Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

I’ll need a set of clothes he wore at least once. Do not wash them. I’ll also need a lock of hair and a valuable possession of his. Can it be a baseball mitt? Mitt, toy, whatever, sure. As long as he cherished the thing. Does this really work? Nobody ever asked for their money back. Take a look. Tell me what you think. Tell me it’s great. I think.. I think it’s just a stupid doll. An overpriced stupid doll. Oh, yeah. Don’t be shy, sugar. Come on. It’s my baby. I missed you so much. Go ahead, buddy. Hold the stupid over priced doll’s hand. Put that thing down, Jenna. let’s take a moment and think this through. Already did. Here’s the other half. Congratulations! He’s yours. Now on to the instruction manual. Those houses where the brat lived, I left this spiritual mark. Place is chock full of energy of its former self. Inside here the doll is a vessel to channel that energy. But outside… Outside it’s just a doll. Why do I feel like the instruction manual comes with a long list of warnings? Just one. Do not spend longer than one turn the hourglass with him. Ever! Once time’s up, he must go back in the box for a whole day before you can take him out again. What happens if I go overtime? My products like a drug, buddy. Fun to use. But dangerous to abuse. Ignore this rule and you’ll start losing it. Really losing it. You’ll believe a lie. You believe in the doll is the real thing. You won’t even have to touch it anymore after a while for the illusion to work. You’ll forget about the accident, cancer, or… whatever the hell happened to the brat. You’ll even forget about hiring me. Your mind will bury what needs to be buried and fill in the blanks that need to be filled to keep the lie alive. Of course if any of this happens it’s not my responsibility. Because you have been warned. Here comes the plane. Is it good? And open wide for mommy. Ready, and here comes another one. Morning. You up all night with him again? I was just remembering what I said to you after the funeral. I told you that life can be a cruel bitch sometimes. That deep down we all have the strength to get through whatever she throws us. And even if we forget that strength it’s always there. And I said that I could be strong for the both of us until you found your strength again. Turn septic, that’s bullshit. Turns out that I’m weak. And I need you as much as you need me now, we can either brave through this thing together or let it tear us apart. What’s it gonna be Jenna? What funeral? You need to put that thing back in the box. I’m not putting my son in a box. It’s not your son You’re hurting me. So are you. What are doing? Taking you outside so you can see what you really have in your hands. This is my fault for letting… She was losing it and I didn’t know what to do. So I hid the doll and she she just couldn’t take it She… uh… She slit her wrists. That wouldn’t be my responsibility buddy. I just want her back. I need her back. I’ll need a set of clothes she wore at least once, do not wash them! I’ll also need a lock of hair. And a valuable possession of hers. So it works for adults too? Nobody ever asked for their money back

Dereck Turner

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  2. Kelli Reilly says:

    Dan Berkey is AMAZING!!!!! I had the honor to work on a pilot with him. He is incredible – As is the entire cast and team…absolutely loved this. The shots in the hourglass are beautiful and great use of time in a short – somehow I felt like I watched a whole feature. Definitely gave me modern-day Twilight Zone + Black Mirror vibes but even better and more original. Cheers!!!!

  3. meme dealer says:

    Ok if the mom and dad received a timer for the little boy and then the dad received a timer for his wife then why do they have 3 timers. I feel like the answer is just a simple oh cuz they broke on and had to get another but I feel like there is more meaning behind it.

  4. Caroline alexa D23 says:

    I really liked this one

  5. Fine Banana says:

    o k

  6. Decibus Kalibos says:

    It was a simple set of rules.

  7. Bela Blackburn says:

    WHOA TOTALLY MINDBLOWN. That plot twist is really good!!!

  8. Safa Hammad says:

    It was a quite scary 👹

  9. Daniel Brener says:

    hello guys, we will be glad to hear your opinion about our short film. Thank you very much!


  10. Malak Abozekry says:

    That was so good

  11. LooneyBin17 says:

    This is sooooo damn good!These guys need an Oscar!

  12. MR MOTU says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZNftp2BLQE&t=304s look at the short films from this guy done with gta editor very talented

  13. Lee baker says:

    kinda like "Before I Wake" on netflix

  14. RisKyy_IV says:

    I have a phobia of dolls but I still clicked on the video and I am terrified

  15. Izzy McL says:

    I sound insane ik but i kinda want a doll lol sell merch

  16. RealOaktownCuddy says:

    I dont get the ending.. so what was suppose to happen if they kept filming after the end? Feel me in

  17. Heather Jeneau says:

    That was soo good!!

  18. Aragibrani Prima says:

    Its sooooo sad…. 😢😢😢

  19. Sarorng Vannet says:


  20. Ebru ilsen Ceren says:

    Ehehehe ok…

  21. Agnesa khassanshina says:

    Нифига не поняла но стрёмно

  22. LW 300 says:

    Yooo I wanted more lol this was good 👏👏

  23. il Teschio says:


  24. •AntoniaLuise • says:

    This story is really sad and depressing… just like me

  25. cassodra Seaton says:

    I have automanophobia this scared me to death

  26. cassodra Seaton says:

    No more sleeping

  27. Geoff Bournes says:

    Great story telling

  28. Nancy Cortez says:

    Muy buena me sorprendió excelente

  29. Аня Сафронова says:

    С русских лайк

  30. Kaiden Epps says:

    Stop dall making

  31. Kaiden Epps says:

    Dall maker

  32. killeing says:

    its a shame when an average filmer can make a 9 minute horror masterpiece yet most full-theatrical studio releases can't make a horror movie just as good X/

  33. BRUTE FARCE says:

    Bravo! Most of my expectations were subverted… very impressive and creepy.

  34. Kookie Bunny Loves ARMY says:

    That plot twist at the end! Mind blown

  35. ricardo vasquez says:

    Horrible acting! Low budget

  36. Nazma Reza says:

    We are all safe in the comment section 😁

  37. Lethi Duma says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 the twist was deep.

  38. Ton Lukas says:

    This is fucking awesome and scary in the same time ❤❤

  39. james with friday the 13 says:

    This is what Joovier watched and his little brother

  40. cinnamon Berry says:

    This is actually pretty sad if you think about it thou…

  41. Babsy says:

    Why am I watching this in the dark? At night?

  42. Twig says:

    This isn't too much scary as it is sad and depressing, but none the less amazing.

  43. Kittens Eye says:

    And this is how they end up in the hands of the Other Mother.

  44. dan phil says:

    That plot twist tho, dammnnn💕

  45. ITZ DYLANPHD says:

    When she slit her wrists she did it wrong. She wouldn’t have died

  46. Crazy_Panda Girl says:

    Who else is hiding in the comments with me? No? I’m alone? Guess I’ll like my own comment then.

  47. Far_ oppositeflow says:

    Ok YouTube are you happy now? I watched it

  48. Violet Selim says:

    The actor was actually good not cringy

  49. Royale Gamer says:

    This is scary the kid is scary I don't like this but I won't stop I'm brave

  50. Josie Lisi says:

    dd-d-dd-doll maker>

  51. christom ngrace says:

    my favourite one of his shorts is "slut" the killer in tht was so cute yet scary

  52. Mr Zulhelmy says:

    What a twist!! This should be a movie!!

  53. Strange Alienn says:

    I read a comment saying there was a twist ending soo here I at the beginning of the video

    This is me after the video DAMMMNNNNNN that was such a damn twist ending like wow I am really shocked I feel bad tbh

  54. Kiki says:

    This made me so sad..

  55. Silvia Tonapetian says:

    The first alter film I ever saw and what got me hooked on the channel

  56. Malwina3737 says:

    Mama mia

  57. Shadow Ninja says:

    That plot twist was lit but sad at the same time

  58. Maria Barros says:

    My God, what a horror this was the movie I ever thought was the most scary

  59. Seany Powell says:

    this made me scared of the doll and I was happy that it was morning for me and how did he come to life

  60. Seany Powell says:

    I almosted peed not kidding

  61. Seany Powell says:

    this is scaring me

  62. Diana Vargas says:

    You guys should do a movie, I really need it

  63. jinx86 gaming says:

    Perfect short horror film with a good twist

  64. Swime Fishe says:

    Oooo dis the best one I've seen and ive seen like every other alter short except for this

  65. Belinda Hill says:

    it is bad she is a doll at the end doll make is rilly

  66. Moon Art 2075 says:

    Who watches this after midnight?? #me lol

  67. Benny Raniarde says:


  68. bose says:

    Direction editing simply excellent movie is classic example for never go against mother nature otherwise consequences will b bad life and death r part of journey

  69. Lps Bambi TV says:


  70. FRxDispatch Gaming says:

    Geico making films now

  71. Aj Cansino says:

    I like even it is 9min. I like the part the daddy pull the mommy into outside and the kid the mommy turn into doll🎎

  72. Sumiya Jarral says:

    WOW !

  73. vzhsk hzyzj says:

    It was sad not scary

  74. Aviana Kieber says:

    Not scary

  75. Zineddine Blacko says:


  76. James Strong says:

    If this was real people would be digging all sorts of graves. 🤔😮

  77. Jenny Romero says:

    I wish I could make one of my bf 😔

  78. Steven Fifield says:

    What a creepy lookin old fuck

  79. KermitTheFrog_1026 says:


  80. Dynasty Family says:

    Wow deep! I loved it

  81. Nastya Volk says:


  82. Charlotte Van Brug says:

    OMG, that ending was unexpected!

  83. Praveen says:

    Absolutely incredible.

  84. Muhammad Azeem says:

    I don't understand this…is anybody here to explain me about this short movie??

  85. The one and only Charlotte says:

    I’m going full screen my doods 😓

  86. LARRAY FAN says:

    Why is thisss goood

  87. Shyiana Spratley says:

    Is this supposed to be a short version of the movie the boy

  88. Felicity Zehr says:

    Was this even horror?

  89. Alisha Goyco says:

    I wonder why inside the house he couldn't see the doll as a child? Is it because the hourglass was broken?

  90. Gabby Medina says:


  91. Myco Noob says:

    Lmao.. great lil flick

  92. nuha alhakem says:

    I like this one

  93. Skye Carter says:


  94. habeeb rahman says:

    What a thought great

  95. XxSilvaFishstickz Gacha xX says:

    His wife has been a doll all this time???? Bc the dollmaker said if you take him "outside" you'll seen him as just a doll so he took his wife outside and she turned into a doll as well
    Man this some deep shit 0.0

  96. Jeremy Reyna says:

    Great short movie

  97. Dr. Syedah Ammarah says:

    That was amazing!

  98. Elizabeth Reynell-O'Brien says:

    Aaaaaw, that was sad

  99. fine lad says:

    this is amazing

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