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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today
we’re going to learn how to make fish and chips little bit of Indianized version if you have you eaten in Britain they’re really good indian restaurants
but a couple of restaurants who murdered the indian food today we’re going to
Indianize this fish and chips and murder the fish & chips of Britain. First let’s
marinate the fish fillets, just squeeze in little bit of lemon juice, pinch of salt, a pinch of paprika powder or a red chilli powder mix this together take this fish fillets and just marinate it on both sides now you got this awesome fish fillets which have been
slightly marinated now we’re going to make the batter for fish and chips. To
make it really good fish and chips batter you need to use beer to make the batter
really light if you don’t use beer you can use a ginger ale or any other soda. To make this batter, take 1 1/2 cup flour, add salt, pinch of paprika powder that’s optional, add 3-4 tsp of baking powder mix all these ingredients open this beer
bottle haha take a sip just pour in the beer cold beer and mix
into this batter you can see so much froth just mix this
batter really good till you remove all the
lumps from it. Chef who ever is making fish and chips the rule number one is they need to take
the left over beer in sips and sips while you make this chip and keep this batter
in the fridge for 15 minutes do not keep this batter for more than two hours because when you fry it the color will change and you will not get a
good texture too; add little bit of egg shade yellow color this gives a very nice color to your
fish and chips batter, take half of corn flour and half of all-purpose flour, mix them together and just spread it on a plate take this fish fillet and just dredge it in corn flour and all-purpose flour you know you have to make this fish dry
before you put in the batter otherwise the batter will not stick properly to your fish and
it will fall apart do the same thing with all the fillets of fish; fish and chips it is a must to accompany it with tartar sauce I don’t have capers neither gherkins but
i’m going to show you how to make a mock sauce mock sauce is when you don’t have the
correct ingredients you can substitute ingredients and make a sauce that it
tastes exactly like that more or else, so to make mock tartar sauce, I’ve got some cucumber, chopped onions and some green chillies i’m going to put in a bowl, add vinegar just put it in the microwave for one minute cool it down first just add the cucumber and onion but not add vinegar right now I think the vinegar that falls along with it should be good enough after you add this to this mayonaise just mix it and your mock tartar sauce you can cheat people you can check out
this batter is got a lot of bubbles that when you fry it’s going to make it really light just
dip this fish in the batter coat it well on both sides make sure that
the batter is not too thick nor thin extra batter just you can remove it off and
put it into the hot oil you can see the nice color nice crispy
texture on the top and you can also see how the fish is a really dry on top, all
the oil has come out you can serve fish. Here I’ve got the plate ready for fish and chips I’ve got a nice piece of lemon here and cucumber
and tomato rose here is my garlic bread I love to eat
the garlic toast with fish and chips it’s a great combination that I really
enjoy a lot of people serve french fries little thicker version but i always
prefer to give some chips with my fish and add good amount of tartar sauce
more tartar sauce i am going to enjoy this wow. The good part of the fish and chips is
the inside is very juicy and outside very nice crispy haha hmm and then a chip and I love my garlic toast too God is being very nice to me today
this fish and chips, outside crispy inside soft along with the toast
wow, dear friends I hope you have enjoyed today’s session of learning how to make fish n chips little indian style nothing can beat anything cooked indian
style hope you enjoyed today’s session but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook, so please post your recipes and cooking tips at and also post this video in your social media whether its in orkut or facebook so more and more people can
enjoy the goodness thank you

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