Folk Art Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration: Painting Over Your Old Artwork, Time Lapse

hi this is Helen Schaefer in this video
I will show you how to recycle an old painting I will give you tips on how to
brighten up dull or uninteresting sections watch for how the palette knife
is used as a mini palette let’s begin I take an old
landscape vacuum it and dust it off with a brush then while I’m brushing I begin
feeling excited about how I will improve my old painting I bring out my oil
colors since this is an oil landscape I can’t paint acrylic over oil acrylic
does not stick to oil over time I choose only bright and fresh looking colors
first I brighten the water by adding lots of vivid blue with the help of a
ruler making sure that the measurements are the same along the shoreline it has
to be level with the sky to make it look right I brighten the sky by adding yellow to
white I’m using my mini palette I load the knife with paint hold it while I
apply paint from the knife onto the canvas with my brush holding the mini
palette makes for a convenient way to paint details the shrubs are
revitalized by adding yellows golds greens reds and whites I want them to
gleam in the sunlight next I work on the Meadowlark who is
singing in the tree the Meadowlark is a Robin sized yellowish bird who loves to
live in the grassland it has a black tuxedo like marking on its neckline and
breast if you listen you might hear the voice of the Meadowlark singing joyful
notes the trees are coming alive as I shade
areas darker the Meadowlark is still singing
everything is calm and peaceful I hope that you enjoyed watching this
transformation so next time when you have an old painting that you aren’t
quite satisfied with don’t worry just put it aside later when you’re ready add
a little paint and like magic you’ll have a new painting try it you’ll see
this is Helen Schaefer thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel
if you have not done that yet by the way my next video is going to be another
recycled one so please watch Thanks bye

Dereck Turner

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