Floating Cup Pencil Carving

Floating Cup Pencil Carving

It’s been doing this over and over (Chuckles) you guys are messing with me. I know it! Alright, we’ll come back in just little bit, dag gum. Oh you people better not yeah (Cheering) Ohh! (Laughing) You people are evil. Oh my goodness ah Okay, it’s bright! Going to the- dag gum. That’s bright. That’s better. That’s a great shot. We’re going to the store to get some wewd to make some art! That makes me happy. Goin’ in, to the store; Hope we can find lots of wewd Lots of wewd Lots of wewd, uh- oh Going in to the store. My goodness look at all this wewd (Gasp) This is called bass wood. It is great for carving, but there’s a lot more So fancy so pretty That is called Purple Heart look at that stuff. That is purple wood. It’s not dyed that’s actually what it looks like some of this- oh man Dag gum! Wow, that’s like some exotic blue wood- oh. Oh wait. No. This is called Padauk. It’s like on fire I love it so much Alright, I think I’m gonna buy this stuff (Grunting) Well, okay. Going up to the front Yeah, smells so good. Going home to make something now, okay? (Music) Okay bye. We’re back from the wood place, and I got a piece of wood. It’s a chunk of basswood Let me show you. This is that piece of wewd, I’m going to cut it into three pieces, glue it together and that will be the chunk that I will use to then carve the cup out of. (Music) All right Mister Now all we got to do is sand these sides, put some glue on them, and then clamp them up dag gum Oh, and I also got some of these (Insert pencils) (Music) So there’s our block of wewd that we will be carving the cup out of. I say that looks pretty good pretty good right there (More music) Mmkay, we’re gonna cut it out on the bandsaw And you can see I got the pattern drawn on both sides and what I’m gonna do is cut this and then I’m going to try to cut around.. then I’m going to go back and glue with hot glue these sections back on to it that way when I cut it this direction There will still be a pattern there, and I’ll be able to cut it out so just watch (MORE MUSIC) Now when you take it apart… (cRaCk) You don’t have to do (cRaCk) as much carving, see? Yay! And I’ll keep this as a reference for when I’m carving so I can get the little curly cues and all right and good stuff. Bye bye, bandsaw. Until we meet again. Let’s start to do some carving Oh, it’s so cute Look at the little wewden cup, sort of. Alright, drew a little circle on the bottom and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to use my little belt sander to bring this curve see I got the curve right here? I’m gonna try to continue that around on the base, sand it off up to that age First I’m gonna change the belt! (Changing belt. Good time for something to drink) (EvEn MoRe MuSiC) All right, we’ve got our cup sanded the rough shape you can see what it lewks like now what I’m gonna do is start using my rotary carver to carve it out. And the you know, just see that’s about all I can think to do ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ (tRaNsItIoN mUsIc) MKAY! So I think the best thing to do would be to bundle this up and then wrap it with some Rubber bands you know what I’m saying? Do you, do ya, DO YA? where’s my white one? That’s the one I had- oh, of course. It’s right there. That’s the one I marked the length on you can see there There’s our mark, and I don’t know how well this is gonna cut. We’re gonna find out yes we are, oh my goodness.. (Different transition song) Must say that’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever cut with this saw Except for that one time I cut aged Colby jack with it (Yum). See it’s splashy splash And then the pour-y pour so I need to glue up a chunk So I can carve that out of it and then keep and then you just Just watch. So my idea is this; I’m going to take this vinegar container with just a little bit of vinegar still left in it Clean it out and then use it as kind of a tray to set all the pencils in so we’re just gonna Just gonna finish this off real quick Love me some vinegar! No parasites for me. Just kidding that was water, come on! (Song #2) So yeah uhh… My camera ran out of memory before I could show you the finishing of this, well it turns out I can’t- or I’m not gonna use this because the glue it dried It kind of has like a rubbery sort of feel you can look if the camera will focus it needs to be really hard it can’t be soft and squishy because I won’t be able to sand it or really carve it so basically what I made was a Very interesting and very impractical pencil, let’s see how this works (Grunt) Oh my gosh the thing’s like two pounds Baaa Bee Think I’m on to something unfortunately that means I have to start over so I went ahead and bought a couple more pencils because I didn’t have enough in the first- (Insert pencils) Whoa! Yeah, oh, yeah, also the glue that I got a two-part epoxy resin called Super Glaze. We’re gonna see how this works (Music) (Now would be a good time to drink if you don’t wanna watch the transition.) (Music) (It’s a long transition. Drink some water.) (Music) Look at it Lo-o-o-ok at it! It’s beautiful Not really, this is what I came up with it’s uh. It’s weird-looking. I think it looks kind of like some kind of weird gun or- Pew Pew! or maybe Ow! (nom nom nom) (licks) So I’m gonna kind of roughly draw out the design on to here, cut off what I don’t need and start to carve So let us carve the pencil! The way we do (music) (Nice dancing!) (Stop-motion animation) (Really good! Better than my friend’s) Okay guys, it’s go time for real, what we’re gonna do now that these are both sanded really well I’m gonna mix up some five-minute epoxy I’ve scuffed up the bottom of the cup and the bottom of this because they’re gonna be glued together and then after that once it’s done drying I’m gonna coat everything in another coat of epoxy And then we’re gonna attach it to the base so if you would be so good as to wish me luck, I would thoroughly enjoy it! It is finished (Soothing music) (That song again) Link to that’s in the description too!

Dereck Turner

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