Gun Powder (Milaga podi)  – By Vahchef @

Gun Powder (Milaga podi) – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal vanakkam; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to start a new series of
podis what I mean is the powders what we in Tamil nadu make these to enhance various kinds of our regular foods. So today I’m going to show you a gunpowder which is mightier than any Chinese gunpowder but this gunpowder what we eat every day
and we call this milaga podi. To make this take for red chillies and half cup of whole pepper corns, 3/4 cup of urad dal, 3/4 cup of channa dal, half a cup of rice and optional ingredient is curry leaves and a little bit of hing. To prepare this milaga podi, what you need to do is add red chillies, dry roast them see the reason why we dry roast all the ingredients in the milaga podi is because you do not want this powder to get rancid, see when you add oil in frying these ingredients the powder doesn’t stay fresh for a long time but with this you can keep this for a few months and also when this gunpowder is ready we always add a little oil on top of the gunpowder whether we are eating this with your dosai, idli vada, rice or any of those dishes. When i was working in Park Sheraton in Chennai, making this gunpowder was a job of a
senior most chef who is the master chef because they want to make sure that each ingredient is cooked so well so that the end product gunpowder has all the delicate flavors of each spice. So make sure do not black this red chillies nicely cook till they release very nice flavor and then add this rice
and then roast the rice and add channa dal now you can add a whole pepper and urad dal, if you have slab of hing break into small pieces and you can add you know now but if you have hing powder you can add it in the last five minutes of cooking this mixture and continuously you know mix it so that each ingredient is nicely cooked and sometimes some times some people love to use little bit sesame seeds but i do not add sesame seeds in this because again you cannot keep this powder for a long time but in the other form of Idli powders we use sesame seed but if you want to use sesame seeds you know make sure when you make this do not keep it for a long time just try to finish it as soon as possible. See now you can see that all the ingredients are getting nice brown
color now add the curry leaves and then mix it and add a little bit of hing powder ok now we’ll switch off the flame as
soon as you add hing powder and you can see this curry leaves become very
dry after you stop this process of cooking do not stop the stirring process because
you want the heat to be evenly distributed so just mix it even after you switch off
the flame just mix it couple of times so that the ingredients you know are not
burned at the bottom now if you see all these ingredients are
nicely browned but not a single ingredient is burned our got little more color than what is
required now i’m going to let it cool down for another 15 minutes that is when i’m going to make a fine
powder do not try to make it powder when it’s really hot because you know you
want this to cool down that’s when you know if you even touch a red chilli it will break into pieces ok in the next few days we are going to learn various kinds of powders and these powders which we mix it with rice, idli and various combinations I call them traveling podi because one of my very strict vegetarian friends you know he always carries all these powders in a small bottle wherever he travels because he says you know if he doesn’t get anything
really good vegetarian all he does is go to a closest Chinese restaurant get
white rice and mix all these powders and eat ok now it is slightly it’s cool down so
i’m going to add some of this in this and one more thing to remember is you do not want to make this into a very fine powder make it slightly course so that
it gives a very crunchy effect when you eat this. I’m going to put it everything here haha you know that is what the gunpowder does to you if you are not careful and you inhale this powder little bit that is what this gunpowder does to you
and now this powder is ready see slightly coarse but i haven’t added
salt so now you add salt see this is a very very potent powder you have be very careful you know even the if you inhale little bit of this my god this is so super and you can eat this powder add to rice and then add little bit of oil and mix it up. Lot of times when you’re having a guest at home and you want to make another variety of rice all you can do is take little boiled rice and then add little powder and little ghee to it and mix it up and leave
it there and people will really enjoy hmm you can also make this little bit
less spicy if you want to make it less spicy you can add a little less of
pepper and red chilli haha you know friends this is so tasty I can eat my entire meal with this today
haha wow hmm so dear friends go ahead and make this
gunpowder and take a bite and that will give you the total entire essence of
South India in one bite I hope you enjoyed to learn to make this
gunpowder Milaga podi with your VahChef at but remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and
cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking. Nandri Vanakkam

Dereck Turner

35 thoughts on “Gun Powder (Milaga podi) – By Vahchef @

  1. Tej Singh says:

    You are my Cooking Guru
    Never ever i thought i will cook.
    the only thing i could make before i watched your show was Tea. Now i can cook Matar paneer, Palak Paneer, all those veg dishes. Thanks to my Cooking Guru – Vah Chef

  2. Gokila Negentharan says:

    Haha vah chef pronounciation of milagu podi is rather cute. lol!

  3. piggy66 says:

    your gay

  4. sh33pparabolic says:

    Haha Sanjay, very funny at the skull and cross bones when you sneeze!!

  5. induschick says:

    I've been watching your shows ever since you started putting them here – love them! I think I'm a much better cook now than I was before 🙂 Thanks you…one piece of advice though – do mind the salt! I think you put way too much salt in everything, and I'm not sure it's all that good for you…take care.

  6. pinkpearls14 says:

    loll at exactly 5:03 when he sneezes, if you pause it quick enough you see the danger sign…is that cuz the gun powder is strong? or is there a subliminal message here vahchef? haha! awesome recipe

  7. Rk Gitaraj says:

    hai chef really i inspired to cook now pretty confident in cooking.My husband appreciated me for my dishes thanks a lot

  8. Aditi G says:

    did you use cooked rice or just the rice grains?

  9. triple terrific says:

    The only 'mistake' he does is that he is eating with a spoon….. trust me eating it with your hand gives you a heavenly feeling……. maybe he didn't want those few criticizing comments….:)

    nevertheless… ur the best Chef but we are very cross that you disappeared

  10. Suleman Nathani says:

    Sanjay spreads happiness. He does his cookiing not just because it is his job but when he cooks he is filled with so much joy and gusto that we can almost see it . Long live Vah Sanjay Thuma.

  11. Mary Reina Zachariah says:

    looks awesome, can't wait to try it. Just one question – i thought blenders should not be used for blending without water?? I assume we can use a dry grinder as well?

  12. iiTopTenii says:

    u rock chef!

  13. Maulin Agrawal says:

    I went to Chennai a couple of years ago, and I had this gun powder with my rice. So yummy and spicy! The taste was mind-blowing. Thank you for this recipe, sir!!!

  14. Rajakannu Vijayakumar says:

    Chef, One small suggestion and I hope you will not mind. Please say cooked rice, instead of boiled rice. It is confusing. As you know well since there are two variety of rice used in South , (pro)boiled rice, and raw rice. it might confuse the viewer. I hope you will consider this suggestion. Thanks for the recipe. God Bless

  15. sj1605 says:

    I made this but it is too spicy for me. Too much pepper taste. Is there any other ingredient I can add to reduce the spiciness? Maybe roast some more chana dal or something. Please help!

  16. satya mugi says:

    nice mama

  17. Jamila Zayeed says:

    Omg! Thank you soo much chef! Your receipess really helped me ..atleast i dont hv to call my mom a 10000 tyms fr receipes :Pp

  18. Taste Corner says:


  19. Pingu Kalandar says:

    Awesome podi.. looking further with more recipes of chutney..

  20. ravvraj says:

    WHy is your Podi not red? I saw another recipe the gun powder was red in color Is this different?

  21. Apara Saraswat says:

    you giv two recipe and both are different. one is red looking and second one is dul looking. why?

  22. ayesha omer says:

    How about salt

  23. Rayyan Akthar says:

  24. Supriya Karkera says:

    Hi vahchef. I enjoy your show a lot. I tried making this podi but the peppercorn was added in high volume so the podi tastes very spicy. What should I do to reduce the flavor of peppercorn from podi?

  25. Gururaj BN says:

    I have prepared this podi this evening, a short while back. It's correct name is "MoLaga Podi" not Milaga podi. It tastes great. The texture looks same as in your demo, and the taste seems as strong. I took liberty of adding Sasme seeds, quarter cup. I think it will go well with Idli, Dose, and plain rice. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  26. Gnana Naini says:

    Van chef you are such a inspiration for Telugu cooking. All the time I refer my kids (USA) to your Demos to learn and cook Thank you for encourage us to cook more.

  27. parmjit singh says:

    hello. namaste, sat sri akal wa salamu aleykum sir. can i use dried carry leaves?

  28. Altex lan says:

    what is that powder in the plastic bottle?

  29. S Viveta says:

    First time at BILASPUR………Best food solutions for all………….Get FRESH AND HEALTHY IDLI/DOSA/UTTAPPAM/VADA BATTER and many more different Gun Powders and Instant chutneys… Call 8966009080 to reach SURYA IBH, Near Agrasen Chowk, Bilaspur……..

  30. Suguna ramesh says:

    Why garlic not added

  31. sgk erode says:


  32. 5shan10 says:

    Please use a handkerchief when you sneeze in the kitchen!

  33. Sanadiip Bbiswas says:

    This recipe I learnt 10 years back and still make it at home.

  34. Harsha Weeraratne says:

    What do you use gun powder for, only eat with boiled rice ?Can you put it in to curries, I do not like too much rice.

  35. saggitbow says:

    molaga podi sadam with ghee or sesame oil…Heaven. Vah chef tussi great ho.

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