Hot & Sour Soup (Vegetable) Indo-Chinese – By VahChef @

Hot & Sour Soup (Vegetable) Indo-Chinese – By VahChef @

Ni hao, hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at today we’re going to learn how to make this ever popular Hot & Sour Soup Lot of you have been asking me, Hey Chef when you going to show Hot & Sour sour soup, the time has come we’re going to make it
the vegetable way today the basic foundation for any good soup is stock and I have already showed you how to make the vegetable stock and chicken stock if you’re a vegetarian use vegetable stock and if you’re a non-vegetarian use chicken stock for the good flavors. But you don’t have the stock ready, do not panic we can always make a quick
wig stock actually in the market you can go and buy the vegetable flavoured stock or Chicken flavoured stock.You can buy this in the market all you do is add around 1 tablespoon of This dry powder and add around 3 cups of water this is a quick fix stock But do not make your soup with water and don’t complain,Aye Chef I tried to make it it’s not tasty.Always use stock,So i have got Readymade stock here,I made it in 1 second just with store-bought Bilion powder.To this stock add some soya sauce,add around 2 tablespoons of soya sauce you can see the color,Usually by the color of the stock you can easily make out that the soya sauce is dried it has to be nice Brownish color,add around 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar This is a Hot and Sour Soup We add the sourness by adding the soya sauce and the rice vinegar this hotness we are going to add either by adding nicely finely chopped red chillies or you can add chilli sauce, So I’m going to add little bit of chilli sauce here Ok, just how much ever hot do you want to drink it ok add pinch of pepper, quarter teaspoon of sugar now add the vegetables I’ve got here I’ve got some mushroom, I’ve got
some snow peas regular beans and carrot ok add what ever vegetables you want, i also have got tofu and ginger I’m going add ginger and tofu is very delicate it can break into pieces so we’re going to add this after it comes to a boil. When you go and check out tofu in the market there are two tofu one is the soft tofu and one is the firm tofu always buy firm tofu if you’re going to add it in cooking process Here I’ve got another kinds of mushroom ok and I can add that also here no problem and green onion I’m going to add in this, pinch of ajinomoto looks good isn’t it so we added all the ingredients so let’s turn it into a; we’re going to bring all these vegetables to a boil. See today i’m not going to add egg I’m going to make it without egg hot & sour soup but when you go and eat hot and sour soup in all the restaurants they usually add egg on top but today I’m going to make it without egg. You know once you add all these ingredients you can actually check the taste see it is perfectly hot and salt is also almost perfect I don’t think I need to add any more salt but in the end if I think I want to add little bit I may add. now once this comes to a boil add a spoon of sesame seed oil just remove of any of the froth because this froth when you add cornflour it really floats on top and it really doesn’t look good so remove of these excess froth that is floating on top and the vegetables are sliced so thin that ones it comes to a boil, the vegetables are literally cooked may be small amount of salt ok that should be enough just before adding corn flour we’re going to add the tofu mix up your corn flour and add little by little and just bring to boil and remove off any
of the excess froth little bit and then your soup is pretty much ready now your hot and sour soup is ready but if you want little more thick you can add little more cornflour and if you want to add egg you can see in my sweet corn vegetable soup how you can pour little bit egg on top let it relax and then mix it and and then
you’ll get really hot and hot sour soup with egg but here I made it for the vegetarian today there is no egg and its simple hot and sour soup and let’s see how it is and always top it off with fresh green onions and then this is one of the best hot and sour soup I had in a while because whenever I go to any Chinese restaurant locally I ask for hot and sour soup its never hot enough for me; this is right consistency of hotness I want and the vegetables are fresh and spring onion on the top is nice crunchy, so dear friends I hope you have enjoyed to learn how to make this fabulous Hot and Sour Soup Hawkins without egg but if you want to add egg please go ahead and add and it will taste fabulous and remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please continue to post your recipes and cooking tips so other can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you ohhhh ohhhh

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  1. nevermind89pwnz says:

    what is bouilion cube?

  2. Ghosts says:

    Ajinimoto- This is MSG. The Indians call MSG by the big Japanese company who manufacturing it.

  3. Olivier Chaussonnet-Dorsett says:

    hahaha, no one knows

  4. qjtrinh says:

    pinch of vochimotto, clearly!

  5. Shiv Silverhawk says:

    Mmh i made it and its delicious!!!

  6. Yifei Duan says:

    lol i was sk eptical when i saw the indian dude making chinese food, but his recipes are actually legit.

  7. मोहित आर्य प्रकृतिप्रेमी says:

    same here mk143

  8. warrkrymez says:

    If he used all raw materials you'd be bitching about how you can't find the ingredient. Stop whining.

  9. hitboy641 says:

    omg! yaar ye bahot confusing hai

  10. Envergure says:

    2:49 – a pinch of what? I didn't catch that.
    What's the second type of mushroom called?

  11. AbstractMan23 says:

    it's an authentic INGREDIENT!! this is what asian people use – i guarantee very few asians make their chilli sauce from scratch. it's just not practical. nothing wrong with store bought sauce – that's why millions of people use it. go to chinatown – you will see many people buying these ingredients!!!
    if you object to sriracha sauce, then use dried red chillies, szechuan pepper etc……

  12. Srinivas Siddarth says:

    many people show how to cook but you add your own flavour of presenting it, to the original taste of your cooking.i hope there are many chefs like you sanjay. great work….thanks a lot , for all your won

  13. zEkr3t says:

    @BlueBurryPimp 'Pinch of Ajinomoto(MSG)'

  14. Mateusz Jurkowski says:

    MSG= So What?!?!?!? mmmhhh Hot & Sour Soup is Delicious

  15. lapennesi says:

    this guy seems so nice. he cracks me up. and his recipes are good too

  16. sheemmee1 says:

    @BlueBurryPimp as far as I know its taste enhancher or tasting salt

  17. rahagbab says:

    i heard hajjinomonoto

  18. jude deshan says:

    @rahagbab aka msg

  19. wizardstangx says:

    pinch of ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate)

  20. Iftikhar Kazi says:

    @BlueBurryPimp Chinese salt also known as Ajinomoto

  21. Jason Nance says:

    wegatable stock

  22. archanavasudevan says:

    why are you looking up chinese recipes if you dont have the ingredients? agar ghar me nahin ho, tho get some.

  23. archanavasudevan says:

    Chef you rock!! very good presentation. And yes, your videos inspire people to cook!! made your irani samosa, caramel custard , jeera rice, rajma masala and lots more. They all came out well! thanks for sharing your recipes.

  24. Venkat Reddy says:

    dear Chef,what the ingredient that you added at 2:48?? am little bit confused.

  25. K C says:

    @BlueBurryPimp Ajinamoto or chinese salt. you can get it at any asian store.

  26. anusha mishra says:

    AJINAMOTO i.e. Monosodium Glutamate

  27. anusha mishra says:

    AJINAMOTO i.e. Monosodium GLutamate

  28. risquecat says:

    That's a huge pinch of black pepper. He used all his fingers as a pinch. LOL and also thats a BIG amount of small salt.

  29. tmichael25 says:

    @BlueBurryPimp ajinomoto

  30. moogabi singh says:

    sick gesa

  31. moogabi singh says:

    sick gesa

  32. 1dalida1 says:

    LMAO @ the singing at the end!!! ahahahahaha, what is THAT about?!?!

  33. rockyv16 says:

    @BlueBurryPimp It's Ajinomoto!

  34. SifuRod says:

    Thanks for sharing your hot and sour soup recipe we'll let you know how it turns out. Peace

  35. MrKotBonifacy says:

    Well… First, we use "ready made vegetable stock" – which, to my best knowledge, universally contains quite a lot of MSG. Then, during the course of cooking, we add "some ajinomoto", which is… well, a pure MSG.
    So much for the "Chef" in the title…

    True, making a good veggie stock takes some time time and effort. But MSG has no place in the "CHEF'S (!!) kitchen" – it strictly belongs to canned/ instant "food" – and to all of these "sense of taste"-less individuals' best shots at cooking.

  36. psnehalj says:


    pinch of ajino moto (has msg)

  37. blueberrybutterflyyy says:

    i like ur recipe

  38. Pepsicarwash says:

    ahhhh hot and sour soup, it cures whatever kind of bug or virus you have!

  39. Tony Tran says:

    This soup looks so yummy. Thanks for uploading this!!!

  40. gdub12345 says:

    @BlueBurryPimp Ajinomoto.

  41. Merkwürdigliebe says:

    @gdub12345 AKA mono-sodium glutamate. I'd just use an anchovy instead.

  42. gdub12345 says:

    @8080256256 Yeah, I know what Ajinomoto , It wasn't actually me asking what he said. Not being rude just saying, I was just interpreting for the guy who couldn't understand his accent.^^^^^

  43. Merkwürdigliebe says:

    @gdub12345 I was quite sure you knew what it was, my reply was mainly for the benefit of others. (As I guess "Ajinomoto" would mainly prompt the question – Well, great, but what is Ajinomoto?)

  44. sudheer kumar rajavarapuu says:

    when did u show us noodles?we all are waiting for this receip

  45. killuminati63 says:

    your awesome i wish i could shake you hand thanks for sharing drop by to canada !

  46. Seema Saxena says:

    @BlueBurryPimp Ajinomoto = Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

  47. Altair Ibn La-ahad says:

    @BlueBurryPimp It's the brown way of saying MSG. I know cause I'm brown.

  48. Barney Fat says:

    Actually aginomoto is Japanese. Weijing is the proper chinese term for msg.

  49. Perky143247 says:

    @BlueBurryPimp : Its Ajjinomoto.. that is MSG!

  50. RatRaceAce says:

    @goinfishing200 : Ajinomoto is used a lot in far eastern Asia because it brings the "umami" taste that they all love. You can avoid it completely; I don't use it either. It was unheard of in India earlier, but now it's catching on slowly in some circles simply because it's exotic. Suddenly, "umami taste" is catching on around the world that is tired of tasting the same old tastes 🙂 I'm not sure that it is carcinogenic, though.

  51. Omnibus C says:

    salts adds BASS 04:02

  52. nazaretd says:

    I am a hyderabadi- Sanjay- Good Luck. You are inspirational. Thanks

  53. Rishi Bagga says:

    @goinfishing200 No proof of MSG being carcinogenic. Yes, the controversy remains, but no study has reliably shown it to cause any issues. MSG was literally made by boiling seaweed and removing an extract, and its naturally occurring, then through wheat gluten, and now it is usually fermented. It doesn't suit everyone, but no proof of it causing any harm.

  54. Lasma Aljabri says:

    What kind of Chili sauce You use..?

  55. Srinivas Siddarth says:

    excellent .thanks!

  56. DocAmericanEagle says:

    what about the knorr vegetable or chicken stock? do i need to mix that with water as well? if so, how much water?
    Thank you for the amazing recipes 🙂

  57. Dreamlife Films says:

    nice soup. if you just let it simmer rather than boil you wouldn't have so much froth

  58. Ghosts says:

    MSG was created in a lab for the sole purpose of inducing diabetes in lab animals for the purpose of creating a serum to "cure" diabetes. What sort of rubbish are you trying to say that MSG is safe

  59. neetu swati Dhingra says:

    love your videos thanks for sharing with us i really appreciate and i also try your recipes too good

  60. sonshilz says:

    Great video – I wish I had discovered your videos earlier! Since I stumbled upon your videos I find that I just look for your videos and just follow your recipes! I no longer bother to look at others:-)

  61. sonshilz says:

    Well MSG is really not a good thing I believe too and definitely doesn't work for me. I woud skip the MSG

  62. Glowingmom08 says:

    I am going to make this as soon as get better.

  63. Johnny Reyes says:

    Hey! Hes not chinese or japanese!!!! -:o

  64. Naba Thapa says:

    salam allie very nice to do this

  65. Tanya Paul says:

    its an option. He added because he thought he needed to . I don't think it made any taste difference when i cooked. I didn't add that stuff. 🙂 but it came out good

  66. Suruchi Gupta says:

    Hi All,

    Where do I get the vegetable/ chicken broth? Which brand?


  67. Suruchi Gupta says:

    And if we get the liquid one instead of powder form.. How much water should be added to it? What should be the ratio?

  68. Chiji Mathew says:

    chinise fried rice by varavsla chef

  69. BikerDudes says:

    It's up to your taste. How much concentration of taste you need. Generally, try adding about 1/6 cup of power in the cup and add water, check if you like the taste, then add equal ratios. I just made this thing and it's delicious

  70. jachu dilu says:

    poda poda

  71. ehabtouch says:

    wow, that's so simple.

  72. flowglo says:

    you are a wonderful chef . You have inspired me to make this soup! thank you

  73. Naveed K says:

    has anyone tried this recipe with another type of vinegar? I tried this with rice vinegar but it turned out more sweet than i wanted. I tried white vinegar but that didn't work too well either. Please post below

  74. sebkav88 says:

    Nice channel for us south asian and asians (Afghan here) I love this channel!

  75. Akshta B says:

    chef you add too much salt in your dishes I know its upto us to add salt on our racipe, But too much salt is not good for your health as well.

  76. Bernardo Arellano Dávalos says:


  77. SA Min says:

    its useful for my mom

  78. Diane Kershaw says:

    Chef…You are brilliant, I watch all your video's. I try to make all your recipe's.

  79. 『 Shiro 』 says:

    Stock stock stock stock

  80. IGNITE HR says:

    Hello Sir, thank you very much form making the people to become Jr Chefs to you by way of your excellent presentation, i am one of the great fan of you, every saturday & sunday i prepare your receipts to my family members especially my lovely daughters, you are rocking in Telugu channels, great inspiration to fresh aspirants like me

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    Your recipe and Cooking method is the BEST… than any other videos in youtube

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    Sanjay lovely soup. Just one place you went wrong. Add cornflour first followed by sesame oil as a garnish and you don't have to worry about the froth.

  85. paulmaking1980 says:

    Ni Hao VahChef! You are a great chef! I'm a big fan! Keep up the good work Bro!

  86. Vinay Tiwari says:

    Dear chef sanjay
     Firstly, I would like to thank you for teaching us amazing !! recipes in a very simple way without wasting time on measurements and slow camera movements focusing on condiments and spices which is not required and this style is followed in many other cookery shows (ancient method of cookery shows) which makes it quite boring. I am an ardent fan of yours. I religiously watch your videos (recently started) trying to catch up with all of them, you are a truly gifted chef, when ever I am sad I watch your videos; they make me laugh and kind of rejuvenate me. Your shows are therapeutic and your simplicity is the essence of this show.please Keep it intact. cheers ! Vinny

  87. Vinay Tiwari says:

    And one more thing chef humbly want to tell you please avoid using MSG, Ajinomoto, though I am allergic to MSG I believe otherwise also it is not  good for health gives you bone marrow cancer . most of the aware restaurants in India have also stopped using MSG Thx Cheers !!! Vinny

  88. ayesha zahid says:

    i tried this recipe ,its really awesome

  89. Liviomail says:

    add Ajinomoto MSG, and you will make diabetes or cancer, you choose.

  90. Ish Ssh says:

    This better be a good soup mate

  91. Weng says:

    Hei, please take the word "CHINESE" out of the dish tittle. This is way out of tradition Chinese cooking。 :(

  92. NoFun AtAll says:

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    I always enjoy the intro and outro because it makes you feel like you are high up in a 5 star hotel building and your meal is being cooked in an extremely high floor by a concierge level chef. Bravo Vahchef!

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