Giclee Art Reproductions on Paper : Paper Giclee Art Reproduction Printers

I’m JK Dooley and we’re talking today about
giclee reproductions and I’ve already discussed the importance of picking an actual person
to do your printing and making sure that they know what they’re doing. Now I’m going to
talk just very briefly on actually choosing a printer if you’re going to be printing yourself
as far as choosing the equipment. Very important that you go online, you visit some people,
you do a lot of research and just ask a lot of questions. There’s a lot of products available
on the market. Obviously, this was not printed by a desktop printer so you can see that there’s
more involved than just your average run of the mill printer. So you’ve got a printer
that can go from printing this size on paper up to this size on canvas. So there’s a lot
to think about. Probably one of the most important things that I looked for, and this sounds
real basic, but how much ink does it use. That’s definitely a question to find out because
if you have a printer that’s an ink hog you’re going to be spending an awful lot of money
just on that. So check and see what kind of support they have for you technically if you
have questions. You want to make sure that it’s affordable and if it’s not affordable,
is there financing. A lot of things to think about if you’re going to buy the type of equipment
that you need to print these types of prints.

Dereck Turner

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