Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! – The Slow Mo Guys

Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! – The Slow Mo Guys

Good day. This is a Slow Mo Guys video involving Pyrex. You’ve got a couple of sizes here, and I noticed that on the warning label, it says: “Avoid sudden temperature changes, not for use on the stove top”. So, this is Slow Mo Guys, you know that we like to ignore all warning labels and do exactly what it says not to do. We just treat them like an instruction manual on how to destroy itself. Yeah, what would make a good Slow Mo Guys video? Ah, don’t do that — excellent! Apparently, I read that Pyrex in the US is different, in that it’s slightly crapper than European Pyrex. -It’s a lot crapper.
-Yeah. ‘Cause it’s made of something called…”soda-lime glass”? -Yeah, borosilicate –
-Borosilicate, which is what’s in the Europe. For this video, which will hopefully be glass cracking and splitting everywhere, we need a much higher frame rate than usual, so we’ve brought in the big guns, the 2511. Shoots way faster, I’ll start filming at 28,000 frames a second at 720p, and you know it’s doing a lot of work because it’s loud as heck. Looks a bit hot. That’s an understatement. It’s 38 degrees out here and I’m in a blue rubber and flame-proof suit, -It’s like I’m in a greenhouse.
-That’s what happens in June in Texas. -That’s disgusting. Is it not July? It’s July.
-It’s July. Yeah. So what we’re gonna do is get this blow torch and act like it’s a stove top, like a gas stove and heat up the Pyrex. Get some ice cold water and just “dip dip”, put a little bit in there, and hopefully it’ll just explode in my hand. -A little “dip dip phuoo”
-“Dip phuush” And we’ll film it on this bad boy. Lads and ladies, do not try this at home. -Ready?
-Yeah. So tell me when I’m in frame in that. Is that probably gonna be? That’s perfect there, but we can…we can readjust when you’re absolutely ready. Okay. I’m absolutely ready. Okay lemme get final foc. Okay, go for it. -Oaah! Jesus.
-You did it! -Flipping hell!
-You did it!! -God!
-Pretty good. -That’s insane.
-Yeah. -What frame rate is this at?
-28 thou. -28 thou?! That’s the starting point, is it? -Woah! Look at how fast that is!
-Flip! And that’s 28,000 frames a second, and it just went straight round, didn’t it? There was no messing around. That’s madness! I like how I’m holding it, and then I was suddenly holding nothing, so my hand just goes like, “woah”. That’s insane. It does actually explode sort of, doesn’t it? That is cool. Jesus! To stop the glass going everywhere in the garden, I decided to put a tarp on the ground, didn’t work. The glass was so hot that it just melted straight through and onto the grass anyway. Look at it! Look at all these holes! -I bet the glass didn’t even notice the tarp.
-No! They just landed in the grass and thought, “oh, what was that?” Completely pointless! That was great. We do need to get faster, so I’m gonna lower the res, Go way standard def with it, -That’ll give us…120,000 fps.
-Woah! -Good?
-Meaty. Okay, go. Woah. -Oh, it was different, completely.
-Was it? -Look.
-Oh wow. Look how slow the water’s falling. Just, nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. Well, what is happening is that the Pyrex is going, “oh god”! -Oh, woah! God, it’s so fast.
-Rapid. That is immensely cool. As you can see I’ve sacrificed my lab coat to cool the camera down. -Oh, that’s good of you.
-It’s rather hot. It’s rather hot out. I noticed in the first clip that all of this shattered pretty smoothly, all the lines, but the handle turned almost into dust, so what I want to do is go as fast as we can, really, so 170,000 at an acceptable resolution, on just this bit so we can hopefully see that happen, just super-duper extreme-o bonanza fast.
-Any more adjectives, or…? Ploopin. -171,000 and a half frames per second, pretty mental.
-That’s disgusting. Tell me if I’m out of frame again. Woah — push it! -What happened?
-It just went. -Without even doing it?
-Didn’t even touch it. -Really?
-Oh my god. -Were you framed up?
-Yeah. Haha! Who needs water? -That was ridiculous!
-Wondering if it was just the air cooling it down was enough to shatter it. That much? Fuggen me. What happened to the handle though? Did the handle go? -Oh, the handle didn’t even go!
-Didn’t it?
-No. Okay, so now we’re using the second one that partially smashed, and just focusing on the handle. -And this is being filmed at 343,000 frames per second.
-That is insane. -That is absolute madness.
-That’s a dank film rate. -This is over 13,000 times slower than you can see with your own face. Did it go? I think it did, you know? It’s still really hot, but look at the amount of detail, and the amount of cracks that are in that. It’s just completely — you can’t even see, can you? What’s amazing as well is the fact that it was attached to the rest of this, I just heated up this bit, and only this part cracked.
-Yeah. Only this part went, “no, not hot enough”, the rest of this was just like, “yeah I’m not involved in this”. -I’m cool enough.
-I’m cool enough, I’m fine. Okay, how’s this for a mental stat: the camera recorded for 5.1 seconds, and generated 19 and a half hours of footage. I am going to be sick! -That’s disgraceful.
-Almost a day of footage. -That’s vile.
– Do you think we should just stick it, like put it in our second channel as a whole video? -Just the whole video?
-Just the entire 19 hours. What, just put nothing in the description?! How many people do you think would actually watch it to the point, like where it does it? -Just searching through 19 hours of footage.
-Well I bet the break would be around 10 hours in probably. It’s so hard to mentally get your head around how fast that glass is moving, that I think we should do a comparison video of human reaction time, so at the exact same frame rate, I’m just gonna drop a little water in your eyeball, and we’ll be able to tell how quickly you react to that compared to the video we just shot of the handle breaking, yeah? -It’s a great idea, I mean, it’s just gonna be like looking at a picture.
-Yeah. -So I’m gonna go like this, I’m gonna go 3, 2, 1.
-Okay? -Then move your hand away.
-Yeah. 3-2-1 -Oh that was it.
-Oh god, right in the eye! -That was great!
-Oh, god! Direct hit on my eyeball. I think that’s going to look really cool. -Well that was immense. I’m always blown away, every time we film it, the speed that glass cracks. -Yeah.
-Phenomenally fast. -It’s crazy, we couldn’t do it without this camera, that’s for sure.
-Couldn’t do it on the old Flex. -What’s the science behind that, do you think?
-It’s called thermal shock, which is where sudden temperature fluctuation of the material causes a stress. So, on the glass, you’ve got the heat, wants to expand the glass, and the sudden cold wants to contract it, so you’ve got two opposites, and the glass just sort of goes, “argh — phsew!” Just blows up. Yep. That’s it. -Bad in commitment, the old glass, it’s just like, “I can’t handle it, I’m out.”
-I’m done. Hopefully, you enjoyed that video. That’s the fastest we’ve ever filmed so far, I’m sure one day we’ll exceed it. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, subscribe, subscribe to our second channel, we’ve got a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff there now. That should be some good viewing. -And buy some merch if you want.
-Sweaty t-shirts. -Sweaty t-shirts, we sell ones without sweat.
-Unless you want the sweat. Unless you want Dan’s sweat one. I want to go faster. It can’t be done! -It can’t be done.
-One day.
-No! Do you ever stop to think that, yeah you can, but should you?

Dereck Turner

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