Getting Your Photos into Google Photos (2019)

Getting Your Photos into Google Photos (2019)

Hi, Welcome to Genius Lounge, I’m your Host
Matt Troutman Genius Lounge is a place where you can learn
about the technology that you already own So I’m very excited to announce that we’re
working with Kathi Lipp and the Clutter Free Academy to bring you this next series of videos
about decluttering your digital devices Kathi’s book, Clutter Free, has been an inspiration
for so many people about decluttering their homes and their workspaces. Kathi recently approached me and asked if
I would like to teach about decluttering our digital devices. And of course I thought that was a fantastic
idea. So here I am. So today we’re going to go ahead and get started
in getting photos from your Android phone up into the cloud with Google Photos. Now if you’re here expecting to see a video
about how to get your photos from your iPhone up into the cloud, don’t worry, we have a
video for you as well. Just click the card up in the corner, or down
in the description below, and we’ll get you all hooked up with that. And with that, let’s go ahead and jump in. I’m going to open up my phone, and we’re going
to take a look to see what photos I’ve got there. So the first thing I’m going to do is to open
up the gallery application on my phone. This is pretty standard across Android devices,
and Google Photos is gaining a lot more traction. However, it is common to have both the gallery
application and Google Photos on your device. So in Gallery, I can see I’ve got quite a
few different photos I’ve got some family photos here from a couple
different photo shoots. And then I have some other random snapshots. Now what I’m going to do is to open up the
Google Photos app and we’re going to start syncing the photos from my phone up to the
cloud. I’m going to go ahead and open my applications,
scroll down until I see photos, it’s this little pinwheel right here. And here it’s going to show me all of the
photos that are in my camera that I’ve taken with my phone. I also see over here that there are 114 more
photos that are not displayed. It gives me a brief snapshot here. These are all the same photos that I just
looked at in the Gallery application, but now I want to make sure that these get synced
to the cloud so that they’re safe and sound. So from here I’m going to tap the menu in
the upper left-hand corner, and I’m going to tap sign in. And so here I’m presented with a little bit
of information. It’s going to ask me if I want to backup and
sync, which I do. And it’s also going to ask what quality I
want to upload those photos and videos in. Now you can chose the settings here, and you
can say I would like original quality or high quality Original will upload the photos in full resolution,
but that does count against your data quota. High quality – You get unlimited storage space,
but a little bit of reduced quality. The other option here is “Use cellular data
to back up”, this is something I don’t recommend unless you are comfortable with uploading
a lot of data over your cellular plan. Usually you’d want to make sure you have an
unlimited plan to be able to do this. So I’m going to go ahead and keep these settings
for now. Go back one level, and I’m going to go ahead
and tell it confirm. Now what I see is it’s getting my photos,
it’s gathering a little bit of information, and I see in the upper right hand corner it
say backing up, I’m going to tap that. And I see that it’s telling me I’ve got 119
photos left to back up. Now one benefit to using google photos is
that once your photos and videos are in the cloud, you can clear those videos and photos
off of your device, clearing up space so you can take more. So let’s go ahead and take a look on how to
do that. Right here at the very top of the google photos
interface, I see that my backup is complete, and I can now clear up 238 MB of space on
my device. So I’m going to go ahead and tap that. So it’s letting me know that it’s going to
remove 95 items from my device. I can still get to those at any time within
my Google account. So I’m going to go ahead and tell it free
up 238 MB and you’ll see that it’s working to do that and it’s clearing those photos
and videos off of my device, but they’re still stored in the cloud. So that’s a quick overview of how to sync
your photos with Google Photos. If you enjoyed this video, give us a like
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if you want to get notifications each time we post new videos. Thanks so much for joining us, I’m Matt Troutman. We’ll see you next time on Genius Lounge.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Your Photos into Google Photos (2019)

  1. Jessica Cockrum says:

    I already put all my photos into Google Photos. Awesome service! What I struggle with is deleting pics from my phone. Google Photos has a way to delete all backed up photos, but I like have some of my favorites on my phone. Any suggestions for an easy way to mass delete photos from your phone without deleting those favorites?

  2. Tawn says:

    I'm an iPhone user who uses Google Photos to backup my pictures instead of buying more iCloud space. There's an iOS app!

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