welcome to another session of Fatta fat chutney with your VahChef Today we’re going to learn how to make
carrot and ripe red chillies you know this chutney this is fantastic you can eat it with
rice roti or anything so to make this we’re going to take some oil in a pan for this i’m going to add cumin seeds and coriander seeds ok this coriander seeds is going to give
it a nice texture to chutney when you want little bit of that coarseness
in this we’re going add some chana dal when this is slightly cooked you can add peanuts
and roast all of them together see all these have to be slightly cooked
to bring out the awesome flavor when this is nicely cooked we’re going to add sesame seeds once
they sesame seeds splutter reduce the flame add garlic and these are red chillies these are not dry red chilies these are ripe red chillies if you don’t
have them you can also use the red chilli dry or even green chilli but the ripe red chillies give good color to this chutney; in this we’re going to add tamarind once the tamarind is also slightly sauteed in the oil that’s when we add carrot; a good chutney either should have sourness hotness or little bit of sweetness this one will have all, the sweetness from the carrot the hotness from the chili
and the sourness from the tamarind as i told you this chutney can be enjoyed even for breakfast lunch dinner this will go fantastic with rice, roti or anything you eat this with add salt we’re going to put the lid on for this
we’re going to let this carrot just sauté in this for around three minutes that should be good we’re going to add little bit of mint and little bit of coriander that’s it we’re going to toss it again
can you see how simple making chutney is we’re going to put this in a blender and
make it into a nice coarse paste. What an aroma! I’m sure it’s going to smell better, taste
better once this is blended. This chutney has to be coarsely ground and also look at the consistency of this chutney it has to be coarse means you should be
able to see small pieces of carrot small pieces of that ripe red chili and all of
it you don’t need to add a tempering for
this if you wish you can but this is super super it’s got all the flavors the
sweet, hot and sourness. hmm nobody eats the chutney the way i
do but make sure you have one fresh chutney every day at the table then you see
how much your family will enjoy eating your food. Dear friends keep watching whether it is for
breakfast lunch dinner for the snacks all the chutneys you need are here.

Dereck Turner


  1. Christo Wilfred says:

    Tried it. Was a smashing success. It's officially my new favourite chutney! Dosas in the mornings will never be the same 🙂 Thanks @VahChef

  2. Vanessa Samuel says:

    I've made this chutney a few times and loved it each time. The last time I used capsicum instead of carrots. That came out very well too (just add more chills )

  3. Adarsh GUPTA says:

    Good one, Sanjay. I think, dry red chillies soaked in warm water shud give the same effect.. no?

  4. Jyothirmai Segu says:

    I tried it… came out exallent… first time prepared chatni with carrot… u R awesome sir… really u R inspiring to cook… thank u very much sir..

  5. San Patriotki says:

    I try and like many of your recipes VahChef, but this chutney is the most horrible one. Tried x3 and developed dislike for carrots. I can't imagine carrot in my diet for the next 2 months.

  6. PS says:

    Could use little less oil

  7. LALITHA SAMA says:

    nice but use less oil sir

  8. rukmini Chinthakayala says:

    Sir can we try same wit beetroot…

  9. Sai Krishna says:

    tried this came out well..thank you for recipe..however I added very little oil n skipped garlic..tastes great

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