GENIUS Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks w/ Steven Brundage *America’s Got Talent Magician*

no but like is there another one oh
that’s still no hey hey hey what does that for everybody welcome back to the
channel today i’m joined by steven Brundage what’s up man dude I’m pumped
so excited you’ve maybe seen him on America’s Got Talent but I’m excited to see it in person you
specialize a little bit in Rubik’s Cube magic but I do all sorts of a B but
definitely was what I’m know important let’s say what do you got uh yeah let’s
truck alright have you solved this one before me yeah do you want to try it’s a
little it’s a number I am not good at math oh so you obviously grab your
fingers like this and this and then like that and you have to try to solve the
numbers it’s a little bit strange to turn it keep on turning in the first few
seconds it shocked me in case you use yourself okay no matter from magic
have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube before I am not unedited not really
never know I’ll show you this actually when I was a kid I got a Rubik’s Cube
and I peeled off the stickers okay when I put them all back on what you’re left
with when you do that is you’re left with this thing is a miscue without
stickers on you can you turn it it turns yep it has been I solved it did it then
congratulations hey stop it here thank you we’re on
record time one second there’s your new Miss World Records I also brought with
me all the stickers there’s a little worn out but they’re there on top so our
job in order to actually do magic now we have to restore the Rubik’s Cube okay pitch yeah it was like that so we’re
trying these stickers are the keepers um stickers with a few yeah let’s do like
this for us next blank keep in the bag and then this is your choice actually if
you want to rip the bag open or pull it the rubik’s cube out yourself
aggressive buh-bye grab it shake gently 70p both hands two hands two hands out
of it a little more going and I want you right down the middle what no no stickers that was good also like
one Cassie’s back fill out she’s been in a video but that was that was impressed
right oh well yeah I’m pretty good enough I’m gonna have you solve it in a
second but I have a bigger challenge for you I already saw it this but I resolved
it it’s been solved that was you said tells me okay yeah
whatever take all the credit okay you’re bigger chaplains right now
get the garden okay guard it thank you yeah you put outside it’s okay yeah
we’ll keep it there for now we’ll get back to it just in the second
your job can you actually mix it that we’re bisque you as much as you want
twist turn now there’s 43 quintillion different ways you can mix it up and you
want to turn more than just one side not blowing that okay you died in Dubai
you’re doing wonderful this parts easy you’re pro they’re pretty good yeah so quick
challenge how fast you having to solve a Rubik’s Cube how fat anytime you want
what’s the world record like five seconds it’s not a Wednesday so I’ll say
5.5 seconds that’s crazy here’s that’s a reasonable time for
white America okay 25 seconds twenty twenty twenty seven to
20 when I say go count to 20 and then I’ll show you how to cheat with the
right after it this is a very good mix adviser so this might be a little
challenging okay okay ready ready set and go when I say go ready set go 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 for pretty good it’s good but it’s not really magic
what is it that was Rubik’s Cube solid it’s just skill yes it’s skill its
impressive it’s not technically magic it’s just actually directed so I’m gonna
show you how to cheat with the Rubik’s Cube in but did you say juggling is feel
that magic is cheating just to get that on camera okay okay okay I’ll show you
how to cheat with the Rubik’s then we’ll mix it up you could guess how this works
but not yet so I’m gonna go as slowly as possible go mixed up
one-handed in the bag you can guess but not now no but like is there another one oh
that’s still no hey hey hey hey hey step excuse me people guess that there’s a
second keep in the bag and you’re wrong I appreciate you private it’s empty I’m
looking yeah okay Wow okay okay you don’t care this bag no okay this time
well yeah is it actually I mean that’s actually in people I’ll do it without
even yeah sure they can replace nothing in there so this time I’ll do it without
even touching it so we’ll drop it in the bag actually not solemnly but not solved
okay another class mixed up what a mix-up like that back to solve no way
all right this is better and here’s the great part but it’s all good you snap a
second time it goes from soul back to mix dough mix next solved unsolved no
the inside was actually one who believes are perfectly fine it’s like group with
worse actually just broken I actually raised the end the kitties like this
four-year-old Asian kid so we’re years old it’s just insane
it’s just I never won so I actually have broke the world record and I held the
world record for about one hour until I’ve disqualified for life magic yeah
Buster you have work so you can study the more you mix it up but obviously
that the more the colors get jumbled up the sooner it is you want to study the
white sticker okay and you cover for a split second and you toss Wow
that’s me doing you’re gonna do this time both hands up we’ll do it twice is
how we’re gonna mix it up we’ll do it one-handed but behind the back okay
avoid the ceiling and landing gently in your hand ready for ya and I always ask
a question when I have people when they gonna show um I hate will you catch it
I’m not worried about you I’ve been on the case busy the first odd doggy’s
where I’m never like they already do a fabulous fancy catch you’re gonna do it
yeah here’s the thing he’s in do a fancy catch if you do the fancy catch and drop
it they unsubscribe and then they could stay subscribed and they have to like it
in college yes okay so if I get it you can out of time you guys you have ended
up with all of that and you’re happy on YouTube so if it’s solved and I catch it
you got a long way back to them yeah just likes likes and follow those things
all over the big stuff one hand how many expressions are a bit mixed up hook in
behind the back I know it’s coming over here so I like throwing Rubik’s cubes up
and I feel like you know that but still like you know it’s up oh sorry you have
any guard that introduced before me can you do that yeah if I reach for the
cuber job is to slap my hand reach slap hesitate yeah okay okay those weak yeah
bank of card vo all 52 cards here all different carbons will give this chuckle
you have a favorite car of the day the Jack spades the jack of spades that is
that after your favorite part you just make that I normally I’m not a magician
I’m a cargo well we’ll do this we’re gonna go I’m gonna go through the cards
down the side of the deck I hear John say two words stop anytime that you
would fight stop so I’m gonna leave the card sticking out can you see the card
yeah you like to her sure it doesn’t matter what the cardizem at what we’re
going to have my trucks that since I gave it to you now
okay and we have Jack of Diamonds well Wow
I’m gonna get that corner piece to disappear from my hand and it travels in
the air it actually lands underneath the Rubik’s Cube no in your head no no it’s
not yeah underneath a given area but not yet
I’d be too easy even more impressive look it’s actually inside the Rubik’s
Cube now to make sure I can’t cheat pinch on that
take a look I’m actually going to take off a little piece of that rubik’s cube
inside the tiny little piece no I’m talking about undo it is that the Jack of Diamonds but
it could be any Jack of Diamonds take it like I take both is that the same exact
error fiber for fiber it is it is from the same card pressure what and it’s not
like so you know you could rip the same or no that’s actually like there’s a
link my unless I had like 10 years to root now every time you do that trick
that’s what people always want you to do next they always want you to put it back
put it back together so I would do that but since you ripped for them it’s not
impressive if I put it back together oh this I work so I since I so do you
want to record instead let’s try it up okay do you actually want to eat and
swallow playing card sure you’re actually down for it yeah okay what’s
this is right this foot this is gonna be great so we’re gonna bend the other
corner even water for this let’s crank it up we’re gonna rip it off
grab the part of these rip it off put it in the China yeah there’s no idea what’s happening I
thought at some point yeah you know anyone Emily okay use this wrong funny
it makes it all the way down it’s a brand new day come on this ball are you want some water
okay all right ten minutes later open up your mouth
wide wide wide wide and then I want you to take your time press up your lips
lips lips lips down okay wait sorry wait a second keep lips on lips lips lips all
the way up what I’m never smoked a piece of card before that was like the best
idea ever that was incredible that was best trick
today this is not big news this is not big news that was incredible
and then just touch the paper okay oh but you make money for me okay that’s
real put it in your pocket instead okay mix
it up for me okay yeah we’re in the mix I’m gonna show you a different solution
to the Rubik’s Cube oh you only turn two sides no no you
just take a little bit to do it okay not everybody can be like you and solve it
in like 10 seconds I did it in 1204 think I appreciate the confidence so
you’re mixed up Rubik’s Cube watching the bag tent you snap less than a second
have it solved great okay cool what else you know you already did that
yeah well this I was kind of another but that’s not the trick can you
actually cover it up in your hands I cover it up like that yeah we don’t turn
yeah I’ll show you a different solution I did it before I went up to actually
actually impress you this time right there Nicole that’s the solution is not to
solve my Roomba to the different solution was to match the one that you
mixed up no way and I look at the exact same if you look at it look look look we
the exact same but not just one side look that side number two that’s three
that’s four that’s five that’s all six ah ah all right now that’s pretty
impressive but maybe I like saw what you did I copied it people thought you do
that nowadays yeah so make it just a little more possible the one that you
mixed up remember that driver risk you from the beginning we bring over the
giant we’re gonna see if you should notice that’s gonna be a completely
perfect perhaps wait did that too that’s three that’s all six sides the exact
same one what oh well so this this is the fun
part in order to match her cube I did about seventy four seventy two moves
this time right now is to do seventy-two and reverse but to make sure I can’t
cheat taking blindfold hold it over your eyes for me hey over here
yeah no but you can’t see through correct well we’re how many dangers
we’re holding I’ll take this I don’t know okay you guys three three Gus again
to to guess again three close enough okay look around the second side be
actually catching the super super excited at all no nothing I’ll take it
back you can’t pull it apart these people think I cheated and then I
actually don’t want to be cheating at least not right one-handed or two-handed
let’s go on two minutes yes okay Brittany you
actually really want to see one happen not to space twice as hard whatever you
want I’m Jin okay okay I appreciate that when I say three can you say go for me
and which are blindfolded one two and three go yeah I’m detective now all the yellow should be facing
forward all of them yes threaten oh are you sure yeah is he lying to me shit um leave a cross her alive maybe yeah even
line it is a horizontal vertical vertical thank you now all the yellow
should be facing forward not fine except for three let me finish whoa 70 – very impressive you know people are
gonna like slow this down we’re winding and cow recount that right oh don’t do
that oh yeah it wasn’t actually 72 go go
rewind it and don’t check my lockers about your sign I don’t know I mean well that was incredible thank you for
showing us all that awesome stuff like I have no idea how he does that
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description let’s go to the beach because I could pinch the sharpie off my
hand I’m gonna drop do you want to open up slowly and open up your hand

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