cool project and for supporting artists and for making art a focal point of this festival made some good progress and Just gonna be finishing up today. Yeah, just been listening to some great music all weekend and enjoying the process So I’m gonna I’m gonna get to it I’m an incredibly lucky person I’m lucky that I get to be able to do things like this and that I’m able to wake up each day and Spend my day Doing what I love with a lot of hard work and a lot of passion and a lot of hustle Art has taken me from a place where it was a hobby To where’s the way that I am able to support myself and my family and at the same time? Do what I love to do every single day art has saved me and this has been such an amazing experience I’m super lucky that I just kind of did what I like to do and I found some people who also like what I do and who support me and appreciate what I’m putting out there I’m super lucky that you’re watching this right now I know that so many artists dream of being able to paint big mural Do big crazy projects and share their art with the world and I just want to what I really hope is that when you watch my videos you feel inspired to make your own art and Whether it’s something that you can make money off of or whether it’s something that just makes you feel really really good I hope that it encourages you to make more art and be more creative and Contribute more Beauty to the world around you So I’m so honored and so lucky that I’m able to do that on a regular basis so I just hope that you can do what you love to do and love what you love and Make the art that you want to make And put it out there and don’t worry about the rest the rest will come But just just find your passion and follow it Alright, that’s it. That’s the end. I just finished he mural. It’s a beautiful Bumbershoot. It’s been amazing painting. Thank you One Reel Art saves me I’m pretty happy with the mural the people seem to be happy with the mural. So Thank you art saves me. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video subscribe to my channel leave a like leave a comment Have a conversation Thank you to my patron who support me on a monthly basis And get all kinds of sweet behind-the-scenes stuff some extras some goodies question-and-answer You guys can support me on patreon in the link below down in description I’m happy I’m gonna go check out some music DC out. Thanks for watching You

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