Frozen 2 takes fans deep into the unknown
finally revealing the origin of Elsa’s powers, Anna’s future in Arendelle and the truth about
what happened to the sisters’ parents on that sea voyage. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video we’ll be discussing the epic ending of Frozen 2 and how the new movie’s mythology
changes everything about the past and future for Elsa and Anna. And to celebrate the release of the film,
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for more details. There will, of course, be spoilers for Frozen
2, so take care if you haven’t seen it yet. When Frozen 2 begins, three years have passed
since the castle gates were opened and Anna, the quintessential fairy tale character, is
still basking in her Happily Ever After from the first movie. “Do you ever worry about the notion that nothing
is permanent?” “Err, no!” And although deep down Anna doesn’t want anything
to change as she demonstrates in the song “Some Things Never Change”, the irony of the
song’s title is that nothing could be further from the truth. Elsa is the catalyst for change when one night
she goes outside the castle to explore the mysterious voice from the north that keeps
calling to her. Her song “Into The Unknown” reveals the inner
turmoil Elsa feels. At first, she resists the “siren song” because
she knows that answering it will risk everything and everyone she loves in Arendelle. The voice challenges her though because it
understands that Elsa’s true destiny is not to be Queen of Arendelle, but to become something
else. As Elsa realizes she can’t suppress her true
calling any longer, she reaches out to the voice. The spirits answer back though with dramatic
effect and throw Arendelle into disarray as the earth and wind upturn the streets and
blow the inhabitants out of the kingdom and up onto the cliffs. This event sets Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff
off on their quest to the Enchanted Lands in search of answers to the past. “Find who is calling to you. They may have answers.” As they part the mist guarding the entrance
to the forest, Olaf remarks that an Enchanted Forest “is a place of transformation” and
as we’ll see all four characters will undergo a significant change after their time there. Inside the forest, the gang meets the Arendellians
and Northuldra people who were trapped inside when the spirits were angered, and they also
learn that Elsa and Anna’s parents met as children in the forest. Elsa also discovers her mother’s secret connection
to Ahtohallan when Honeymaren explains that the four symbols on Iduna’s scarf represent
each of the four spirits and therefore Iduna’s connection to nature. A darker secret about Elsa and Anna’s parents
is also revealed when the sisters come across the wreckage of their ship. When Elsa extracts the memories of what happened
to the ship from the water soaked into the wood, they learn that their parents didn’t
perish in the Southern Seas as assumed, but that they were travelling to Ahtohallan in
search of answers about Elsa’s powers. The lullaby “All Is Found” is actually Iduna’s
“secret message to Elsa” and it contains all the answers about the themes of the movie
and Elsa’s destiny. “When I was little, my mother would sing a
song about a special river called Ahtohallan.. that was said to hold all the answers about
the past.. about what we are a part of.” Ahtohallan is the “river full of memory” which
contains the answers to the past that Elsa is looking for. And so she goes to the shores of the Dark
Sea which she must cross to find that river from the lullaby. After Elsa tames the water spirit, which appears
as a horse that challenges her to prove herself worthy, she rides it to Ahtohallan, recalling
the line from “All Is Found”, “Come my darling homeward bound”. Ahtohallan is where Elsa’s transformation
will occur. She begins to sing “Show Yourself” as she
becomes overjoyed at finding the place she truly belongs. Her hair flows loose and free of any constraints
and as she enters into the depths of the frozen glacier, images of her mother appear in the
ice and both Iduna and the voice sing back to Elsa. As foretold in the lullaby “All Is Found”,
“[Ahtohallan] will sing to those who’ll hear And in her song, all magic flows.” As she travels deeper into the heart of the
frozen river, Elsa finally reaches the symbols of the four spirits and embracing the mythical
magical moment, in the centre of the four symbols a star forms, a symbol or sign of
the fifth spirit which is a union of all four spirits. This is very much Elsa’s new “Let It Go” moment
and as she steps into the centre of the star it calls back to when she stamped her foot
on the North Mountain and created a giant snowflake that grew into an enormous Ice Palace. And just like in “Let It Go” when Elsa created
a new blue dress for herself, in “Show Yourself”, Elsa’s transformation is completed as her
magic creates a stunning new white flowing dress. This is an amazing moment for Elsa, and as
the fifth spirit, her powers are tremendous, but as we will see she’s not invincible. Ahtohallan opens up the memories of the past
and, as Elsa goes deeper and deeper into that past, she gets colder and colder as she discovers
her grandfather’s betrayal of the Northuldra people. Elsa’s horror and fear and guilt at uncovering
this secret history proves too much and she literally freezes up with each memory she
uncovers. In the end, as the lullaby “All Is Found”
warned, Elsa dives too deep into this frozen river of memories and she drowns in ice as
the cold overcomes her. So, in a change from the first film, apparently
the cold does bother Elsa anyway. Fortunately, as previously explained by Honeymaren,
the Fifth Spirit is also a bridge between two worlds and to prove this point just before
freezing over, Elsa sends a ray of magic to her sister Anna who’s sheltering in a cave
at that moment. The ice magic reveals the truth about their
grandfather to Anna who realizes what she must do to right the historic wrong the Arendellians
committed against the Northuldra. Anna uses the Earth Giants to destroy the
dam that her treacherous grandfather built, which lifts the curse the spirits had put
on the Enchanted Forest and also frees Elsa from her frozen state. “Promise me we’ll do this together, OK?” “I promise.” In the end then, both Anna and Elsa were needed
to break the curse and restore balance to the world. Because, as Elsa points out, their mother
had two daughters. In fact, Anna’s heroic moment was foreshadowed
right at the very beginning of the film when young Elsa and Anna play with a mini enchanted
forest. At the end of their game, Elsa has their fairy
queen toy break the spell, saving everyone, and Anna adds that everyone gets married. Based on the previous films you’d probably
associate the magical Elsa with the fairy queen toy they play with. However, what happens when the girls grow
up is that it’s Anna, who although not magical herself is able to harness the magic of nature
like her Northuldra relatives used to do and by doing so saves everyone by getting the
earth spirits to take out the dam. With Elsa unleashed, we now get to witness
the Avatar or goddess-like powers that she commands. With Arendelle under threat from the dam’s
flood waters, Elsa summons and commands the water spirit, riding it to Arendelle where
she stops and then dissipates the tidal wave about to submerge the kingdom. Now there’s a lot more to discuss about Elsa’s
tremendous new powers in Frozen 2 and I’ll link to my full video on that here and in
the video description. After saving Arendelle, Elsa has an emotional
reunion with her sister Anna. And echoing her “Do you wanna build a snowman?” phrase from the first movie, Elsa resurrects
Olaf from the pile of snowflakes that he transformed into. Olaf faded away at the same time that Elsa
became frozen in Ahtohallan, because as we know from the first film, the magical snowman
was the result of Elsa’s powers, so when she passed, he did too. Fortunately, because water retains memory,
as Olaf tells everyone during the movie, the little snowman is restored with all of his
previous memories. “The water that makes up you and me has passed
through at least four animals before us.” With her newfound sense of identity, Elsa
also makes the momentous decision and change to remain in the north and not return to live
in Arendelle, agreeing with Honeymaren’s suggestion that Elsa belongs there. Now part of Elsa’s decision to remain in the
north involves asking Anna to take over from her as ruler and Queen of Arendelle. Fans will no doubt debate this change of ruler,
but it most likely works out best for both sisters and was hinted at early in the movie. After Arendelle was evacuated and GranPabbie
offered to look after the Arendellians, it was Anna who displayed leadership and took
charge of giving orders to the troll leader: “I will look after your people.” “Please make sure they stay out of the kingdom
until we return.” “Of course.” This isn’t to take anything away from Elsa,
it’s just that Anna is better suited to the more constrained and human side of being in
charge of a kingdom whereas Elsa’s magical abilities and sense of mythic destiny mean
she’s better suited to live near nature where she can freely make use of her magic without
causing problems to those around her. Ultimately, Elsa has never felt fully at ease
in Arendelle and her quest to Ahtohallan has shown her where she truly belongs. On the other hand, Anna is perfectly suited
to life in Arendelle, and at the end, both set a regular date to meet up at the castle
every week. “Never a dull moment with you two.” Another huge change for Anna is that by end
of the movie, Kristoff finally manages to make his proposal to her and they get married. And on the subject of Anna and her Happily
Ever After ending, we need to jump back a moment and talk about her transformation after
she was separated from Elsa and ended up alone in a cave with Olaf. After Anna receives the message from her sister
about their grandfather and the dam, Olaf begins to flurry away and he sadly reveals
to Anna that if the magic is fading from him, then her sister must not be OK either. Anna then goes through the heart-breaking
moment of holding her snowman friend in her arms as he fades into snowflakes, knowing
this also meant her sister’s life-force was also fading. For Anna who’s an eternal optimist and started
the movie in such a happy place, these losses are heavy blows that send her into a deep
sadness. Still, she manages to draw on her inner strength
and pull herself out of the depths of despair with her song “The Next Right Thing”. As Anna sings this emotional song, she determines
that she can survive and get through it by moving forward one small step at a time. Through this transformation, Anna matures
into a more complex character which makes her even better suited to be the new Queen
of Arendelle. And her sister Elsa is now truly at peace
with her powers. To learn all about Elsa’s new abilities and
exactly what she can now do after Frozen 2, tap here or click the link in the video description
to watch my full breakdown of all of Elsa’s new powers. So, how do you feel about Elsa and Anna’s
transformations in Frozen 2? And how do you think they could team up in
a future story? Share your thoughts in the comments below
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Dereck Turner

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