Green Peas and Drumstick Puli

Green Peas and Drumstick Puli

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you very simple preparation using drumstick and green peas, you know pulusu, puli that means we add tamarind juice and cook this is a very great combination when you make a very simple dal or even you know you mix this with rice and then you add you eat with papad or any of the preparations so to make this is very easy we’re going to take some oil in a pan and when the oil is hot that’s when we’re going to add mustard seeds when the oil is hot we’re going to add some mustard seeds and the mustard seed starts spluttering we’re going to add red chilli & cumin seeds and when they sizzle we’re going to add methi seeds that is the fenugreek seeds and this is going to be very little look at this kind of preparation is a very simple standard preparation I have shown this recipes with using the similar method many times but in this we’re going to add onion that is sliced ok and saute it by adding little bit of salt and also turmeric, in this we’re going to add some curry leaves, ginger garlic paste and also green chili now we’re going to add drumstick these green peas are already cooked so i’m not going to add the green peas now I’m going to add it later add the drumstick, add water okay I’m not adding the tamarind juice right now because I want this drumstick to cook well after adding tamarind juice it’s going to take little longer so first I’m going cook it with water and add coriander powder, cumin powder and red chilly powder ok and I’m going to cook this with the lid on for around four minutes now the drumsticks are you know more than half cooked this is when we’re going to add the tamarind juice ok be careful do not add too much that it is too sour but just the right quantity to make this anyway when we call it puli you can make it little bit sour extra and this we’re going to add jaggery and now we’re also going to add green peas you know this kind of curry is good good when you’re eating with plain dal but i think i can add little more water to this of course I have to just check the amount of salt very age-old method of tasting in this add some more salt that should be good enough put the lid on and let it cook for another four minutes and the drumstick will be cooked perfect dear friends after you know few minutes making sure that the drumstick is cooked well we’re going to add some chopped coriander and that’s it and once this slightly cools down it becomes thick so this dish can be had hot or even at the room temperature this will taste good and depends you know some people like it’s slightly thicker and some people like it just like as a rasam also and enjoy it and for me this is just perfect it’s neither too thick nor too thin just make sure that the drumstick is all cooked and wow some of the plain dal on the side along with some of this curry wow you know it’s too hot but when it’s usually whenever you add tamarind to any of the preparations it is better you have it after some time rather than eating it right away this an hour or later it’ll taste even more better especially the vegetables when they’re cooked here mmm just perfect and with the plain dal on the side it will taste even better Dear friends do not forget vahrehvah is about inspiring others to cook so please post your traditional recipes at so others can benefit from your great cooking

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  1. MrQuagmire26 says:

    How about some Non-veg preparations again. Mr. Thumma?

  2. Zoozo fairoozy says:

    I'm a fan of Indian cuisine and Indian dishes adore components and smelled amazing Thank you for the beauty of what they offer please Crown special dish that you write down the components of the video

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