HIPSTER Rates Your Trucks! || From The Gallery

HIPSTER Rates Your Trucks! || From The Gallery

– What’s going on guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets t.v. on
the YouTube with Keaton who you’ve heard me say
before, but I don’t think anybody’s actually seen you other than the one time you
put like the two-second clip in of your waving at the camera. So Keaton usually asks the
questions in This or That, but today we’ve got an
episode of From The Gallery. Because Keaton is a hipster,
we thought it would be funny to have a hipster rate your trucks. – Yeah. – Do you think you fit
the definition of hipster? – Ah, I feel like the
hipster answer is no. – Right, oh, no, I’m not a hipster. I just really enjoy Indian
music and film cameras. – Hey, it’s fun. – All right, so let’s jump in then. This will be fun. 2016 Dodge Ram 2500
Specialty Forge SF 035. They’re 26 by 16’s. Absolutely huge. Fury 38 by 15.5’s, and a
eight-inch BDS suspension lift. Wow. This is pretty slick. – [Keaton] It’s a big boy. – [Fuller] It’s huge. Taillights, headlights,
lots of paint work. Painted mirrors. He’s got the suspension,
powder-coated wheels to match. – [Keaton] I like how
it’s just two colors. – [Fuller] White, red, that’s it. – [Keaton] Yeah, simple. – Yeah, I do like it. He’s got fender flares on there too. Those might be the factory flares. They look a little bigger than a factory. Um, yeah, that’s the photos. – Yeah, I like ’em. – So now we’re gonna give
it a number, one to 10. One being not so good. Ten being super good, and
then we’re gonna explain why. – All right. – You got it. – Got it. – Three, two, one, nine.
– Seven. – Seven? I feel like that’s kind
of low for this much. – Yes, so I think it’s too much. – Really? – So I think it’s cool. I like the colors. I like how it’s just white and red, but I think all of the
suspension, being like that gloss, like candy apple red is, I don’t know, not doing it for me. – [Fuller] It’s just too much for you? – [Keaton] Too much, yeah. – The red wheels definitely
make a statement. And that’s, I gave it a nine ’cause I think it’s really clean overall. There’s just always some
room for improvement there, but it’s massive. It looks really nice. Red is super, super flashy and out there. I don’t know if like I
would go with that color. That’s why I didn’t rate it a 10. It’s just not something
that I would probably do, but I think it looks sweet. Again, just maybe I wouldn’t drive it, but it’s big, and it’s, again, the two-color thing is perfect ’cause people sometimes go overboard with way too many colors. – Yeah. I think for like a show truck it’s cool, but I think, you know,
driving it daily, eh, a little too much for me. – Yeah. Next one. Oh, wow, another big boy. – [Keaton] Wow. – [Fuller] 2017 Toyota
Tundra, RBP Swat 22 by 14’s. Toyota Open Countries, the MT 40 by 15.5’s in a 12-inch bulletproof lift. Thing’s massive. Aftermarket front bumper, it’s got some lighting going on. This thing’s huge. – [Keaton] I like it. It looks like a tank or like– – [Fuller] It looks like it
wants to be off-road for sure. You know, usually I’m not a
huge fan of these wheels either, but on this truck, it
actually looks pretty good. – [Keaton] I don’t know, I don’t know how to feel
about the front bumper. – [Fuller] Really? It’s like my favorite part. – [Keaton] Really! It’s so small compared
to like everything else. – [Fuller] That’s so you can fit the big wheels and tires and still turn. – [Keaton] Yeah, true. – It’s a very like desert
like pre-runner looking kind of setup, which I think
is why I like it so much. Ready? – Cool, yeah. – Three, two, one, 9.5.
– Eight. – Eight? – Yeah. We’re going up, you know. – Incrementally. 9.5 because it’s sick. – Yeah, so I didn’t want to go too high. I want to leave some space
for the ceiling, you know. – Yeah, ’cause you don’t
know what’s coming. – Exactly. – That’s the other thing. We’ve never looked at these trucks before. They’re picked randomly, so this is the first
time we’re seeing ’em. Um, it looks pretty gnarly. – Yeah, I like how, I
like how you, I mean, it definitely looks
more like a pre-runner. It looks more like
aggressive and looks like you could actually do things with it, and not just have it sit in
the parking lot, which is cool. – [Fuller] Yep, I would
probably want it to be not quite so tall ’cause
the thing is like, so you’re not gonna drive
this thing 100 miles an hour through the desert. – [Keaton] Right. – [Fuller] At least I
feel like you couldn’t ’cause it’s just so high that like you’re gonna end up rolling
it if you hit something. – [Keaton] Yeah. – [Fuller] So maybe a little bit lower, but like the style-wise,
this like build theme, I really like this, why it
gets such a high rating. And so it’s super
reliable, and I don’t know, the Tundra and Tacoma
are both good platforms for off-road vehicles. – Yeah. I like it’s black and white. The, it’s not too tinted. I don’t know, it’s more,
even though it’s bigger, I think it’s less loud. – Yeah, it’s just black and white. – Yeah. – Wow, here you go. Chris was probably gonna buy one of these. 76 F250. Vision Furies the 18 by
8.5 plus zero offset. Trail Graphs, 285, 75’s and a
fox suspension leveling kit. Oooh, he’s got a light bar on the front. This is a weird color. – [Keaton] It is. – [Fuller] Do you like that color? – [Keaton] Ah, I don’t know. I mean, I think it looks
nice since it’s so clean. – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Keaton] But like if
it was a different color, you know, I think I’d like that better. – [Fuller] I just want it black. – [Keaton] Yeah, black would be cool. – [Fuller] Classic trucks, all black, like they just look good. Looks like he actually like uses this. You know, he’s got some
off-road pictures here, and then, you know, car
wash picture too, so– – [Keaton] Yeah, reminds me of a truck that my grandpa would have had. – [Fuller] Yeah? – [Keaton] Yeah. – [Fuller] My grandpa’s owned
Chevys for a very long time. I don’t think he would
have had one of these. It’s a nice, classic 70’s Ford. No tint or anything like that though. It looks like just kind of
wheels, tire, suspension. In good condition, ’cause in the photos, I can see snow, so it’s
not like he, you know, has it in Southern California where it’s just like
preserved all the time. – [Keaton] Right, yeah. – So either it’s been redone or somebody took really
good care of this thing. Based on the color, I would
assume that that’s factory paint but– – Yeah, it’d be interesting to see how many miles are on it, and how much use it’s been through. – Yeah, see if the
odometer’s rolled over yet. – Yeah. – All right, do you have a number? – I do. – Three, two, one, six. – 7.5. – You were feel you were
late on the number there. – I was late. So I was gonna go eight, but I wanted to go a little
lower than the last one. You know, I like the older trucks, but I think it’s a little boring. It looks a little too stock, I think. – Yeah. – Where the last one
looked way more customized, and it was like that guy’s own truck. But, yeah, I think this is cool. I think there’s a lot of room to work with at least with this. – Yeah, I’ve seen a couple people do like bigger builds with these. You know, taller lifts and whatnot, and they actually look pretty good. Like same kind of thing,
with just a leveling kit, and you know, the wheels aren’t very wide. The tires aren’t like super oversized. It does look like a similar configuration to what a stock truck would look like, just with more modern wheels. But, yeah. 06 Ram 1500, TIS 544s,
’cause everybody has ’em. Open Country, AT2s, and a
Rough Country leveling kit. – [Keaton] Interesting. Looks like a space ship to me. – [Fuller] A space ship. – [Keaton] Yeah. – [Fuller] He’s got
some dark tint going on. He’s got a windshield banner. – [Keaton] It reminds me of like what 2006 thought the future was gonna look like. – [Fuller] Yeah, yeah, I could see that. – [Keaton] No, I like it. I like the color. I like the chrome wheels. I don’t know, I just like things simple. I don’t like too much color. I think the chrome goes well with the, like kind of like teal. – [Fuller] Chrome bumpers
and then the, yeah, teal. He’s got aftermarket tail lights. The old locally-hated sticker ’cause you gotta have that. – [Keaton] Is that a thing? – [Fuller] Yeah. It’s in like the American Force font, but the thing is it doesn’t
have American Forces, he has TIS 544, so I don’t
know if that’s allowed. I’ll have to check the
lifted truck rule book. – Section D, subsection– – I believe it’s 346, 489
para one, subsection a. – Oh, yeah. – All right. – Leveling kit, not very big. – No, but 33 by 12.5’s,
kind of stuffed in there. Got a number for it? – I do. – Three, two, one, six.
– Seven. – I don’t really like
this body style of Ram. I think the headlights are too big. – Yeah, it’s, I don’t know. It looks, the front looks very, it’s like more round and then the back’s, I don’t know, more square. – [Fuller] As far as like
wheel and tire selection goes, I think this is a really
good setup for this truck. I think it looks nice on it. It’s just the truck in general
is not like my cup of tea. – [Keaton] Yeah. – But if you’re a Ram guy, send it. – Yeah. – This looks nice on there. – 2012 F150 Fuel Beasts. Not a super popular wheel. They’re 20 by 12s, but
they’re concave wheels, so they don’t have a lip. The spokes come all the way to the edge. Atturo Trail Blade X/Ts, which is the hybrid tire from Atturo, and it’s on a leveling kit. Ah, he’s got some aftermarket headlights, aftermarket grill, the Raptor-style grill. I really do like these headlights on here. – [Keaton] Yep, those are sweet. – Crew Cab, blacked out taillights. Those are dark. Light bar behind the grill. – [Keaton] I like it. I don’t know if I like the, what’s the word I’m looking for? This thing. – [Fuller] The thing with the– – [Keaton] No, go one more. The grill. – [Fuller] You don’t like the grill? – I don’t think I like the grill. – I think the grill’s the best part. – Really? – Yeah. – I don’t know, it’s just like, it’s too big. Ford is too big. – If I had an F150, this is
the grill I would put on it. – Really? – Hands down, 100%. I don’t know why you don’t like it. It’s like took from the
Raptor, and it looks good. I don’t know. – It’s just too much. I mean, I think the rest of the truck is like very simple, and
then you just got, boom, Ford, slapped right on the front. – I guess. – It’s cool, but, I do really like the headlights. – [Fuller] Slight rub at full
turn with some metal trimming. Yeah, the 20 by 12s with
33s on a leveled F150, like that’s a pretty large wheel
and tire to stuff in there. So I could see why he runs
into some rubbing issues. Obviously it sticks out decently far. This was one of my favorite
body styles of F150 too. This is what Kirk has. I think it’s a good looking truck. – [Keaton] Yeah. My dad had one of these. – Really? – Yeah. – What does he have now? Doesn’t he have Jeeps and– – Yeah, he has two, he has a
new Jeep a 2017 JL, I believe. – JK. – JK, yeah. And ah, and then he has an
older like 2001 Wrangler, just kind of, you know. – All right, you got
a number for this one? – Ah, yes. I do. – This is tough. Ah, three, two, one, seven.
– Seven. – Samesies. – Yeah. – I think a different wheel selection would make it higher-rated for me. – Yeah, I agree. – [Fuller] When you go with the 20 by 12, it’s like it’s so wide, and then you don’t get any
of the lip, so it’s like– – [Keaton] Yep. Yeah, I like it. It’s very simple, but I think I agree. It’s just, it’s a lot in the wheel well, and I think, I don’t know, I think the wheel could be smaller. – [Fuller] That’s the other thing is like these Atturos, like they
look like more rounded on the edges, so when
you put ’em on the wheel, it’s just like, you have the spokes that stick all the way out, but
then the tire like folds in, and there’s just a weird
combo going on there. – Yeah, otherwise I like it. I think the aftermarket
headlights are super cool. I don’t know how I feel about the grill. – The grill’s the best part. You changed my mind. – But I think the rest
of it looks really good, really complete, I think it’s, I don’t know, it looks
like a good daily truck, but he also put in the
effort of, you know, making it more than
that, which is cool too. – Yeah, that’s another
episode of From the Gallery. If you guys want your trucks featured, you can add it at customoffsets.com/add. If you don’t know what the gallery is for, it’s actually where we figure
out how everything fits, so that’s why we have
all the specs in here, so you can just enter in
your year, make and model and see what fits the gallery. If you guys want us to rate your trucks, add it, put ’em in the link. In the link below, put ’em
in the comments section below with the link so we can look at it, and get you added to the list. I think that’s it. – Cool, that was sick. – Nice work. Peace.
– Peace. – Oh, I just learned how to do this thing with my hoodie, watch this. It looks super trippy. Does it not look that trippy? I saw it on Tik Tok. The dude was like pow, and
he’s like (sliding hum), he slides his neck down. Zup. (funky music)

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