Homemade Gummy Brains | TKOR Tests Our Silicone Mold For The Perfect Tasting Gummy Brain

Homemade Gummy Brains | TKOR Tests Our Silicone Mold For The Perfect Tasting Gummy Brain

Hey whats up guys today i’m hanging out with my friend Zack From a channel called JerryRigEverthing. He has no idea what we are getting up to today do you? I have no idea I know that you have been recently been involved with a lot of like organs like biological organs so I think it’s something along those lines and i’m kind of nervous about it to be honest yeah he has every reason to be nervous because today we are going to be tasting brains That is a terrible plan. You guys remember in the previous video we took cow brains cast them in silicone and then we cleaned those molds out and we cast gummy and poured the gummy inside the mold so its been about 24 hours they have been sitting in the fridge it’s time to take those out reveal what we’ve created and give them a taste test. Oh boy! so lets do that now Zack go to the fridge there is two little molds in there. These ones in the green. Yeah so we got these little yeah bluish green molds here. Oh there heavy! You thought they were going to be real brains didn’t you. Yeah. I was not excited about that. Cool why don’t you go ahead and just throw it down there on the counter. So I got my assistant Zack here all gloved up we are going to peel off the tape and very very slowly open these thing up and see how they turned out So, what we’re going to do now is just slowly peel the gummy back You can probably leave that intact for now And what I want you to do is start pulling at the pulling at the edges very gently this is gummy and its sticking it will release from the silicon if he goes slow enough. Am i going to tear the silicone at all or is it going to come lose silicon will be fine it’s the gummy that were worried about it is very very slowly very very we are going to see if we can get those things out intact that’s in there that’s right made different decisions here so that when the gummy set we can pull it open and exposed the whole thing and we don’t want the brains anywhere LOL only good no brainy leakage I’ll hold that down anyway you can see some of the bubbles actually came up to the base of the brain but it looks like the tops probably going to be fully intact looks like the green is more at the bottom right now the green color tool is actually pulling away very nicely silicon is actually a lot more sturdy than you think it would be like it’s really strong holding together very tightly yeah like you’re using my both arms very strongly to hold we have it would hold the most go ahead and grab it put that thing over and let’s take a look we have success oh my goodness look at that is crazy that is awesome look at the detail that worked out really well it’s even got the gap between the left and right side of the brain you can even pull that apart look down inside a little bit gently we are severing connections to get right in there with our surgical equipment very cool very cool wow that’s amazing it actually worked the check this out guys this turned out almost an exact clone exact replica of the brain that we had and what’s really cool is you do get the slimy green texture on the top two and then it’s like this gross purple underneath I think we have a successful zombie brain casting what you think it looks good this looks a lot tasty than the other brains out thinking about ya so moment of truth guys how does a gummy zombie brain taste well we’re about to find out or more particularly actually Zack’s about to find out all right we got a guinea pig we got our gummy brain let’s go just I want you to take a giant bite out of that let and let me know what you think ok so just clarified this is in the same mold that the real brain sat in right that is correct okay just checking oh wow that was a good bit it was a healthy size bit I’m impressed so what do you think it tastes like gummy so that’s good that is good it doesn’t taste like brains not that I’ve ever had brains it’s pretty good good to hear so there we have it no aftertaste no residual taste of brains we just got the full tummy effect we got the purple we got the green we got everything cool going on here so I’m calling out of success i’m excited to see what’s in this one looks open that up next alright let’s take a look look at how well these seams fit back together this part is looking a little bit tricky we’re gonna have to approach this gingerly just want to reiterate that this rubber the silicone stuff is a lot stronger than you think it like it is it requires a lot of force to keep it open it’s a good workout yeah there you go I just felt the release and here is our brain reveal nice that captured a lot of detail it’s amazing the details of that captures checked out brains goomy goomy brain drain bump let’s put our minds together with your brains Squishy Brains I guess it only be right if i did a taste test as well would it not where to start that is the question where to start i think im just gonna take a nice big bite right out the back right here it has got a fun texture umm yep thats gummy one hundred percent genuine homemade gummy that’s what i call brain candy food for thought cool look at the different patterns here you can see where the green splits and turns into purple i love the way that green glows their their king of random approved so what I want you to do is I want to grab that thing and just slowly pull it off I want you to dissect our gummy brain here grab onto this thing down here and just slowly pull it apart look inside there look at wow you know what’s amazing about this is that’s about how soft the actual brain could literally do that to a real brain that’s crazy it just tears right apart but it’s still like a little bit stronger than you think it is I mean it’s like literally pulling apart of gummy worm just way thicker so we’ve got our epic gummy zombie brains are working out great we’ve taken a bite I think it’s time to have a little fun I don’t have anymore kitchen knives because I destroyed them all but I do have a propane torch and a butter knife that may be fun to just heat this thing up thing up and glided through the center of the brain like a gummy lobotomies were performing right now I think so that’s getting hot there we go alright guys check it out we got a glowing knife to we have a brain here I want you to glide it right through the middle there haha sizzle what nice effortless look at that that is beautiful and it smells terrible like burning gummy let’s get another one all that still hot oh hear that its like dripping you think if I held it together would like actually fuse back together look at that oh yeah out of the clean-cut dude of the clean-cut you got a nice cross-section you can see the purple and the green on both sides delicious so hot knife vs. gummy brain I’d call that a success we got this this little weird piece down here i think im just gonna torch that with a blowtorch let’s just melted woah thats awesome like a marshmallow yeah it is oh wow oh my gosh it is like a marshmallow exactly like a marshmallow you like that layer of carbon look at how smooth and shiny is on the inside lick it i was joking but that’s going to do it do it do it that tastes great tastes cool smooth clean gummy say that again i love that that looks really neat. I am going to have to see that in slow mo there it is that whole thing turned into a crust that flowed down solidified but then you get this clean little gummy in the middle there there we go so we have reduced our gummy to this beautiful little nugget which i’m going to eat right now I’ve got a little crush the carbon her it’s the same taste when you burn your marshmallows over the campfire but what I love about the brain here look how shiny that is like cutting through with a hot knife you get this drippy shiny gooey sorry Zack i know that was your piece no its alright i’m willing to share so I still got this for pound gummy brain from that 19 that we cast I think it’s time to pull this out and just revealed the original gummy and what I would normally do is fill this up with plaster that we have a full cast we’ve used this is asked in the cast a new gummy in but just for the sakes were revealing everything today we’re just going to get everything out on the table so it’s like Christmas Zach go crazy let’s just dig right in look at that now even though this is paper you’ll see that once you kind of get loosened up it should be fairly freely once we rip that off everything also pop loose footloose and this is how easy it is you just kill this thing away comes out perfectly intact and then we got a cool little skin for it look at that okay that we try that one yeah which one tastes better which one tastes better yes thats cherry okay no offense man but this one tastes better can’t argue with that there’s a lot more sugar in this one there’s a lot more my bite was bigger this is your brain on drugs smoking hot oh thats really hot alright we are going to push this little bit here that guy’s cool experiment today our brains worked out perfectly of so impressed that we got our tummies on the brain looking feeling and tasting with it i was very impressive detail of it i didn’t think that the mobile to capture like all those little crevices inside the brain that was intense and big thanks to Zack for being the guinea pig be willing to take the first bite I would have taken by the real brains too if you need to make you I’m here for you i bet he would have yep so Zack has a channel called jerry-rigged everything if you remember back when I did the stealth shelf project he actually rebuilt that on his channel using our kit so if you’re trying to build the stealth-shelf yourself you can reference one of his videos he also does a lot of cellphone repair tutorials and all kinds of things completely unrelated to eating brains more about using brain so go check him out he’s got an awesome tech channel i’ll put a link in the description below thanks for joining us today guys it’s been awesome hanging out with you we looking for in the next video document the average cow brain weighs about 1 pound and here’s the thing we did some fact-checking and that’s only about point one percent of cows body weight in contrast of humans our brains take up two percent of our body weight but the largest brain in an animal is sperm whale at a whopping 17 pounds that would be a whole lot of gummy if we’re to catch the sperm whale brain here today

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