How A New Discovery Makes Simple Artwork Amazing

How A New Discovery Makes Simple Artwork Amazing

What up guys? It’s your boy Groobies We are in downtown LA and today we got… KidLips, in the mix. As well as a dear friend…. Special guest…. Your boy, KenAndrewDaily You can have artwork and it can be cut and sewn. We are not just talking about making garments from scratch which is the traditional definition of cut and sew. it’s called applique It is when you cut a shape out of a fabric And sew it directly onto the garment It is a very unique process that very few other people do. Our homeboy Ken was one of the first people to ever do it with us. I was really drawn to patterns and different types of fabric. Can I cut this into certain shapes, certain letters. So I gave it a shot and it turned out amazing. You can take bold simple artwork Upload it to our website. Put that thing on the site, then choose different fabrics to fill it with. We have fabric collected, you know that. We have patterns, we have florals, plaids, solids, and shinys and stripes Let’s talk about the different type of artwork that you need for cut n sew. You need bold artwork, a big bold shape You don’t want a lot of intricate detail in your artwork. You want black and white in your image that your gonna upload. The black areas are the areas that get filled with fabric. The white areas, well they just disappear. Fonts are really great, a big bold font. You don’t want a little dinky cursive font. You want a big bold blocky font. Letters, or numbers There is a lot of other art that is not good for this process, right? Any other artwork that has a ton of colors, Shades of blue, shades of green, shades of red You really want a black and a white contrast on it. Even if it’s black and white, but it has a lot of fine detail in it, that’s not gonna work really well. It’s gonna be too thin to cut a strip of fabric and sew it on a garment The other thing is that size and placement is really important so when you are thinking and concepting your design, what are some sizes where you’d recommend? A good size for cut and sew artwork would be 8 or 10 inch piece of artwork across the chest. It brings a lot of texture and character to the garment, so definitely think of that as the focal point of the design I think it’s important to note that embroidery is somewhat a part of this process. Embroidery is really using thread to create a design When you get into something detailed, on the breast or on the sleeve or shoulder usually you will want to go with embroidery. The best thing when you are looking at applique is big and bold The cool thing about it is that you don’t have to fill it with a solid color thread, like embroidery. You can actually fill it with a pattern fabric. It completely changes the dynamic of the art. You see a lot of folks try to imitate cut and sew artwork. They will take a shape and fill it with an intricate pattern. You see a lot of numbers with a floral print in it, but its just printed on. You can create what inspired that design by cutting and sewing fabric pattern onto the garment. People are gonna touch it. Because if you like being touched, people are gonna touch it because it has texture. It’s not just a basic print that’s flat. Woah. Let me touch that thing! Should we check out some examples? Let’s do some examples, guys! So we got this cream sweater. You got the umbrella with this spacey print. You know you gotta keep it simple with the cream, then BOOM let em know with the space. You wanna look good tonight so you put on a pocket teeeeeee But your feelin a little weird because it’s just a blank white sleezy. So you go BAM, and you add some crazy fabric to the mix. Kings 45. Come on, now put on your kicks. Alright guys, well that’s it. That is cut and sew artwork It’s a great way to take super simple artwork and make something amazing out of it. Use fabric. Use sewing. Post your questions, subscribe to us fo sure. We be hanging with people like KenAndrewDaily. Subscribe, like, comment, share. Thank you very much for watching. If someone didn’t already tell you this today… Your beautiful. Never change

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  1. A B says:

    This video really helped and gave me a platform on how to make amusing cut and sewn clothing

  2. Zoe Barnes says:

    i got pic if u guys would take it and put on on some fabric or show me how to put it on fabric or a hat kuz dis design is very complex my email is [email protected] and to let u guys kno im a beginner to sewing

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