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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session of Be Fit, Be Cool, the campaign by AAPI, American Association of Physicians of Indian origin, dear friends today I am going to show you awesome wrap that to using Indian cottage cheese that is paneer before I make this recipe I just wanted to talk to you what do you do when your child is sick we take care of them we take them to the doctor give them the medicine make sure that they are healthy. Many countries around the globe are treating obesity as a disease that means if your child is obese that means they are sick and you need to take care of them dear friends the whole target and the mission of our be fit be cool is to ensure that everybody is healthy so let us go ahead and see this fat free fantastic recipe, so for making a wrap first let me show you how to make the dough now to make this dough i am using wheat flour but in today’s market we have lot of flours especially the multigrain atta, multigrain flours are very popular they use various kinds of grains like jawar, millets and and the mix of flours to make this multigrain atta that ensures that we are making the wrap itself much more healthier so we’re going to add little bit of salt in it and that’s it no oil not so ever and we’re going to make this into a soft dough you know the problem i have found in India when the child is obese parents gladly announced hum khate pete ghar ka hai that means we are the family of who eats well and live well, dear friends let me tell you we need to cut down that attitude and we have to make sure that our child is healthy so now the dough is all ready we are going to let this dough rest for few minutes so that we will be able to roll it easily now i am going to show you the filling the awesome the paneer and tomatoes and some basil; the best thing about any salad is the dressing I am not only going to show you how to make a very healthy but I am going to show you a very tasty dressing also i’m going to take some vinegar you know if it is too strong you can dilute it there are so many kinds of various you know apple vinegar, fruit vinegar you can use any of them you’re going to add some pepper salt and if you are like me spicy eater the ripened red chilies just slice them and add to this if you want you can also add some honey to it instead of sugar honey is any day better but I’m also going to add some slices of apples in this wrap so if you want to skip the honey altogether you can skip it but I am just going to add very little half a teaspoon of honey into this and our dressing is ready just avoid regular sugar and this dressing is all ready and because this I always keep telling because it’s tasty that does not mean that you can afford to eat a lot so this super the dressing is all good without a drop of fat now let’s make our salad I’ve got the cottage cheese that is paneer you know you can make your own paneer or get it from the store but once you cut into the cubes because you want the paneer you know to be light and nice and juicy what we’re going to do is just break the paneer into pieces like this so this is going to absorb some of the dressing and also going to be very nice and juicy so simple just cut the paneer into small pieces and just crush it little bit it’s going to be lighter and much more tastier now in this we’re going to add slices of tomato the more vegetable the more colorful you make it the more healthy it’s going to get and in this if going to use some red cabbage look at the colors you know I want to make sure that it is nice and colorful and also some greens I am going to add some basil you know this is very nice and strong basil so just some basil into this wow slices of green apple this is going to make it even more tasty in this you know using sprouts is the best thing to make anything healthy I’m going to teach you in another session how to make your own sprouts at home but today here i’m going to use alpha alpha you know we can make sprouts with move pretty much any of the grains so I’m going to shave some of the cucumbers to add to my filling and now i’m going to just mix all of this with my cheese okay fantastic with nice cheese okay I’m going to spice it up with my vinegar and chili dressing okay wow now just mix all of this and you know whenever you using sprouts and fresh leafy vegetables just add the dressing before you put it in a wrap okay do not do it too much time in advance otherwise they will become more soggy so this should be good and now I’m going to first taste this because I won’t make sure before it goes into my wrap it is nice and tasty wow all the colors, the red, green, white and the purple from them the smells good this is just out of the world I don’t know should I make the wrap or just eat this as a salad wow fantastic I cannot believe that the paneer along with this is become so and so much tastier I really wondering whether i should put it in a wrap or just eat it as is since I said wrap let me go ahead and make the wrap or else this is a fantastic salad; once you cook it on one side turn it to the other side make sure you get little bit brown dots on it and let me tell you the fresher the bread the fresher this tortilla is the tastier your wrap is going to be I never never can eat a you know stale bread Wow look at this it is nice soft like a kerchief okay fantastic now i am going to show you how to make the wrap out of this look at this roti this is good I’m going to wrap this by using my cottage cheese and all these see you can also you can already see that there is some moisture coming out that is the reason why I have told you that just mix the dressing just before you put it into the wrap that way it’s very very good fold it from one side and then you can get a tight done isn’t this fantastic cut it and see the magic inside wow look at it baby a healthy healthy wrap that too our favorite paneer who can resist such awesome tasty wraps and also the goodness and all the best in stuffing. Wow god blessed me for teaching all this wonderful awesome tastiest wrap ever Ah super super super you

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