Frost Your Doors and Windows – Frosted Glass Spray Paint How To – GardenFork

Frost Your Doors and Windows – Frosted Glass Spray Paint How To – GardenFork

Dereck Turner

38 thoughts on “Frost Your Doors and Windows – Frosted Glass Spray Paint How To – GardenFork

  1. Elizabeth Blanch says:

    That would look really nice with a lace starch to the glass or a pattern taped off be for you sprayed it.

  2. lechatbotte says:

    Great job.

  3. K Flan says:

    I used this in a closet with windows.  Instant privacy but still all the light!

  4. ricki c says:

    I thought you were going to use that glass etching cream. This looks so much easier!

  5. Primal Edge says:


  6. Tc Anderson says:

    How many tennis balls are required? And, do they have to be green? LOL! Just kidding. Great video.

  7. Emilio Boggio says:

    Nice work ! Regards from an Argentinean Suscriber

  8. Tracy Rochow Byerly says:

    Would this work on mirrored glass doors? I had been considering removable wallpaper to cover the mirror.

  9. Paulie Nuesslein says:

    When I bought my house a long time ago I did the same thing to glass panels in doors that were under the sink. Nothing like showing everyone you kitchen plumbing and cleaners…

  10. Steve, Jen Q,P Nelson says:

    "While it's drying, guess what it's time for?" Have to be honest, I was hoping you were going to have a spoon and a can of frosting.

  11. Kimberlee Rivera says:

    Thank you! The glass came out looking like it was suppose to be like that! I just love those beautiful Labs! One just goes over and plops right into the water, haha!!

  12. russtex says:

    Wow! Looks great!
    Do you have new glasses? They look good.

  13. skyfooty says:

    you can also use a frosted glass etch which will etc the glass making it frosted

  14. Pratt Family Homestead says:

    Great job thanks!!! – Mike

  15. maria nash says:

    just a quick question if you used this to frost the bottom of your french doors on the inside is this stuff easily scratched off ie. dogs scratching.?

  16. Hu Ko says:

    Good idea! Thanks and hello from Germany.

  17. flamezoom says:

    looks really nice 😀

  18. Angelo Machils says:

    is that stuff removable?

  19. The Weekend Homestead says:

    Do you have issues if some spots are thicker sprayed than others? Or does it even out.

  20. John Doe says:

    Is it easier to remove the spray frosting as to remove the foil in later times ?

  21. bret354 says:

    im subscribed, with notifications on, yet not notified of your posts… need a new yt

  22. Nancy Clayton says:

    Nice job! And remember… "The label is the law!" 🙂

  23. Paul Atreides says:

    You are one very cool dude! Thanks for the videos.

  24. Vonna O says:

    Done, and perfect! Great job Eric!

  25. Alixe K says:

    Looking to frost bathroom windows to hold us over until we can remodel. Thanks for the informative video!

  26. Richland Zee says:

    Did you spray both sides or just one? Does it matter which side faces the front?

  27. aRockintheSea says:

    The dogs make this the best how to video I have ever seen. Thank you!

  28. Cal S says:

    This has to be the lamest video I've seen on Youtube. 5 minutes about dogs, using a screw driver, telling us why frosted glass can be used –and not any info at all about what kind of spray paint was used. Unbelievably lame. Worse, 13K people (including me) watched it.

  29. FuzzyJohn says:

    Why didn't you put the glass back on the door with the frosted side facing the inside? I think it would protect the "frosting" better.

  30. Liza Kweh says:

    What brand did you used? Can I just get any brand on the shelf and have the same like yours?

  31. B Tek says:

    is the frosting removeable?

  32. Vinny the Silent Demon says:

    Do you have to spray both sides of the glass or just one side?

  33. Anne-Marie Johnstone/Bland says:

    Can I buy this in Australia, please? And does it last outside in the weather?

  34. Jameela Fayez says:

    Starts at 3.15

  35. Melody Potter says:

    Is it advisable to do additional coats so that the finished product is less transparent? Would like to do something similar with a kitchen cabinet glass door and don't want anything to be visible from the exterior.

  36. Widura Weerasinghe says:

    Hi. Thanks a lot for the video. Can you recommend me any glass paint which is UV resistant?

  37. Max Rex says:

    Going to spray my car windows with this,well not front window hahaha

  38. Yuzhu Gong says:

    How can I change it back to clear glass?

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