Getting Started With Pastel Art : Types of Paper to Use for Pastel Art

Getting Started With Pastel Art : Types of Paper to Use for Pastel Art

Hi, I’m Melody on behalf of Expert Village;
I want to show you a little bit about paper to be used with pastel drawing. I want you
to know that there are all kinds of papers that you can use and it will really be up
to you. What you’re trying to draw, what you want as the finished product and if you’re
going to use water. If you watched any of our previous segments, there were couple where
I actually put water on the chalk based pastel. You would not necessary want to use a thin
flat paper unless you were just using a very small amount of water or the paper will buckle.
This one is a sketchpad, but it is supposed to be for ink, watercolor, pastels, crayon
or pencil. I would be very careful with water on this light of a paper. There are also papers
that are specifically for water painting and they have a huge texture, they are very, very
bumpy and these are very interesting to use with pastel because the pastel crayon will
draw over the high points and not go into the low points. And this is just another one,
just showing you how many sizes and colors there are. Then we also went to black, to
give that a little bit of a chance, if you want to try blues, or reds or blacks, try
it with construction paper, a thick grade construction paper. This is a poster board
and it is fun but I think you will enjoy the construction paper a little bit more. That
about wraps it up for this and I thank you for watching our segments; join us for more
in the future.

Dereck Turner

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    This doesn’t really tell me anything. There are so many pastel supports out there, no mention of sanded, textured, velour, Ingres, etc it is bewildering. I hoped for more helpful info.

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