FROZEN 2’s DELETED ENDING: How Disney Almost Killed Elsa & Destroyed Arendelle Castle

FROZEN 2’s DELETED ENDING: How Disney Almost Killed Elsa & Destroyed Arendelle Castle

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing the Frozen 2 deleted scenes that completely changed the end of
the movie, including a heart-breaking message from Anna
and Elsa’s parents, and an awesome song for Kristoff that we never got to see. Frozen 2 took some dark turns; however, the
movie’s original ending was going to be even darker with the destruction of Arendelle Castle
and even the possible death of Elsa. At the end of Frozen 2, Anna makes a momentous
decision on how to restore peace to the land: “We have to break the dam.” “But Arendelle will be flooded.” She provokes the Earth Giants into destroying
the dam which causes a huge tidal wave that’s about to engulf Arendelle until a reanimated
Elsa arrives and creates a giant ice barrier to stop it. However, a deleted scene on the Blu-ray now
shows that in an earlier version of the movie, Elsa wasn’t there to stop the tsunami which
went on destroy Arendelle Castle and probably flooded much of the kingdom. The deleted scene takes place as Anna, Elsa
and Kristoff assess what to do in the aftermath of the devastation caused by the flood. “We’ll rebuild the castle. New, no secrets, no deceit, new rules even!” This original ending would have been a little
darker as the consequences of the Arendelle’s betrayal of the Northuldra would have had
a much greater impact on the kingdom. The Art of Frozen 2 book also gives more details
on what happened afterwards in this original ending, explaining that the castle would have
been rebuilt in “a combination of the Northuldra and Arendellian styles.” In this alternate ending, Anna also says she’ll
do away with the old lies and secrets and create brand new rules. That last point is likely a reference back
to another deleted scene in which Anna and Elsa discover a hidden room in the castle,
and inside they uncover secret books and journals belonging to their mother. “These next pages are in English, but also.. Northuldrian.” “Northuldrian? But that language is forbidden. Why would mother know it? Or dare use it?” It sounds like the repression of Northuldra
culture in Arendelle was even more extensive than we saw in the film, and now as she’s
aware of both this and her own mixed heritage, it’s clear that in this alternate ending Queen
Anna planned to abolish this type of discrimination. “Our lands and people, now connected by love.” There’s another part to this original ending
in which Elsa uses her magic for Anna to bring back a memory of her parents, revealing just
how highly they thought of their younger daughter. “I wanna show you something.” “Wow.” “Darling, I’ve been thinking.” “Oh!” “It might be time to tell Anna about Elsa. I can’t bear keeping her shut out any more. She’s maturing now, she can be responsible.” “It’s not Anna I’m worried about. What if we let them get close again and the
feelings are too much for Elsa? Joy brings her powers out as strongly as fear.” “But if anyone can find a way to help her,
it’s Anna.” “You may be right about that. There’s not much that girl can’t do.” “Oh, her love could hold up the world. OK, we’ll tell her when we return.” “Oh! Thank you so much for that.” “They believed in you Anna. And so do I.” This scene was meant to address the idea that
Anna has always felt insecure about her parents’ decision not to tell her about Elsa’s powers. And it could have been a beautiful moment
that boosted her belief in herself, setting her up even better to become Queen of Arendelle. On top of that, when Elsa tells Anna:
“They believed in you Anna, and so do I”, the cut scene would have mirrored perfectly
what Anna said to Elsa earlier in the film: “I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone or anything.” The deleted scene may have also gone some
way to address some people’s criticisms from the first movie about Agnarr and Iduna’s parenting
skills and their decision to keep the sisters separated from each other. Another big change to the film’s finale was
that, originally, it wasn’t going to include Kristoff proposing to Anna. Indeed, Kristoff almost had a radically different
character arc in Frozen 2, which started with his proposal to Anna happening early in the
movie rather than at the very end. In earlier versions of the movie, Kristoff
had an elaborate grand proposal and song planned for Anna in the castle gardens which then
turned into a charming duet for the couple. “So you’re a lord now.” “Uh, yeah.” “And here we are.” “Is it hot out here?” “I don’t know, erm..
but I think it’s romantic.” “Is it?” “Well I thought..
kind of” “I mean, yeah, er..
and here we are.. I’m feeling very er..
romantic.. cos it is romantic. And I guess I.. I, I wanted to ask you.. “Ah huh.”
“..something.” “Yes! I mean er.. OK.” “Why is this so hard?” “This is hard? I’m sorry.. I.. I didn’t mean..” “No, no, no!” It’s not you, it’s me.” “Ahhh. Hey, what do you think the odds are he turns
out to be a deranged murderer, and tries to kill you like the last guy she
tried to marry?” There are lots of intriguing moments and details
in this deleted scene and song, such as the fact that Kristoff is now a lord;
how it’s Anna who ends up actually popping the question;
and Olaf’s savage joke to Elsa about whether Kristoff will turn out like Prince Hans. The scene is obviously a lot of fun and full
of much more spectacle than Kristoff’s sweet and simple proposal in the final film:
“Anna, you are the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known. I love you with all I am. Will you marry me?” “Oh. Yes!” But ultimately, the filmmakers have said that
they decided to take the idea of Kristoff struggling with proposing to Anna and extend
it over the whole film instead. Kristoff’s original arc through the rest of
the movie had him keeping secrets from Anna about how he was unhappy with his new position
in Arendellian high society. And I’ll go into more details about that in
my other Frozen 2 deleted scenes video. Now, if Arendelle Castle was destroyed in
the original ending for Frozen 2, it indicates that Elsa wasn’t resurrected in time to save
the kingdom or, as some rumours for early test screenings suggest, there’s a version
of the ending in which Elsa never came back to life. In the actual movie, after Elsa unfreezes
she falls into the depths of the icy water beneath Ahtohallan and, if you look closely,
you can see the Nokk looking on. Concept art from The Art of Frozen 2 book
shows the water spirit lifting the unconscious Elsa from the water in a deleted scene that
might imply that Elsa didn’t make it. And there’s a moment from the secret room
deleted scene I mentioned earlier that could support the theory that Disney were considering
killing off Elsa. “I can find no record of a human with power
like hers but for the ancient myths with their tragic fates.” There’s also something strange about the final
epilogue scene in Arendelle. In the scene, Anna unveils a statue in tribute
to her mother and father, but Elsa isn’t there to share the moment. And the earlier part of the scene feels like
it was originally going to be Anna’s coronation day given the very formal green gown, cape,
and crown she’s wearing. “Presenting Her Majesty, Queen Anna of Arendelle!” And just how dressed up Kristoff, Olaf and
Sven are. Again, if this was originally Anna’s coronation
day, then it seems a little out of character for Elsa to miss her sister’s special moment,
given how close they are. And even if the scene was always meant to
just be a statue unveiling for their parents, it still feels slightly amiss for Elsa not
to be there. Still, ultimately, it seems like Elsa remaining
dead at the end of the movie would have been an unlikely decision for Disney given just
how popular she is. At most, they might have contemplated reviving
her in a post-credits scene or perhaps teasing her resurrection in a third movie via an end-credits
sting or some other hint, but even that feels too much for an animated Disney film, given
a third movie could be up to 6 years away. More probable is that, in the original ending,
Elsa wasn’t going to recover quite so quickly. So, after the Nokk pulled an unconscious Elsa
from the water we would have been led to assume she was dead. This would have been followed by Arendelle
being hit by the wave destroying the castle; then, in the aftermath, Elsa would finally
have come back to life. This ending would have been more impactful
and darker given the destruction in Arendelle and Elsa remaining dead for longer than she
did in the final movie. We’ve also got many other deleted scenes in
Frozen 2 that would have changed other parts of the story massively. I’ll be going into more detail about the castle’s
secret room, Olaf’s amazing deleted song, and the alternate version of “Into The Unknown”
in my next video. You can tap to watch that here as soon as
it’s ready or follow the link in the video description. And if you’d like to see even more of the
concept art and amazing behind-the-scenes details I discussed in this video, be sure
to take a look at the “The Art of Frozen 2” book. Links are also in the video description below. So, do you like any of these alternate endings
and deleted scenes for Frozen 2? And how do you feel about the ending that
we did get for Elsa and Anna? Comment with your thoughts below. If you enjoyed this, then a share and a like
are hugely appreciated. Tap left for my full Frozen 2 playlist or
tap right for another video you’re sure to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

Dereck Turner

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  1. Flicks And The City says:

    Would you like to have seen this darker ending for Frozen 2?! 😲😱
    And what did you think of Kristoff proposal song to Anna? 😍🤣

  2. matthew rodowicz says:

    I AM SO MAD THEY DELETED THESE SCENES I really enjoyed Frozen II but this is exactly what it was missing

  3. Just Fly says:

    "Joy brings her powers out as strongly as fear" lmao that doesn’t help me to love their parents more 😭 It’s implying they were also afraid to let their daughter be happy like wtf???

  4. Just Fly says:

    I didn’t want Elsa to die but they should have kept the ending where Arendelle is destroyed. Otherwise I just just have this feeling that it’s too easy, there is no consequence for the colonizers.

  5. Victor STr says:

    I wouldn't call it dark, I call it realistically better.
    About Elsa's bad parenting. It isn't their decision to keep the two girls isolated all the time. If you watched and listened carefully, the parents only wanted to hide Elsa's power. She can come out of her room anytime she want if she can keep her ice under control, which she couldn't most of the time. It is Elsa's own decision to hide herself. The door was never locked.

  6. Keren Choi says:

    Disney needs to have two versions of the movie: the happy one for all the kids, and one for the grown movie buffs where disney can play with these darker plots more

  7. Ky-Ky Dragon says:

    I'm glad they deleted the fight betwen Anna And Kristof and I wood love too see Olaf's song😂😊

  8. vertigine69 says:

    If they'd kept up the stakes they established during the movie by flooding Arendell maybe they'd got themselves that Oscar nomination..

  9. Shemrocky says:

    I dont know, why everyone wants Elsa dead; finally we got two sisters in a movie, who dont hate each other, just because the older one is gonna be queen; who actually love each other. I love the second movie that ended up on the big screen, it fits the Frozen feeling perfectly.

  10. Martin Moore says:

    This movie sequel would've been even more of the darkest and edgiest hour than the first movie.

  11. Thea Nadong says:

    Frozen 2 movie would be so BEAUTIFUL if they didn't delete the other scenes😭

  12. Meredith says:

    I'm glad they didn't kill off Elsa, but I wish they had destroyed Arendelle. It would leave some consequence from the adventure, and I like the idea of Anna making an honest genuine kingdom.

  13. Meshea462 says:

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  14. •Luna Amore• says:

    …when u thought the final cut of the movie was dark…disney was gonna go darker with more secrets revealed n Elsa's death, dang disney 😬

    People might have gone on a riot saying "SHE DIED?!" n the kids would have been crying. Sure, they would have given a hint of her revival to promote the new frozen 3 but still i bet they'd go crazy for the death…n it might have been the first for disney to actually kill a disney princess or queen for this matter.

    But other than that, i would have loved the movie more if the deleted scenes did make it for the final cut (but with just a few changes to make the flow of the plot make sense) and made the movie longer. Esp. the "My Home" song and everything else between Anna and Kristoff's relationship cuz (for me) it seemed to lack some of it, even tho he did get a song "lost in the woods" and his part in the "Some things never Change" song and it would have shifted the audiences attention from the main plot even further if they put more scenes about them but still i would have loved the film more than i already have for the final cut knowing that despite all the fancy stuff, Kristoff has Anna, and Anna would have changed a bit of the rules/traditions for Kristoff to be comfortable in their new life together as an engaged couple and still does a great job as future rulers of Arendelle…with a bit of struggle cuz of the new rules and difference of how royalty behaves but that'll probably show up at (possibly) the new movie hehe.

    (If y'all got something to say, i don't mind getting ur opinions on my opinion since i'm just speaking my thoughts out, but i won't take immature comments like "that's dumb" or something, i mean really u can be mature than that)…ok i'm good now ^-^

  15. sam arboleda says:

    I want to see the darker ending but i dont want to see elsa dead because she is the fifth spirit so if she is dead the relation of the spirits and the l
    people are broken again…

  16. Jesus Renteria says:

    Did anyone notice that when he said will you marry me someone sead no?

  17. A_Goddess :3 says:

    Plot twist: anna isn't elsa's sister, the mom cheated on the king

    Oh wow that would be a hit

  18. Vava Voom says:

    There are kids watching guys uwuu. Remember little mermaid it has different ending. We wouldnt want children crying

  19. FriendZog says:

    Question for everyone: If Frozen 2 was turned into a live action movie some day (which is a possibility given how much money Frozen movies and live action movies make) and can have a more adult rating (ex. the new Mulan is PG-13), would you want to see this alternative ending or the original ending in it?

  20. Hi I'm Bored says:

    Bruh my heart wouldn't be able to take any more sad endings….especially after fucking TROS

  21. Kaur Jit says:

    Is there going to be frozen 3

  22. T'Shara Brown says:

    I kind of knew Elsa couldn't stay dead… she is too marketable for that. I do almost wish they had destroyed the castle, though. Then they could have had a message about how Arendelle isn't about the buildings, but the hearts of the people. On the other hand, Elsa's riding in like a knight and stopping the water was also pretty freakin' cool.

    And I really wish they had kept the part with the parents' memory in somehow… that was so sweet.

  23. CeSe Ba says:

    I think with the deleted scenes it would've been a more structured film… i still like it, but it would've had a lot more content to work with, i think

  24. aman :v says:

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  25. 「Ramaiahh :v」 says:

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  26. Tseng Picard says:

    If any scrip writers attempted to put Elsa to death, Disney head quarter would stop theme.

  27. Tseng Picard says:

    It was good to remove the dark parts. Elsa & Olaf stayed death is definitely not an option. We are talking about Disney Princess musical, not DCEU or PG13 things. Actually, Elsa's leaving and not being queen of Arendelle was already hard enough. The strong company could be broken, with good and convinced process, but Frozen2 did not really deliver a good one. I don't see how Elsa has to and desire to stay in the forest.

  28. gaft24 says:

    I am so sad we lost that first alternate ending. It would have been so much better and bold.

  29. Itz wolfiexX says:

    I love the old ending but I'm so glad that Elsa is still alive in both endings I wish it was in the movie

  30. CloudedPatch says:

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  31. Alex MusicX says:


  32. Tany Gutierrez says:

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  33. Sara Ruiz says:

    When the deleted scenes are better than the whole movie

  34. Begum Calis says:

    8:20 i agree with that, that would be better but me im sorry (not sorry) i would cry like a baby if elsa died in the movie and im an a young adult know hahaha
    (18yrs/ germany)* and the scene when elsa gonna show her sister the decision from her parents were alsoo too good in the movie <3*

  35. Kristen Kellick says:

    I took the epilogue as Anna’s coronation anyway. And there is one very good reason Elsa would not be there: she abdicated. Therefore her presence would have made for a very awkward “two queens of one kingdom” situation. Politically, while Elsa needed to make a public abdication, she could not be at the coronation.

  36. Jedidiah Orakpo says:

    This explains why the movie felt so incomplete. Like an imperfect cadence; not quite there yet… slightly off the mark…tilting towards the finishing line but not hitting home.

    The best part of the movie… were the deleted scenes. Sigh, they should have taken the plunge…gone dark but brought the light after. Washed away Arendelle, Given Kristoff his Lord story and struggle(!!!), made Elsa unconscious, "killed" of Olaf.

    Since water never forgets, if Elsa was in a frozen coma, perhaps his flurries would whisper to Anna and Kristoff whereas Sven truly knows that it's Olaf talking through detached consciousness echoing Elsa's true half alive state, giving us a cliff hanger for Frozen 3!

    Where I would imagine a young dude comes up to her frozen coffin with a staff, a blue hoodie and ripped jeans, white hair and the words "Frost" left behind💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 . I so ship her and JackFrost together. Disney please fix this

  37. gacha_ roblox says:

    Savage Olaf…..

  38. MoonSilhouette77 says:

    Guys, remember. This is supposed to be a movie children would watch.
    I don't mind which version the ending was but remember which audience it was aimed at.
    Man, I feel like I'm being technical though…

  39. Gacha Zoie says:

    That's not real

  40. Gacha Zoie says:

    That's not real

  41. Tracer Grey says:

    First off. You can’t kill Elsa. I would’ve literally stood up, walked tf out, and cried in the movie theatre parking lot. It would’ve been like Black Widow for me all over again. Lol.

  42. Sonya A. Willis says:

    What were they thinking? Kill off Elsa and you kill off the franchise. There would have been a massive mutiny in the theatres. Anna would not have been announced as Her Majesty Queen Anna of Arrendelle had she not already been coronated.

    I figure that Elsa not being there was so Anna could be the center of attention and not have the kingdom focused on Elsa being the 5th Spirit.

  43. R R says:

    Lmfao if Elsa died I can tell you right now there would have been a riot😂

  44. Andrew Li says:

    Omg lol, Olaf says, "deranged murder", I think that would have been too dark for the kids. But the whole line of what Olaf said to Anna was too funny lol

  45. Cathy Vega says:

    Oh I thought Elsa died of being froze but I’m kind of sad that’s really dark

  46. Barbara B says:

    I wanted Ariendel to get destroyed in the original film since they evacuated the townspeople & it was why Anna lured the earth giants to destroy the damm to bring peace to the spirits. I love these alternate scenes and wish they could’ve been in the film. I like the Kristoph development so much and it was needed in the film. I’m not sure I would’ve liked it if Elsa stayed dead, but it would’ve been interesting to see how everyone would deal with Elsas passing, and Anna becoming queen. I liked Elsa as Queen instead of Anna.

  47. Sophia medina says:

    Wait it said in the movie there parents were not dead so in frozen 3 well they find there parents or at least try to find them I hope so

  48. Blue Phoenix says:

    Can't wait for 6 years again

  49. Rynea Sheehy says:

    So glad they didn’t kill her my little sisters wouldn’t have ever stopped crying

  50. The Songs says:

    The fact that they were thinking to have Elsa die for ever makes me feel sad even though it didn’t happen

  51. xxyenxDTM says:

    I prefer the happy ending it only got darker the alter endong i mean that seems so unfair all disney movies has good ending except frozen..

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    i cant wait omg

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    I think it would have been a lot better if they left in the Iduna and Agnarr scene, and Anna should have been the one to propose (It would fit the characters MUCH better)

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    Although this scene is happy I feel so crushed inside 😭😭😭

  55. Rebecca Cimarusti says:

    Elsa was soooo third wheeled…

  56. • yara • says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THE ORIGINAL PROPOSING SONG OF KRISTOFF "it's not you.. it's me. the timing and the setting aren't what I thought they'd be. there's probably someone better for you out there anywaaaaaaay. maybe I just need some space. no, I should just come out and saaaay… I wanna get this right, baby"

  57. jessiivee fan for life says:

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  58. jessiivee fan for life says:

    I'll be 18 in about 6 years but I'd still watch it if they came out with a third movie because I'll never grow up 😂

  59. Giovanna Cruz says:

    The movie would've been way more touching with these deleted scenes… Disney screwed up big time

  60. ThePinkDragon says:

    Love it! The memories Thed proposal ! Hate the Elsa dying part

  61. VERGUCO says:


  62. Mary Beth Holland says:

    Honestly I feel like the movie would have got higher marks from me if Arendelle did get destroyed. I don't know why. But while I was sitting there in the theater I was almost disappointed that it didn't get destroyed. I know it sounds horrible but. That's how I feel!

    (Frozen 2 is definitely my favorite movie of 2019 though!)

  63. abc xyz says:

    I think that in frozen 3 they should make Elsa come out as lesbian and find a gf

  64. Random Potato says:

    I think that arendelle should've been destroyed…it would have been a nice way to symbolize the destruction of the kingdom that represented the past (the grandpa and his choices, the parents' secrets, the time elsa shut herself in) and rebuilding something else anew (union between different people, actual honesty)

    It's hard for me to explain it but I just think it would be a nice way to also physically show that we can break away from the mistakes of our ancestors. I feel like arendelle represents too much of the past. It was the same kingdom that their parents and their grandparents ruled. I'm not saying that all rulers were bad and that all of their actions were horrible but I just think that there was too much deceit that already happened.

    Also it would have been really nice if they rebuilt it by combining both arendelle's architecture and nature as a representation of the unity between the people and magic (dad and their mom, elsa having magic, their people reconciling with the magic tribe).

  65. Niki G says:

    If Elsa died,nine would wanna be her for Halloween cause they don’t wanna be a dead Human lol

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  68. Hello Clarice says:


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  70. Hpesoj Ogladih says:

    I don't think Disney will do a Infinity War ending in an animated film in Anime it's always possible but in their animated film no way especially Frozen and Elsa, I don't think I can get over with it if Elsa dies because she is my favorite since F1 just no way. ~~ Elsa is the bridge between the mystical and the human, the past and the present. She says she is now the “Fifth Spirit,” hence her place belonging in the forest. Admittedly though, I am unsure if this was predestined because her mother was also half-spirit (she certainly knew magic) or if it was a byproduct of Anna making the right choice. In any event, Elsa takes on an even greater mythic quality.

  71. HsuYao Ning says:

    If Elsa died, why Olaf could attend Anna's Coronation.

  72. Lady Plue says:

    I wouldn't mind if it went darker… but it's for kids so… they threw a good plot. Anyway, all is great but felt something was missing and the fast pacing in the end. Good thing, they had the deleted scenes, they were way better if they did the transition right.

    Wished the deleted scene about Elsa's death and resurrection into fifth spirit was true.

  73. Sophie Draghi says:


  74. Ysa Khan says:

    I'll consider dead Elsa, but not Anna's new plan for Arendelle… It's way too dark for her to just let go of her people like that 😕

  75. Godness Is Grande says:

    i think they should've left the king and queen's memory

  76. Samuel Hartley-smith says:

    Disney really is stupid
    The fans would have really loved the alternative ending and if the make the scene right it wouldn't be upsetting or dark I don't believe that Elsa should have died but definitely the flood and secret from gives so much more lore into the family

  77. Psycho KillerWhale says:

    It's fuckin Disney, of course they wouldn't darken the movie🤦‍♀️

  78. Andressa says:

    Christoppher is a good for nothing character and we're tired of the same old white hetero washed up story. Anna deserved a lot better than getting engaged to an unwhased troll.

  79. Vinh Andnhi says:


  80. Runaway Monster says:

    Anna really got the short end of the stick in the movie, while I'm glad elsa didn't die, I think the kingdom going down would've given them a better chance to start over, to build a place fit for both people, connected by love as anna said. I will never forgive them for changing anna's badass attack on the cameraman.

  81. Alex Farmer says:

    I really wish they would’ve went with the other ending because well it would be a good twist for it and Disney would probably become well more popular maybe? I just really think they should have put all those scenes in.

  82. Mia Darlington says:

    I prefer the deleted proposal scenes, and the hidden room scene, and I like the idea of Elsa coming back later. I feel like it would’ve been a better movie for me but I’m not sure how little kids would feel about it.

  83. Merchie Anne Faith E. Bantang says:

    ohh gosh is this real?Hmmm

  84. Tinka Bellah says:

    Anyone here remember Cinderella 3 A Twist Im Time? 🤣

    It was Pretty Much A What if movie i guess? 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Can you folks Imagine if they pulled off that type of Shenanigans with Frozen??

    It would either be good or bad.
    But intresting??

    Though now im curious If they'll make What If Book for Frozen 🤔

    Cause i know they have some for a few other movies, but cant remember if it was Disney that had somone make them or an individual author…

  85. Nicole Elements says:

    i really wish the alternative ending was kept. yes it would be dark, but sometimes disney movies are dark. frozen has always been known to stray away from typical cliches (marrying a man you just met, hans actually being evil, act of true love not a kiss, etc.). so i think it would have been great to see arendelle destroyed and everyone really down, and then anna coming in as a leader and hopeful in rebuilding, setting her character arc more to become queen. as well as, adding in the memory for her too. anna gets forgotten about a lot and the focus is usually on elsa, so to see a memory about their parents talking about anna def would have set up her character even more, and with elsa saying she believes in her too and therefore giving her more hope and strength to rule.

  86. Coverdrivegirl says:

    Can’t kill Elsa. It would upset a lot of children. And she’s a cashcow

  87. Mariat Is Me says:

    Omg! This would have made such a good movie! The one released is just too simple, yk….

  88. Suzan Wannous says:

    I like frozen 2 just like it is

  89. Kayla Stanshall says:

    All these deleted scenes and endings were so good I wish they kept them!!

  90. Isa Bella says:

    I wish they would have taken the ending with Arrendel being destroyed and Elsa taking longer to recover or even becoming a "real spirit" and supporting Anna then in another way. (even though I'm not quiet sure if she really came back to life)
    And also the other scenes – I feel like they would have made the movie a lot greater – I even started crying when Elsa shows Anna the part where their parents talked about Anna and decided to tell Anna about Elsa's powers.❄

  91. Bar Machlev says:

    No matter which end they should have chosen. They never would've kill the main character. Its Disney movie which children's loves. So Elsa never was going to die.
    Additionally to Arendelle castle , that could have been cool alternative ending. But I'm happy with the actual ending

  92. Liyah says:


  93. Samantha Mathews says:

    4:54: OMG! XD

  94. Stuffed Animal Films says:

    0:50 Elsa was on the horse in the water!

  95. Stevenitoz World says:

    I wish arendelle did fall and ppl survived about half the amount of the northuldra ppl bc then they'd be forced to go to the enchanted Forest and there would be a series of episodes about them rebuilding their town like how su future had little homeschool Rebecca sugar went that far or will with maybe destroying little homeschool how come Disney can't just bc they're a bigger company

  96. Shannon Ashby says:

    I don't think Elsa should have died and I'm glad they didn't, but I think destroying Areandale would have given a lot more to the story and matched the movie more.

  97. Tatum Hanny says:

    I think the scene where Elsa showed Anna their parents decision on telling her about Elsa's powers really should've been in the movie.

  98. Martin Moore says:

    What if Elsa have stayed frozen in the cryogenic state for several more years?

    The years would have past by since after the events.

    Elsa was freed back to life but she is still in her youth.

    Anna and everybody else in Arendelle have grew old, some things has change and Olaf is resurrected back to life.

  99. Fernanda Terra Costa says:

    When I first whatched the movie I thought that might make more sense if she really died in the ending. She could've appeared for Anna like she did to say goodbye (she already looks like a phanton in that scene) and, perhaps, stopped the wave as an immaterial spirit. This final would better explain why she left Anna and her responsability as queen: not just because she wanted to, but because she died.

  100. The Motley Channel says:

    Controversial, yes; heartwrenching, absolutely; divisive, on no uncertain terms; but at the very least, it would have been all the more impactful and bold, even for a studio as daring as the House of Mouse.

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