Finding God Through Art

Finding God Through Art

It takes a special encounter, I think, to really be able to
say Jesus is and was and will be God. I was 27 and I had received this national scholarship to study this ancient technique of
painting called Nihonga which is Japanese-style paintings using
azurite and malachite and these beautiful brushes and using silk and
paper and extravagantly beautiful materials. I realized that I didn’t have a
place in my heart – a shelf in my heart – to hold that beauty – the very beauty I was
creating. I was reading a poem by William
Blake who I studied in college, and his last
epic poem called “Jerusalem.” Blake created a composite
figure called Albion who asked all the questions that I was
asking. He was kind of this symbol for searching humanity, and there’s Jesus on the cross answering him from the cross. Albion says “Oh, Lord, my selfhood cruel marches against
thee deceitful to meet thee in his pride.” And Jesus answers from the cross – he says, “Fear not, Albion. Unless I die, thou cannot live.” And then he – Jesus – goes into this soliloquy, which is one of the most beautiful
summarization of what the Christians call the
Gospel – the good news. And he tells Albion, “Wouldst thou love one who never died for thee
or ever die for one who has not died for thee? And if God dieth not for man and gives himself
eternally for man, man cannot exist. For God is love as man is love, and every kindness to another is but a little death in
the divine image.” I was reading it but it was almost
like this voice coming over me – this voiced that washed over me, and I realized at that moment this historic figure of Jesus was no longer just this historic figure, but he was the one who was calling me all
along through my creativity, and I realized – if this is true, if Jesus is the one who gave his life for me so I would know
love, the greater love that I have been longing for. If this is
true, then that is exactly the paradigm that would allow me to understand beauty – beauty that I was creating – that I could see that not just as a self-expression but as an offering. And at that moment, my life changed. I did not know for about a year that I had become a
Christian, but I started to run with
Jesus at that moment. I wanted to know about Jesus. I wanted to
know more about the Bible. I wanted to
understand this love – love that is defined by sacrifice and at that moment, I think I realized that art which was this god for me – a way to seek out the truth – has a deeper magic, deeper well, and and his name was Jesus.

Dereck Turner

24 thoughts on “Finding God Through Art

  1. Christopher Hopper says:

    Simply beautiful.

  2. olive19 says:


  3. Kesica Brewster says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Mindy Lacefield says:

    so powerful!! I am going to share this with my Christian journaling workshop. so grateful that he shared his story!

  5. lastey firstey says:


  6. Andrew Flower says:

    Why are there no Japanese subtitles? He's japanese… either subtitles or dubbing would be awesome.

  7. Sherwin Sampson says:


  8. Jenny Miller says:

    I get what he is saying… I can feel God's presence when I paint sometimes. Sometimes my brushstrokes are prayers and paint becomes tears staining the page.

  9. Slim Pickingz says:

    see you up there brother.

  10. RE ABERILLA says:

    I, for one, has God ( Yahuveh ) in my endeavours of drawings and paintings; like a continouos visit, giving me ideas to paint or manifestations!

  11. RE ABERILLA says:

    Jesus is "not" a god! He is the divine "son" of God! In fact, His name is Michael The Archangel, not Jesus!

  12. RE ABERILLA says:

    In my "entire" – life, I have never met this "imaginary Jesus", but Archangel Michael and Jahuveh Elohim! They manifested to me! There is no such thing as "heaven", where lights and angels are being found, but a "cosmos" full of "sub atomic – molecule 'strata', where your 'sub atomic molecule body' will be pulled to and though the dimensions of being! The name Jesus Christ is a Roman invention! He does not exist! He only exists in your "brains"!

  13. RE ABERILLA says:

    Finding GOD is finding your soul, and your "heart", not from MONEY!

  14. Matthew Simpson says:

    I'm so sorry, but the character Jesus was most likely invented by Roman Caesars, as there are a few other older Mythologies with nearly identical stories, assertions, and super powers.

    There are also very probably no gods, existence is entirely consistent with what it would be like, with no gods, and there's no valid evidence or argument for assuming they're even likely.

    Please try to understand that it matters what we believe is real or not, and how we determine that.

  15. Arjuna 1 says:

    I am an artist with lots of love for everything.. but whatever i love the bible say to me that this all is satan and god hates that all.. i wonder what this god is.. i e been searching for 8 years extrem.. from new age to christianity.. and i found nothing.. just drama and sadness and no repentance do anything and no forgiveness do anything and no praying…

    i dont care any further.. i will draw, play my guitar and life my life… if i went for that to hell so i go, no problem anymore.. cause god didnt show me grace, just drama and horror.. i was praying to a wall..

  16. trey gause says:

    thank you so much for this. this is the truth

  17. Bek Blaku says:

    So beautifully expressed

  18. Lori Morris Paintings says:

    Your story is like water for my soul… I often feel very alone in my faith that Jesus has not only died for me but has led me to connect with Him through creativity. Of course being connected to Him in the midst of it is wonderful… but to try to explain it to others and share it with other humans feels lonely and misunderstood. But as I watch you talk about it, I am just incredibly happy for you and for me!

  19. Michael Fujimoto says:

    Magnificent! Well-articulated truth that is eternally profound.

  20. Andrea Wimer says:

    Thank you.i am a talented artist.put on a shelf because I felt it was not Godly but earthly.i will pick it back up as a career.nothing else I would rather do.

  21. raneanubis says:

    absolutely incredible. "I didn't know I became a Christian", I seriously love that, no religion, just raw encounter with Christ

  22. God Seeker says:

    Wow! Beautiful and artistic testimony! Praise God

  23. EL Mochi says:

    Wow, back when I was apostate, I think the Lord put it in my heart to pursue Art. Eventually, I grew spending so much time on it and it's been keeping me away from living into perdition. Overtime I pursued God telling how much I was sorry for turning my back on him, with tears in my eyes day after day and his sweet love came back to me and it's as if life has been breathed into me. He sent me a signs and even a miracle to show he was there for me. God is Great!

  24. Peg Schwalbach says:


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