GarageBand Tutorial: How To Export Your Projects

GarageBand Tutorial: How To Export Your Projects

hello it’s Patrick here from the so you’ve written your new magnum opus
and recorded it using GarageBand you have painstakingly tweaked and fiddled
with your stones and are left with a perfect mix what now how do you get your
multitrack GarageBand project into iTunes or uploaded to your favorite
social platforms in this video I’m gonna show you how to do exactly that if this is your first time here and you
want some master GarageBand improve your music as well as learn all other kinds
of useful GarageBand related stuff then hit the subscribe button and ring the
bell so you don’t miss a thing there are seven sharing options available to you
in GarageBand share menu in the toolbar and note that well you do have some
iCloud specific options available to you I’m not gonna touch on them here as get
in to grips with using GarageBand and I close in tandem there’s a whole other
kettle of fish worthy of a video of its choosing to send your song to iTunes
will surprise surprise have it show up and your Mac’s iTunes library before
that happens though you’ll need to decide if you want to rename your song
add metadata like artist or composer and full and whether you’d like to add it
directly to an existing playlist more importantly you can choose whether you
want your export to track to be compressed to mp3 form or left
completely uncompressed uncompressed files retain all the audio fidelity of
the original project but are larger in size and as such will take up more space
on your storage drive lastly you can export any regions you have selected or
a cycle area if active by clicking the marked checkbox at the bottom selecting this option will export your
project directly into GarageBand Media Browser from here you can access your
exported song from the browser in other garage band projects now honestly I have
never used this option as I simply haven’t found a useful I rarely if ever
import media from the Media Browser itself
preferring to drag and drop from finder or my desktop and I think that’s the
story for most folks in the GarageBand community let me know if I’m wrong
though leave a comment if you use GarageBand Media Browser on a regular
basis provided you have an existing account
you can upload your project directly to sent load when choosing this option
you’ll be prompted to log into your soundcloud account once you’ve done that
you’ll be able to choose from a ton of options relating to your upload
similarly to uploading to iTunes you can rename your project and enter artist
composer info etc you can also control some soundcloud specific options here
from whether your track will be public or private
Plus download and streaming options like exporting to iTunes you can choose to
export selected regions on a cycle area with the check box at the bottom you can share either the GarageBand
project file which is great for collaborators or a mixed down version of
your song to another Mac or iOS device using airdrop note that you won’t be
able to open a Mac OS created GarageBand project inside GarageBand for iOS in
this fashion you’ll need to use the share project to iOS option to do this
more on that later simply select airdrop and select the
device you wish to airdrop to from the list that pops up you can also send either a project file
or mix down song via email once selected you can change the title adjust the
compression settings if exporting as a mixed end song and choose whether to
export selected regions or the full shebang
once done your exported project or song will be added as an attachment to an
email within your max meal you can also simply export your song to
your max harddrive exporting this way allows you to manually add it to iTunes
or upload it to Facebook Twitter and other social platforms yourself like
other exporting methods you have a variety of options to choose from you
can even choose where on your map you’d like to save it to
I find that saving to desktop is always a handy option 99.9% of the time this is
how I export my projects exporting the file like this gives you the freedom to
pick and choose when and how your song will be shared on social media for
example plus if you plan to release your song either as a single or as part of an
EP or album adding files from your desktop documents or garage band folder
or whatever you choose to export out to is the most straightforward way you can share a special GarageBand for
iOS compatible version of your GarageBand project to I close the
project appears and the GarageBand my songs browser on your iOS device as a
new song with a single track containing a mix of the entire GarageBand format
project you can then add edit and arrange new tracks in GarageBand for iOS
and then share the updated song back to iPhone you and then when you reopen that project in
GarageBand for Mac the new tracks are added to the original project and there you have it everything you
need to know about exporting your projects on GarageBand for Mac if you’re
just getting started with GarageBand on Mac or just want a refresh on the basics
you can grab a copy of my Quick Start Guide completely free I’ll put a link to
that down in the description below I’ve been Patrick from the GarageBand and I’ll see you next time bye for now

Dereck Turner

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    I am mixing and mastering my First Song on Garageband, do you have a video on Setting up the Gain ?

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    Does the Death Falcon from Hell wield the Beach Ball of Death? Very informative video.

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    Great vid as ever. I'm doubtless missing something but recently I exported a song from my mac as a project to iCloud intending to edit/mix etc on my iPad via GB on iOS while away from home. As your video confirms I then found that the song was a single track and there was no way to access individual tracks for editing. Long preamble but is there a way to share songs with the individual tracks between devices and operating systems for editing? I have generally found it difficult to open songs from iOS on mac and vice versa but assume this is down to my ignorance as they must surely interoperate?

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    Your photo was too normal in this one Patrick. One star!

    Just kidding! I currently do and will continue to send folks your way for all things GB on Mac.

    And once I finally start using GarageBand on Mac I will be re-watching every video on your channel.

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