Frankie – Kathi Roll – By VahChef @

Frankie – Kathi Roll – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you how to make a
chicken Frankie. you can make it with paneer or vegetables also; to make
this dough for a Frankie one cup of maida one-fourth cup of atta salt half a
teaspoon of oil add water and make it into a soft dough keep it aside for at
least 15-20 minutes after which we can roll it easily now let us a go ahead and cook this
chicken; add oil cumin seeds some crushed ginger and garlic now add chopped
onion to this add salt turmeric and cook this onions till there well done once this onions are slightly browned
add chopped tomatoes and the bell pepper if you don’t have bell pepper that is capsicum you can also add some chopped green
chillies add chilli powder coriander powder cumin powder add very little water if you have the
tomatoes which are juicy you don’t need to add this add chicken that is a kind of mashed up just chop the chicken into small pieces
you can use the chicken kheema also after you add the chicken mix it up real good
and just put a lid on and let it cook on a slow flame then this chicken is tender in the meanwhile this chicken oozes out water then remove the lid and
cook it till all this moisture evaporates. Add chaat masala and this
chaat masala will give additional chaat effect for your Frankie’s; add little bit of lemon juice, finish it off with the chopped coriander and now keep this aside and let it cool down so we can put into the nice thin roti we’re going to make. to make this thin roll just take this dough and roll it into thin sheet just add a little bit of
oil onto this thin sheet you rolled out of this dough sprinkle a little bit off all purpose
flour that’s maida now just make it like a paratha just fold it then roll this paratha once you roll this into around just
press it flat and don’t let this rest for 15 minutes after 15 minutes we’re
going to roll this into thin sheet again this time into a round shape put this paratha onto the hot tawa and cook it on both sides till you get a very
nice color; take a egg and whisk it up if you want to add little bit pepper powder you can but you don’t need to now you can add some oil on one side of
the paratha, pour this half of the egg onto this paratha and spread it so
it kind of stick because of the heat now turn this paratha onto the other
side just take this Frankie paratha onto a plate on this you can spread your
chicken you can make paneer or any vegetables also spread this whatever you make evenly you can add capsicum that is bell pepper some onion, slice tomato also just if you
want you can a little bit of lime juice even though
i’ve added earlier , press it on the side so that they get sealed then roll your Frankie
and your Frankie this is quite a big Frankie in fact we call this kathi rolls when you
add chicken kebab or any kebabs into this roti. Adding this onions and capsicum
and tomatoes will make this more juicy yeah I also know my friends who also try
to put some mayonnaise on to this it’s up to you make your variation to
suit your taste Wow Dear friends I hope you enjoyed to
learn how to make this Kathi roll or Frankie’s with your VahChef at you can make smaller than this and make
it even more bite size; dear friends remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

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