Filling a 9×12 Paper with ONLY PENS? Here goes! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Plus Unboxing

Filling a 9×12 Paper with ONLY PENS? Here goes! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Plus Unboxing

So this is an ArtSnacks box! you probably know about that now this is the ArtSnacks Plus box and right off the
bat you might see a blaring difference between these two this one is white and
this one is more of an eggshell [pause] nah, I’m just playing on you. this is obviously
bigger!! I didn’t do a whole lot of research into what makes these two boxes
different so we’re gonna find out together ♪ all right so the original ArtSnacks box is looking a little empty but we don’t know what the art supplies are
yet and in the ArtSnacks Plus box which is much bigger so one obvious difference
is this one comes with a whole pad of paper I guess that’s the reason for the
large box this is the Legion Stonehenge whites 100% cotton paper so this should
be schmancy I would think does it feel like the fabric of our lives? let’s look
at what’s in the little box next so we have our ArtSnacks’ sticker with geometric
stained glass kind of look to it we have the Art Snack which is-is that
orange? typical we have the menu with the list of all of the art supplies in this
box as well as the art supplies which happened to be a bunch of pens oh this
one’s glittery swatch these out and then we’ll see what’s in the big box this
one’s got its own little baggie ah I think I know what this is – if you sign up
for ArtSnacks you get a bunch of emails about their new products cause they have
a store as well as selling subscription boxes, I believe this is their like $12
mechanical pencil it’s got a lot of weight to it is that what this is? oh
yeah says the retail is $17.99. most expensive pencil on the planet maybe? [instantly breaks the lead…] breaking it in, hahaha so does it have an eraser in here somewhere? it’s a point five
millimeter there we go eraser okay that’s
where the lead goes also we have this Pentel artist hybrid 0.4 millimeter pen so
there we have a pencil and a pen so far then we have these two Aqua Pen Graphics
so I’m gonna guess-Oo! theyre brush pens on one side, fineliners on the
other I’m gonna guess that they’re water-based so this one is gray and this
one is orange they are water-based so they’re
basically like really fancy Crayola markers and then lastly I was putting
this to last because it looks the most interesting-oh it’s violet! it
writes in purple and the barrel is very glittery so I’m really hoping that it
whoa! that is ultra pointy looking it is a brush pen is it glittery? i can’t tell if its glittery?? it’s so squishy maybe it’ll teach me to be not so heavy-handed it’s hard to get a steady
line unless you move really fast the way it’s working I’m gonna guess it’s also
water based which means we can potentially mix these with water to
create different kind of washes when we’re creating our illustration il’l put this
$20 pencil back in here for safety so that’s everything in the original ArtSnacks box and we’re gonna take a look inside the ArtSnacks+ and I think
if they’re like other art boxes they’re going to basically take the same art
supplies that are in the original box but they’re going to expand upon it so
we already have paper, see what else is in this box – we have a… I’ve never seen that before in my life it’s a zipper on bubblewrap would it be to Lady Gaga
to use this as a clutch? oh look we’ve got a blue and so you gotta pay extra
for the blue oh there’s a bigger postcard here with the art supplies okay
so I see how this so this is obviously the same as the original art
snacks box so that comes with the same art supplies and then this card tells
you what’s extra that’s actually kind of cool because then if you bought the ArtSnacks plus and you’re like looking at these you can kind of see what came in
the original box and if you get it over time and you realize you could
probably downgrade and you like the stuff that always comes in this then
you could do it that way I like that they tell you what comes in what so you
can be aware so what’s extra is they included this
Higgins Black Magic pump marker oh it needs to be prepped [the fun part] oh that was really fast this I think I’m gonna like this for making like bold
line art it’s waterproof when it’s dry sweet so it’s kind of like a permanent
marker it looks like but it has it says ‘seven times the amount of ink in it’ so
it will last longer and then on the back of this postcard there is a code for
free shipping at their store, they have an art prompt, and links to their social
media let’s see if we got the same colors I’m always interested to know
like how they package these things like do people get the same colors? alright it
looks like we didn’t – we got blue and grey – is that the same gray? it looks the
same so we got blue and gray as well as the same pen another one of those $17
Mechanical pencils and oh this time it is blue by the looks of it [it is indeed blue (by the looks of it)] and honestly
I think I like the blue better than the violet. violets not my favorite purple
like in the purple family it’s just it’s a little too royal for my taste I like
it to be a little perkier I see what this blue brush pen looks like those are very
similar in tone so it’s kind of silly that they included those together if you
see someone walking down the street using this as their purse: it’s me so
here we have side by side the contents of the ArtSnacks+ box as well as
the ArtSnacks box and you can kind of see what the difference is so the only
two additions to the ArtSnacks plus is this black magic marker and the pad of
15 sheets of paper today’s video is actually sponsored by ArtSnacks so if
you’re looking to purchase one of these two boxes I do have a code for 10% off –
you can use the code ‘waffles’ at checkout for 10% off your first order of one of
these boxes I’ll also have a link in the description where you can check them out
real easy and do a little bit more research on your own oh and if you can’t
afford an ArtSnacks box or it’s not in your budget I will be giving away one of
these, winners choice which one they want so check the link at the description for
that and giveaway this one starts at $39 a month and that’s just pretty steep
for a lot of us so I’m glad that there’s an option where you can select the
original ArtSnacks box which they’ve always had – I kind of appreciate that
they didn’t just like upgrade the box to include the paper which a lot of
people had asked for and then put that price range something that’s kind of out
of reach — I haven’t had a whole lot of ArtSnacks boxes that I wasn’t happy
with but whenever an art subscription box does something like very pen heavy
that’s when I’m just sort of like yes month maybe not for me but that’s kind
of what interesting about Art subscription boxes is they do send you
art supplies that you might not have picked out for yourself and it’s fun to
try and use them to make something so that’s what we’re going to do today Gonna use some waterm maybe something large like this a large brush ooh
they all kind of lift so even after they’re dry these pens lift with water
okay our permanent pen doesn’t thank goodness – smudge around this is a
really large piece of paper to use these very thin pens now this is
expensive paper so I don’t really want to just sketch in it you know for
brainstorming ideas so I’m gonna grab a piece of paper here [gets down to business and forgets to say anything] I do have blue swatch some blue things
right? blue and white look really pretty together and then we have gray if we
want like shade white things oh I gotta check out that Higgins black magic that
is fun to use oh I like that ooh the black ink is lifting right now
because it’s not completely dry – interesting I haven’t ruled out drawing
a character yet because we should be able to get pretty large areas filled in
pretty well if we use a combination of the pen and then adding water right? absolutely no idea what we’re gonna end up drawing yeah just kind of take a
little bit more exploring… what if the hair is made of water? how would you even
draw that? oh there should be like water driplets so if her hair is made out of water, would
her outfit be made out of water as well? or would that be weird? let’s try a bathing suit first I don’t know that just seems like it fits the theme:
water and swimming you know kind of go hand in hand
I feel like just looking at this it’s kind of weird
and magical at the top because you have water for hair but then at the bottom
we’re kind of like you know whatever she’s just human and that doesn’t gel
right with me I need to come up with something else what if she has a skirt made
out of water? that’d be kind of interesting so like you can see the ties
are water drips just like one of those little wrap cover-ups skirts kind of
thing and these lines would kind of be blurred just a little I don’t know maybe
I need to redraw that [eraser farts] the edges would be like that white foam I’m feeling a little trapped with
that so I’m just gonna start exploring other avenues a little bit more nymph
like maybe with big poofy hair for water (water for hair)… there we go thats kind of
playing off the idea when I drew that mermaid that had ink for hair (the squid
maid, squid mermaid.) a little bit more of a fun pose pull this arm down to fill that
space you know what I didn’t test does this interact with the water? [let’s find out with a little test!] ah..does it really? [moaning] kinda was hoping it wouldn’t let’s let one dry for a while and come
back to it and test it again because if that doesn’t interact with water that’d
be actually really really helpful for what I want to do here but we’ll come
back to so it kind of has like a updo and then all the extra hair let’s see if
she mischievious? oh… thats a funny looking pose this better be dry by now no it just
it’s not waterproof so let me just go ahead and outline this entire character
with the only water permanent thing we’ve got that’s really thick [lol] ah I was still… well it’s fine does it look
like water? mm-hmm? and she can have like icy white skin yeah the black heavy line
is kind of what’s throwing off of this but I can use like the 0.4 pen that is
so thin that’s actually really cool now that I’m seeing it in action yeah I’m
kind of trying to figure out what the order of operations when using
these supplies are cuz obviously some of them are water soluble and some of them
are not okay obviously I learned one thing for sure and that is I can’t draw
this small because this pen obviously is quite thick it’s hard to get little
details with it but also I don’t want to draw too big
because I have this pen which draws a very very small that’s the predicament say let’s rip a page out I kind of want to try drawing and filling up this
entire page so that I can use this to my advantage [whispers:]
which one did I want to do? I had an idea and now i’ve forgot it….oh shoot I’m thinking a little bit like at an
angle here and I want it to like I wanted to have a sense of sort of
motion like swishiness so maybe if her heads looking kind of this way and then
ears kind of pointy than her body kind of like this way I don’t know describe it that way her hair though can be coming around like
this just keep it kind of straight almost mermaid like even though she
obviously has legs one could actually be coming up this way the other ones going
kind of straight down Oh hands psshhh arms I mean like usually people
have those don’t they? kind of want this one arm up here so it’s kind of like in
the water [woosh woosh] like that wonder if this arm could come back now she has a very very large
head do I want to fix this? yeah let’s do it now the head is too small…well it might be proper size but it looks small to me well if I give her big enough hair maybe that won’t even be obvious probably need a
face aww so happy I could have come up with the shape I always like to start with a big
cylinder shape and then chisel into it I’m gonna make the face a little bit
more mischievous it looks too innocent and I wonder if like lil’tiny-oh! oh gosh! oh!
not sure about that one… but it is giving like that vibe that I want so I’m gonna
leave it like there to kind of inspire me for the rest of the features
maybe little circles under her eyes I don’t know maybe I do want her to
look a little bit more friendly the hand going off the edge feels a little like I
didn’t plan it out well enough let’s try try that again try bending the arm with a nice little
armpit there a little tiny droplets here like those little baby hairs then we have
the half updo section here say how do I want this hair to be? [talking about the hands/fingers]
I’m just gonna
draw them as french fries at first cuz that’s just what helps me this is where
the pinky probably be so cuz you do like this right? youre not gonna see the thumb
on this hand so I only have to draw four fingers I just have to make sure they
look like the right four fingers we don’t want any of them mistaken for
thumbs I don’t know how some artists keep their work so clean like mine’s always
looks like I dropped it and stepped on it and picked it up off the subway floor let’s start with the water for hair so
I’m drawing water I’m gonna need a light source so if the light starts coming
from up here this whole section will be kind of white right in this little area
here just gonna kind of draw in what I know I want to be white so they don’t
fill that in because we don’t have a white gel pen obviously alright now I
know for a fact I can fill in like the areas that will be in shadow if
the light source is over there so like right behind the face I could kind of
fill that in keep it kind of blobily because waters blobuly okay so those
are just kind of like shadows in the water, can add some to the edge of the water too let’s go in add a little bit of water now avoiding where I want there to be
those highlights which is why I drew that in – seeing if I can blend out some
of those edges because we don’t need a harsh edge if we can avoid it that’s
working pretty well I mean I do want to separate the difference between like the
back hair piece and the front hair piece so probably by really darkening that
line between it – kind of like that and then we can blend out the edges that I
want blended out and leave some of the sharp edges whatever gives me that water
texture we also don’t want it to be too white because we want to look like water
so we might have to do a layer like a light thin layer over top of these once
they’re all dry alright now it looks interest–maybe when I finish it?
we’ll see. it’s not far off it’s like close to where I picture it but not
quite there this is feeling more watery down here I just made it more chaotic
really. [weird excited artist noises] do you see that? the way it smudges about smudge it! I kind of like
just letting the water take it where it wants to go letting it blend in where it
decides to blend lost a lot of a highlight but where it is it kind of
shines through a little better cuz there’s not so many large areas kind of
want take what I learned from down there and applied up here [attempts to take what she
learned down there and apply it up here] just add some
like a hair texture almost and then blend that out I wonder if I can take this pen and darken up this line that’ll work for now that looks kind of cool – down here looks a little bit more like water
than up there but you know I learned as I went-oh and then I wanted that skin..[thinking while talking ] with that that like gray and then maybe a little bit of blue mixed
together we can just add a little – we can also use like the pencil lines to our
advantage you know since it is a twenty dollar pencil add some light shading we
don’t want to look too blue because we don’t want it to blend in with the hair
obviously and then once we add like the line art in the face it’s gonna really
help not sure if that even is showing up but it is making some very subtle
differences that I really like I’m gonna take this marker we’re gonna really test
how great it is and I’m gonna fill in the entire background minus like the foot
right? and any where I want to put more water – we could add a little swatch a water there? let’s see let’s test it is that weird? I think it is a little weird start filling
it in [the slow arduous process of filling
in the background with a bullet nib pen] now this I think will be permanent on my desk so I’m gonna be careful you
don’t want to get it on my desk we’re gonna really test if this actually last
seven times the length of a normal Sharpie and this is gonna make her look
much paler in contrast with that dark black [the last few schwoops of the marker] alright there it is with the black
looks kind of cool I really like the way she pops from the background now It took
forever so I’m going to use this: Brush Sign Pen
Artist…(weird name) I’m going to try and do the eyebrows like something like this
well that’s cool maybe do the eyelashes since you have a
lot of like variation with just the one pen look how tiny you can draw! go thick to
thin in an instant and I think I’ll do the extra fine points just with
the pen just kind of clean up the edges I’m gonna have to use go back to the
magic marker maybe then do the eyes I want those to be really potent yeah I’m having the problem with this being just too thin to really make much
of a difference I think what I’m going to do I’m gonna use the white gel pen
for little places where the blue kind of just overlapped the skin then maybe go
in with another layer of the blue, the watered-down blue to the skin because
now that we have that dark background it’s not as obvious layer a little bit more of that oh wait I do have to be very careful
because I used the blue line a lot of her face so let’s be
careful put it wherever I can then make sure it’s kind of concentrated near where the clothes starts you can see the difference between the skin and the
little suit she’s wearing yeah see that made a big difference now I can see if
there’s anywhere I can use like white gel pen to make anything pop something
kind of separating these two sections i think i did a pretty good job with the face
I think that’s my favorite part I’m gonna take the grey and add like a
stripe that goes all the way down the entire outfit like top and bottom just
so it looks a little less like underwear maybe maybe a second one some racing
stripes okay that was actually really fun I was like so nervous at the
beginning there I was like I have no idea what I’m gonna do and they hey this turned
out pretty good and it was really fun like trying to figure out how to color
water I feel like my only experience with water is trying to draw like water
benders hmm you may see the influence [draws in some bubbles] that did you add something even though that
wasn’t part of the box you can kind of see the process
we went through to get here the paper did buckle a little bit you can kind of
see but it held up pretty well I don’t know I’m not like a huge judge of paper
except for [wiggles paper so it makes a noise] I want to thank you guys for watching I also want to thank ArtSnacks for sponsoring the video and offering that 10% off code [waffles] if you’d like
to start your subscription to ArtSnacks either the ArtSnacks or the ArtSnacks
plus and don’t forget I’m also giving away one of these boxes whichever one you want
– check the link in the description for that and yeah thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening
full of waffles BYE!! ♪

Dereck Turner

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