Freeze Frame Football Battle | Dude Perfect

Freeze Frame Football Battle | Dude Perfect

DANGIT, IT BROKE! I think we’re gonna need to call an ambulance. (I agree) What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect- welcome to Freeze Frame Football Battle. HERE WE GO! (WHOO) Weird Musiz First round, each knock-down is worth 2 points. The freeze frame cutout is worth 5, and the winner advances on to the finale. Well, I’m up first this time, I actually chose myself to go first because the last battle didn’t end up well for me. My boat actually sunk to the bottom of the lake. Luckily, there’s no water in this one so I should be fine… heh Ok, good captions end here and turn into mediocre captions in 3! 2! 1! Really, where are we I think we’re in our office? Okay? He’s all right. What’s to say guys I? Got to pick it up Team Kobe always in forever no he’s not Unfortunately we have found it. Hey right now Kobe cotton is in the finale wow That often folks and that’s why we like to say it as many times as possible Guys I don’t throw a great ball, I’m just gonna get ahead in the comments on that A very clear break is I with a little beard action. It’s November No Shave November. Let’s see if it pays off My eyes seem to be lying to me from what my ears told me bring it in for booth heard you okay? So moving honest, I heard a rib is good, but I don’t see all right yeah Despite the loud cracking noises There were no visible ribs, I will confirm Cody had The beard no one did you win all the time? Oh get rid of it doesn’t look good on you howdy partners points of confidence I’m a natural-born footballer points of concern well that walls coming in pretty hot yeah, that’s about it. Hopefully I hit some targets in make it through here we go Don’t quit we want to see the blood am I gonna die you’re fine get up I don’t know you guys, but how much said about the finale shopper that he made that I’m not sure Congratulations to one of us who will be the winner of this competition For the second round each field goal made is two points making it through the freeze frame is worth five all right You might be wondering coats. Who are you rooting for in this round two and I would like to see actually Tyler Tony himself? He’s a full-figured man. What’s up T? Hey, okay walking my camera and heard you say something Oh, no. I see rootin for you boy see I’m nervous. I am NOT a good kicker. How you feelin time not good at all I don’t feel great my hands are covered in soap daddy Let me state the obvious that did not go well Thank you, it’s finale time boys there’s four walls to go through the first. Three are worth five points Yes, the last one is worth tens you do not have to stay on the platform to get through it Cody. You’re up first I’m roughing the beer today so far. It’s paid off. Let’s just get skinny He’s sitting at 30 no no he’s not sitting there He’s in this twenty twenty twenty point ladies and gentlemen it all comes down to this I’m never shaving until I lose again Dodie Jones a wise man once said it is not my honor But it is certainly my duty to present you with this absolutely amazing tribute Tyler This is me look great on the living room mantel well done Thanks for watching guys If you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber click down here, so you don’t miss out on any awesome new videos special Thanks to our friends at Coke Zero sugar for making this possible Coke Zero sugar tastes like a coke click here to go try one for yourself if you want to see the last video click Right here sign it up for now pound it noggin. See ya

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    Cody is more handsome with his beard

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    I'm indonesian big fan of dude perfect

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    Cadru înghețat is from romania

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    2nd task is really very funny 😁

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