Fluid Painting with a Beginner – How To Tutorial Dirty Pour with Swipe Technique

Fluid Painting with a Beginner – How To Tutorial Dirty Pour with Swipe Technique

This just seems funny ’cause I’m normally doing this by myself Okay, I’m here with my friend Amanda and We are up north near, Salt Lake City area in Utah So today We are going to do a dirty pour and I am going to go step by step and show Her how to do one because she’s never done one before so Amanda wanted to do some similar colors to this piece right here So what we went ahead and did we got the Apple Barrel gloss Blue let’s see what’s it called real blue this one there? And then the next one is aqua by basics Liquitex basics the next one is silver and The next one is cobalt blue by Artist Loft and that is a metallic paint then we have the white which I already have pre-mixed in a bottle and that is just a Walmart white brand semi-gloss and Then the floetrol our Elmer’s glue, and then the distilled water The Spot On treadmill belt lubricant you can find that on Amazon for like seven to twelve dollars It’s real easy to find. So these are the colors that we’re gonna do. okay, so first Amanda is going to open up the canvas and This is an Artist Loft level three gallery wrap. I wanted to show everything from the very beginning. I’ll just take that. And I’m gonna have her wipe off the canvas with her towel and the reason why is because I believe there are little bitty particles on there, and I’ve got them in my fingers before and You can’t even see them to get them out with tweezers, so She wiped that down really good, and then she’s gonna flip it over and Put the little push pins on there And these are just Little bitty push pins you can see what they look like you can get those literally anywhere Jo-ann, Michaels, Walmart Staples, OfficeMax The reason why We use those is because it sets the canvas off a little bit because you don’t want your canvas to be directly on your piece of cardboard cut-out So that way when your painting is done The drips won’t get on there and stick to your canvas, and then you’ll have to pry your canvas off with a crowbar All right, let’s start mixing some paint so let’s do the Floater all and the glue first So just in each cup we’ll do a pretty good squirt in there a Little more right there so about the same in each Cup Let me get over here, so we can see good – that’s good That’s good, okay, and then now we’ll put in the Elmer’s glue I Know it seems really weird putting in if you’re new to this putting in glue Into your paint is kinda really awkward So go ahead and start pouring And about the same amount a little more Okay So about the same amount of floral that you put in okay? And I got these clear cups for you guys at home Or or if you’re watching this at work on your lunch break Okay, so now get stir sticks in each one This is gonna be fun. This is really gonna be a fun one so Now mix those together Mix each one of those together you’ll have to grab each cup and mix it thoroughly like Really whip it around Yeah Okay and Then just do that the same on each one Okay So we have four colors, right right Well we’ll actually need to do our Wyatt 2, so we’ll get a cup for that Okay So let’s do the white Cup and get one for that so the little float roll, that’s good We might have a little much in each one, but that’s okay It shows the mix really good that and that’s what I wanted to do a little more glue Just a tad that’s good Sometimes it wants to hang up there. Oh there. We go. That’s okay so mix that one Okay All right, so now we’re going to add our paints on each one so let’s start with the dark So let me get over here Just a little more a little more Give it a pretty good squirt. Okay, okay? That’s good You know that’s good The next color that way people can see Little bit more okay, that’s good and then take your stir stick up there you go you can take your stir stick and just tap the bottom of it if You want to and that? Wipes it clean because your stir stick will have that color anyways So that’s good And that one you’ll probably have to smack it down, oh there we go okay, that’s good Perfect and then the white is in that yeah a little bit more a Little more give it a pretty good squirt in there the white okay, that’s good You can always add a little bit more Okay, so now we’re gonna stir them all really good It’s cool how it kind of mixes together yeah I’m glad I got these clear cups because Yeah, it really helps show And you want to make sure you scrape the sides of the cup to get it all good, and it doesn’t have to be perfect Yeah, because the floater oh and glue will dry like clear like Yeah So it will kind of give you that clear like effect And this color might chunk up a bit See how it starts to get little bitty chunks in there So you’ll have to try and get those out the best you can because that will leave little bitty chunks on there So yeah, we’re going to do the silver I think That one will work out pretty easy though the metallics always do I Think so Unless it froze when it was in my car on the way here that was like 18 degrees when I loved Cedar City Oh Man that’s not very good Just keep stirring it you’ll have to work those out Maybe we can come back to that color, let’s let it set for a little bit, maybe that’ll help it Well that’s pretty yeah, this cobalt blue is just it’s a really new paint like trainings per week stuff in there pretty You can feel how see how it has like a more fluid texture, huh yeah, it’s a little thinner Okay, that should be good Okay cool, so now oh That’s right, we’re not done mixing it Yeah, yeah, let’s let’s get that silver mixed up better I Don’t know what that silver is gonna work pretty junky that will that will run the painting for sure, so let’s just set that aside And Okay, so now we’re going to do the silicon drops, and we’re going to do go ahead and No, that’s the water let me check the consistency real quick That’s just a hair thick Just add a tad a few drops of water to this one. Okay, let me see this one This is a tad thick but We’re going to leave this dark color thicker. This one’s going to be a little thinner and This one here, that’s going to be a little thinner I like to mix up my paint consistency is different right yeah It’s like okay Okay go ahead and mix those Oh A little bit more on the white a little water in the white Because I know what I’ll need it okay So if you’re at home don’t be afraid to have one color heavier than the other Because they react differently which will create more cells Let me check it wait check it here Yeah, that should work You just kind of want it the consistency of like a melted ice cream Super focus Okay awesome So now We’re going to add the silicon part and So open up the bottle just a little bit the little squeeze thing yeah So just a tiny so like all the way closed You want it to come too? I wish this would focus hold it right there So just a Little bit Because if you have that all the way open It’s gonna go flood out and you don’t want that much silicon you only want three tiny drops So do three tiny drops into the blue and each color Or weight actually don’t do the blue. Sorry We’re gonna leave it plain So one two three, okay Is this what makes this sells mm-hmm it makes the paint react Okay, and then wipe that off. I closed it first Okay now take your stir stick and go one two three And you can hold your cup up to do that Do one more do one more? Right there. That’s good. That’s good oh It doesn’t have that’s right. Okay. Good call Okay, let’s see Yeah, that’s a silicone starting to react with the paint Okay This would be cool for everybody at home, so they can see exactly Because normally, I can’t get this close. Okay, so grab the big cup over here Mm-hmm and we’re gonna pour some let’s do a little bit of white in first, okay? Go ahead and give it a little bit in there. Yeah, there you go now. Wipe it There you go And then we’re gonna go a contrast color the dark This is the cobalt blue Okay Then we’re gonna do contrasting the aqua Because you don’t want to do your darks together You want to do like all your lights together, and all your darks you want that contrast? Okay So what is it? Okay? Who doesn’t have a SOCOM in it? See how it’s already starting down there It’ll it’ll still react to the silicon. That’s in the other paints, and then do that whole process over again No you don’t have to finish it all Okay And you can do this as many times as you want But you just want to have enough in there for your poor okay? Okay Okay alright, so take a small stick over there And when you put it in the cup you’re gonna put it in one side and go one and then crisscross it too And that’s it Mm-hmm so one and two and then pull it out okay? I’ll just wipe that off there Okay now we’re ready, so now you’re just gonna pour it from whatever side you want just See a lot of times people do what’s called a flip cup and you can take the canvas and do this number and Then hold it and then flip it over But we’re just gonna do a straight pour across diagonally whichever way you want to go Mm-hmm And make sure you kind of get it over the side too, but just go ahead and keep going there you go Okay now we’re gonna do a tilt, so you just start tilting it whichever way you think it looks good you Can let it run over the sides, too Now you can come back and Like you don’t have to do the whole canvas if you don’t want to you can leave some negative space in there Whatever you want to do. It’s your creative freedom That looks pretty cool. Yeah, you can Mm-hmm you can fill in those spots too with the rest of the paint. Yeah, oh There’s not very much in there so you can pour some more paint So you can pour some more paint just like you did in there First before we pour the paint let’s hit it with that heat gun okay That should be good Because that’s kind of light you don’t want too much light on the sides there, so let’s hit it with that heat gun A little closer and kind of go right to left right the left real quick See those cells they’ll start to pop out even more Or watch this white once it hits the blue See that and that cool Okay, that should be good, so Do you want to mix up a little more paint or So now you kind of got it down you can just use your creative You can do white knock what to keep it light like if you want to keep it light up here and dark down here And you don’t have to do the little crisscross if you don’t want to you can just pour it on there And it will start reacting You can do Yeah, there you go It’s a nice thing about this you can you have total creative freedom? It’ll kind of start to mix together you can push it around with that heat gun if you want to okay And you can just pour straight aqua on there if you want So get your swipe tool I want to show you a trick okay? Grab that middle one over there No the the middle one and I want you to take it and just Do a little swipe very lightly over there like that Hold it hold it kind of not so much at an angle, but flat Yeah, just like that real light Okay, and now the top okay, that’s good That’s cool, I’ll see those cells kind of come out there You can do a little more tilting if you want or I Don’t like to tilt too much, but Because it kind of changes the whole dimension of the painting So you can pour a little more blue, and then do a swipe down there, too If you liked this look you you probably want to leave it It’s White’s gonna take it over and pour some more blue in there It’s looking really cool. Yeah, I like this oh That’s cool Which one should I use first yeah, you can use that larger one Okay, that’s good Yeah, now kind of push it a little bit with that heat gun People to the south Yeah, kind of push it that way a little bit too, just a little bit You wanted to look kind of natural instead of a straight line Okay That’s very cool You ought to see it on the camera it looks really awesome. There’s like a little wave going on in the middle there Yeah, I think Now she’s getting tricky fault It might take it a little while to react, but it’ll look really neat in there like a little flow oh Yeah, that’s cool You don’t want to dry it too close don’t hit yeah, there you go because I could tell some of it was as it’ll dry it and Crack it So if you like that we can leave it and let it dry She wants a little SH. Wipe action See how I kind of dried it just a little bit And you don’t want to swipe or do too much to it because once you get it to a certain point You’ll start to lose your cells and stuff Yeah Just flow it in there kind of nice Kinda make it look natural. Oh, yeah, there you go That’s good Okay, so I think we’re done with this one and we’re gonna we’re gonna let it dry Well, thanks this was awesome Yeah, thanks for teaching me this is fun Okay, so we went from here over To the table You want to make sure that you get your painting as level as possible? Reason why? you don’t want to come back in an hour and this thing Have all the paint just dripping everywhere to one side And it will do that if it’s just off a little bit, so let’s take a look and see what we got here Looks pretty level on there hey, and that’s Christmas tree, okay, so You can put a ceiling fan on it lightly To tack it up And then that’s it you don’t want to dry it any more than that you just want it to tack up a little bit That’s the only thing I recommend, but if you put a ceiling fan on it for too long It will crack it so you don’t want to do that, but this is drying. It’s starting to dry out really nice already But like I said just make sure that you get that on there really good and another thing is Your paint will start to make buildups right in here, so I took a swipe tool Swiped across wiped it on my rag Swiped across a little bit more wiped it off on my rag because if you’re setting it on your kitchen table or whatever you don’t want to come back and have it all over your nice table and tile floor and yadda-yadda so We’re gonna. Let that dry up nice and slow and and See what it looks like after Okay, so I wanted to show you guys something On this floor squeaky over here. See how it’s doing that But see how it’s doing this right here It almost looks like little ocean bubbles That’s kind of something that happens, which is really cool from the gesso that’s on the canvas and the glue and the silicone reacting and the thinness of the paint right there So you can see it got kind of thin Right here, too Right there so that Is really awesome when you’re doing ocean scenes? That’s kind of one of my little Coin things that people ask me. How do you get those little bubbles on there and if your paints a little bit thinner it will look very ocean like that

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